The Anarchic Consort Chapter 257

No, it depends on the temper of His Highness, but he probably won't get blood on his hands.

Perhaps, he would send her directly to the country to be dealt with, blah!

"Woman, what are you doing?" Yuan Ming stared in bewilderment at Helian Wei Wei's movements, it is only a wedding, did she need to wear a dagger?

Helian Wei Wei smiled: "Of course it is for self-defense."

"With your current level of martial arts, who are you afraid of hurting you?" Yuan Ming raised his eyebrows.

Helian Wei Wei picked up the teacup lazily and took a sip: "I'm not afraid, it's just in case someone attacks me and I will just stab them."

"You mean to say someone will cause trouble at the wedding?" Yuan Ming smirked evilly: "Then they really don't know who they're dealing with."

Helian Wei Wei smiled, it's not that they don't know who they're dealing with, they want to check on her, did they think that she would not realise?

But she was still not sure what Su Yan Mo intended to do to her.

"But." Yuan Ming's eye's narrowed: "Woman, you should be careful. If it is discovered that you've chosen magic, you will be expelled from the Dragon War Empire. By then you won't be able to take back the Helian family."

"I know." Helian Wei Wei pouted: "That's why I've thought of a backup plan."


"This is your so called backup plan?" Yuan Ming looked at the person in front of him, Hei Ze who jumped over the wall, he'd not seen in him a long time and did not understand the logic.

Helian Wei Wei did not pay anymore attention to Yuan Ming. She looked at Hei Ze and said: "How is it going?"

"Of course it is done." Hei Ze smiled and brushed away the fallen leaves on his shoulder: " But, what the hell is wrong with you. After you marry the Third Prince you don't want to stay in the palace?"

Helian Wei Wei smiled: "I don't want to stay, but I will have to stay for at least a month or so. In just over a month, my affairs would have been sorted, and I have no interest in staying in the palace."

"Will the Third Prince allow you to do this?" Hei Ze was doubtful.

Helian Wei Wei raised her eyebrow: "We have discussed this matter before and it's not a problem."

"Okay then." Hei Ze's frowned: "But why do you want to change your status?"

Because by then, someone will definitely have discovered the truth about her background. No matter how powerful she was, she would not be able to prevent herself from being burned for being a monster.

"In order to start afresh." Helian Wei Wei smiled shallowly: "My main purpose is revenge, and Third Prince's is to appease the Retired Emperor. After this, I will be able to enjoy my freedom ."

Helian Wei Wei was speaking the truth. She did not intend to stay in the palace forever, it was not as interesting as her forming a armamat machine gun team.

However, she has to be careful and not allow everyone to see her flaw in the world.

Before she is able to retake her family in revenge, she has to stay and developin the palace!

Not just to develop, but to also assist Baili Jia Jue to attain the supreme position.

Because that is their marriage contract.

Hei Ze's eyes lit up, a look of relief came over him: "It's good that this is your intention." He was worried that she would get in too deep and not be able to get out of it.

That woman was going to be able soon. By then, there will be no place in the palace for Helian Wei Wei.

Helian Wei Wei was keenly aware of the meaning in his words: " What do you mean by saying this?"

Hei Ze wanted to speak.

There was a roar from the wall: "That foul boy! Where has he gone again now!"

Hei Ze's expression changed and pressed his forehead like he had a headache: "I will go first. See you another day."

"Okay." Helian Wei Wei held back a smile. The scene of the overbearing young master looking deflated was great.

As she was deep in thought, she was about to turn around when she heard footsteps behind her. Crunching in the snow, the sound was so obvious.

Not sure if it was the air from the approaching person was so strong, or the night wind was blowing harder, but the cool air cause the bones to become frozen stiff, and Helian Wei Wei could not help but shivered.

She looked back and saw Baili Jia Jue stood at the corner of the street, his long robes blew in the strong wind. In the black velvet night, under the moonlit sky, it cast an empty cage shadow against him, his clothes were like old used ones from last year, woollen bobbles on its surface.

He looked at her, his eyes cold and exquisite, like a vampire prince who had just stepped out of a painting, the side of his silver face was like broken ice, exquisite and perfect.

Helian Wei Wei's fingers were stiff, especially under the ice-like sight. She believed that if it were someone else, they would also feel the cold.

However, she did not know how much of the conversation did His Highness overhear..

Baili Jia Jue spoke, his voice faint like ice flowing, directed at Shadow by his side: "Go to Old Master Hei, in regards to the arranged marriage Grandfather has for the Nalan family seventh daughter, ask Old Master Hei if a suitable candidate has been chosen yet."

"Yes." Shadow retreated.

Helian Wei Wei frowned, an arranged marriage for the seventh daughter of the Nalan family? Is this his way of forcing Hei Ze to his death?

Looks like his childhood sweetheart is the seventh daughter of the Nalan family.

"I thought that you should be in the boudoir at this time waiting to be married, not appearing by the wall of the Hei family residence." The low, steady, slightly magnetic hoarse voice rang, like golden quicksand slowly slipping over her ear, with the same texture as a cold metal.

Helian Wei Wei did not know how to respond.

"You've come out when it is so late, did you not think that once I could not find you at the academy, I would look everywhere else for you?"

This time, his background was that of a lush forest, the green and black pigments mixed together in the dark night melancholy.

This man should be a negotiator, his methods were not the same as his handsome appearance. Don't be misled by his elegance, this kind of person did not use mediocre methods.

For example, now, Helian Wei Wei felt like she had done something wrong.

Speaking of which, she really should not have come out three days before the big wedding.

However, does this mean that her conversation with Hei Ze earlier was not overheard by him.

Baili Jia Jue looked at her, if it weren't because it was confirmed there was nothing between the two of them, if it weren't because he had tested Hei Ze and knew that he was unable to let go of his childhood sweetheart, when he saw the scene before him..

He was afraid that he would have killed Hei Ze.

No one can touch his prey.

Moreover when it is deep in the night.

And, it's so late, why did she come to look for Hei Ze?

Even if something had happened, should she not come to look for him, her fiance instead?
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