The Black Card Chapter 424

Chapter 424 - Successfully Convincing Master Song

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The conversation lasted for an entire two hours. If there werent infinite refills of tea, Shi Lei probably wouldve died from a lack of saliva.

The elder and the youngster walked out from the room and Song Miaomiao was finally relieved after seeing smiles on both peoples faces.

Master Song had never talked to anyone for so long and although he was smiling, he was clearly tired.

Song Miaomiao quickly rushed over and held Master Songs hand while complaining to Shi Lei, How can you be like this? Dont you know how old my Grandpa is? Yet you make him talk to you for so long? Do you think hes like you? Look how long it has been!

Shi Lei scratched his head awkwardly.

However, Master Song laughed, Its nothing. I havent chatted with others for so long. Its very interesting.

Shi Lei quickly followed, Then its decided then, Grandpa Song?

How can it be this easy? Didnt Miaomiao say that you can fight well? Come and fight with my guards. I wont bully you. It will be one on one. If you can win, then Ill do what you want.

Song Miaomiao was delighted and she smiled, Grandpa, this guy can really fight. Liu probably cannot withstand three attacks.

Well have to see then. Go and call Liu over, Master Song patted the back of Song Miaomiaos head and Song Miaomiao ran to get him.

Shi Lei knew that he couldnt fight like this and he had to use the Martial Arts Card.

Grandpa Song, we talked for two hours and drank two hours of tea. Allow me to go to the bathroom first.

Master Song laughed, Now that you mentioned it, I need to go too. Lets go. We will be two men going together.

Two hours ago, Master Song held a bad attitude towards Shi Lei, but now they were close. It was more than enough to show how astonishing the Lotus Tongue Cards effects were.

Master Song guided Shi Lei to the bathroom and Shi Lei stood outside the door, Please go first.

Master Song didnt hold back and walked in first. The sound of water came from the inside and it seemed like Master Song had been holding back a lot.

Shi Lei quickly took out his phone and opened the Martial Arts Card app. He then chose a random martial arts artist and pressed confirm and then felt relieved. Master Songs guard would be a soldier from the special force who excels in all areas. But in front of martial arts artists, Shi Lei thought that it shouldnt be a problem to make him disabled in three to five attacks.

After Master Song came out, Shi Lei also went to the bathroom and felt light after letting it all out.

After returning to the yard, Shi Lei saw a black man around 185cm tall who looked like an iron tower.

Song Miaomiao already explained the situation to him but when he saw Shi Lei, he quickly waved his hands, Sir, I cant do it.

Master Song laughed, See, Liu doesnt even put Shi Lei in his eyes and hes scared to break him.

Song Miaomiao glared at him, What are you saying, Liu? Ill tell you this; even if Shi Lei only use one hand, hell beat you up like youre nothing. He knows real neigong. Ah, you wont understand it anyways because you dont know it. He has internal strength, do you understand?

Liu scratched his head earnestly, But I just cant.

Master Song grinned, Dont worry. Just stand there and see if this brat can put you down.

Liu finally saluted, Thats fine, then he turned to Shi Lei, Sir, Ill stand here without moving. You win if you can put me down.

Shi Lei didnt bother to argue and he nodded. He walked in front of him and saluted with one hand folded over the fist, Then pardon me!

Master Song saw that Shi Lei seemed to know something and he was interested. He sat on the chair in the backyard and narrowed his eyes as he wanted to see how Shi Lei was going to defeat Liu.

When Liu saw Shi Leis stance, he became slightly more cautious. At least Shi Lei practiced it. It could be seen from the way he stood with his fists.

Shi Lei apologized again, Pardon me! Then he took two steps forward quickly like a strike of lightning towards Liu and grabbed Lius wrist which was placed in front of his chest horizontally like a hook.

Liu stood there without moving. Shi Lei grabbed it, gently pushed it, and turned the strength into a circular motion. He pulled Liu towards him before pushing out. Liu didnt react quickly enough in time and he was pushed three or four steps out. He couldnt stop and he fell down on his butt.

He was thick-skinned and he didnt feel the pain, but he couldnt help but exclaim in surprise.

The feeling was too strange; he didnt feel Shi Lei using too much strength. He could only be steeled by Shi Leis hand and was spun in a half circle motion before he was pushed easily to the ground.

What kind of kung fu is that? Liu asked in a low voice.

Master Song sat up abruptly and widened his eyes. However, he felt like Liu was going easy on Shi Lei, Liu, did Miaomiao tell you something? Im warning you. You cant go easy on him!

Liu cried, Sir, how dare I do that?

Song Miaomiao also pouted, Grandpa, how can you be like this? Ive told you that Shi Lei is really excellent and I never asked Liu to go easy on him.

Did you really not?

Liu shook his head and Master Song spoke again, Then fight him with all you have. Ill take responsibility if anything happens!

Liu scratched his head. To be honest, he was shocked by Shi Lei. But when he looked at Shi Leis body frame, he was still hesitatnt.

Shi Lei put his hands behind his back and grinned, Dont worry, give it your all. Its my defeat if I cant make you lay down in five attacks! After the first round, Shi Lei already learned Lius situation. He relied completely on physical training and Shi Lei didnt know how harsh the training was to build a body like iron like this. This kind of person was definitely great when killing enemies and there was no problem with him working as a nobles bodyguard, but he was completely useless against a martial artist like this. If he tried to fight forcefully face to face, perhaps it was difficult for Shi Lei to hurt him. However, if they only wanted to have a competition, then Shi Lei could easily use strength in a smart way to make him lose the stability of his lower body.

Perhaps Liu was agitated by Shi Leis attitude, but his dark face darkened even more. He narrowed his eyes, Then you should be careful! As he spoke, he threw his fist towards Shi Lei.

Shi Lei smiled as he turned his body to the side slightly to avoid the fist and then leaned backwards to dodge Lius second attack. At the same time, he used his palm to pat Lius leg lightly, used strength in a smart way, and solved the next attack that came after the first two.

Shi Lei spoke, Three attacks.

He turned his waist and Shi Lei pushed Liu on his waist, stepping on Lius feet at the same time while counting, Fourth attack, fifth attack

Liu fell down onto the ground.

This time, there was no need for Liu to explain and Master Song knew that he didnt go easy on Shi Lei at all. Those two fists and leg attack were serious at least. Shi Lei avoided and solved them easily and confidently, showing that Shi Lei was much stronger than Liu.

Grandpa Song, can you keep your promise now? Shi Lei stood with hands behind his back like a master and beamed at Master Song.

Master Song waved his hands and cursed, So useless. Leave, leave, Im losing face!

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