The Anarchic Consort Chapter 256

Damn! What did he just hear?

The beautiful boy saw a red-haired man gradually emerged before his eyes. It was too late to run away with the silver wolf in his arms. Fortunately, the Fire Qilin was kind enough to give him a pair of underpants.

But wasn't this too excessive!

How would he go back?

This was the White Academy, a bustling place full of people!

"Young Master." When the people of Armament City came over, they saw their master crouching in the grass and was pointed at by countless female passersby. Some female White Academy students screamed, turned around, and scolded with one sentence, "You rogue!"

The shadow guard swallowed his saliva and shouted again, "Young Master!"

The beautiful boy's angry face made people even more stunned. He pulled the robe handed by his men and draped it on his body. An intense red like King Yama, his eyes slightly sunk, "Shut up!"

"Yes." The shadow guard thought for a moment and then replied, "But I'm looking for Young Master to tell that there's a solution for the curse on your body"

Hearing this, the pretty boy glanced back, "What did you just say? Tell me again!"

"There's a way out of the curse on your body." The shadow guard looked on respectfully.

Successive generations of the head of the Han family received a curse because they once offended a legendary man in the past.

Every generation of the head of the family grew up very slowly.

Now, thousands of years had passed, yet there was no trace of that man.

The Han family could finally break the curse!

The beautiful youngster looked at the figure at his feet. His long sleeves floated slightly, the corners of his lips curled in a cold smile, and the tip of his tongue licked his thin lips. "What are we waiting for? I'm really itching to see which one of us, big brother the emperor or I, is more powerful..."

Pitter Patter

Suddenly, raindrops hit the wooden window with a loud noise. After the martial qi tournament had ended, Helian Jiao Er shut herself inside the house,not even passing through the house gates.

Once or twice a day she made a noise. No maids dared to go in and serve her.

Su Yan Mo saw it and her heart ached so much. "Jiao Er, you have to eat something."

"I don't feel like eating!" When Helian Jiao Er saw Su Yan Mo, her fingers gripped the wooden bed fiercely. "Mother, why did Third Prince choose that bitch?" That little bitch is not even worth one percent of me. What does His Highness really think about her?'

Su Yan Mo caressed the long hair of her beloved daughter and her eyes looked fierce. "Third Prince only needed a princess to block public opinion of all the officials. That little vile spawn was just lucky to be taken as a pawn by His Highness. However, Third Prince would not have any sincere feelings for her because of her ugly face."

"Then, why did His Highness betroth me to a castrate? I'm not reconciled! It's clear that I'm the one who's going to marry into the royal family!"

Su Yan Mo looked at her beloved daughter's red puffy eyes and her voice grew gloomy. "You can rest assured, Jiao Er, that Mother won't let that little bitch gain any advantage! I've arranged everything. Didn't you say last time that the little slut was unlike herself? I also have a suspicion that she is being possessed. When Third Prince gets married, the monks from all over the country will come. Then Mother will unmask her and expose her true appearance so that she is unable to enter the palace!"

"She's being possessed?" Helian Jiao Er blinked her teary eyes and shivered as she recalled what had happened before. She reached out and pulled Madam Su's hand. "Mother, there's something that I always thought to be wrong. Even now I think of it as impossible. On the day of the martial qi competition, the little bitch seemed to be followed by a shadow. Do you think that shadow occupy Helian Wei Wei's body now?"

Su Yan Mo had only speculated before, but now when she heard her daughter say that, she was shaken, "Jiao Er, why didn't you tell me this earlier?"

"I just remembered it today." Helian Jiao Er paused.

Su Yan Mo patted her hand, "If she is really being possessed, we don't need to give that little bitch a lesson. The whole world will cast her out. Wait and see, Mother will definitely let her taste the rejection of millions of people on the day of the big royal wedding!"

"On the big royal wedding day? Why wait until that day?" Helian Jiao Er's eyes shone with a sinister light. "Daughter wants that little bitch to die at once!"

Su Yan Mo nodded, "This girl, you're not thinking properly. How would Mother make use of those eminent monks if not waiting until the big wedding day? It's a tradition that eminent monks will recite the scriptures on the prince's wedding day. This time, with a slight change in the scriptures, those monks will drive out the evil spirit from Helian Wei Wei's body. It would be the end for that vile spawn!"


The elegant and luxurious wooden door merged slowly.

In the deepest place of the palace, Shadow came from outside of the palace and fell on his knees.

"Your Majesty."

Baili Jia Jue put down the scroll and put his finger on the throne. His other hand was idly holding his chin. He coldly said, "Speak."

"The matter has been fully investigated." The shadow lowered his eyes. "The eldest miss Helian is indeed the previous eldest miss. As for her temper, it was said that after the betrothal ended, she took things too hard and threw herself into the river. After being rescued, the change took place. The servant girls in the Defense Division estate were surprised that the person who had thrown herself into the river could still survive."

Baili Jia Jue didn't speak. He rotated the black jade ring on his pinky finger slowly.

Shadow looked at his master's complexion. "Your Majesty. Would you say that she is being"

He had not spoken the two words "being possessed" yet.

Baili Jia Jue interrupted him, "Seal off all the news. This is a matter that I don't want anyone to know, including the Retired Emperor."

"Yes." Shadow hung his head, but he felt somewhat uneasy.

Baili Jia Jue lifted his eyes and said, "Go and reinvestigate those who have interests on this matter. When you find out, cut off their sources directly."

"This subordinate obeys."

Shadow withdrew but he wrinkled his eyebrows. What did His Majesty mean?

Did he want to keep this a secret on the eldest lady's behalf?

But the royal family could not allow the existence of those who were possessed, let alone marry into the royal family.

Your Highness, what on earth are you thinking about...


A cool breeze blew past.

Helian Wei Wei sat on the edge of the bronze mirror, her eyes bright. These days, she clearly sensed that someone was investigating her.

Even Profound Heaven had been thrown into the mix.

This gave Helian Wei Wei a strong premonition that some people started doubting her.

Nevertheless, Helian Wei Wei had always been the type of person who was unafraid of trouble.

However, in the Dragon War Empire, there was too little leeway in dealing with the spirit possession.

The royal family loathed this kind of people very much and always considered them as monsters from time immemorial.

It was hard for Helian Wei Wei to imagine a certain prince's reaction if she told him that she was an armament queen from thousands of years in the future. Would he immediately enforce justice on behalf of heaven or would he understand her...
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