The Black Card Chapter 425

Chapter 425 - Difficulty One After Another

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Editor: SSins

After leaving the Song family, Song Miaomiao studied Shi Lei curiously as she drove.

Shi Lei pointed at the front, Sir, can you be more careful when driving? Its almost the rush hour and we may have a car incident if we neglect the road. I dont have a flower on my face. Can you stop looking at me?

Song Miaomiao rolled her eyes, Dont worry. Whoever crashes into my car will be ill-fortuned. Do you not see that other people drive away from me? Im just wondering how you convinced my grandpa when he clearly disliked you.

Werent you eavesdropping outside? Did you hear anything?

Song Miaomiao didnt blush from embarrassment and replied indifferently, Grandpas room is soundproofed really well and I couldnt hear a word. I peaked in through the window and I was relieved that you two werent fighting. How did you convince my grandpa? And before we left, what did my grandpas words mean? Why did he ask you and Yao Ers father to come to my house?

Are any of these related to you? Why do you want to know the details? Shi Lei replied in an unkind tone and he took out his phone to send Yao Er a message.

Oi, are you trying to kill the donkey after using the mill? I helped you and is this your attitude towards me? If they werent in a car, Song Miaomiao would have probably kicked Shi Leis face. Of course, Shi Lei could have avoided it easily as it hasnt been half an hour so the martial arts artists havent left yet.

Thats not what I meant and you are not a donkey, Shi Lei quickly explained, but he began to laugh before he could finish his sentence.

Song Miaomiao also realized that there was a mistake and she laughed too, Sh*t. I didnt think of that. Its getting rid of the bridge after crossing it. Yep, thats it. Theres no problem with that, is there? Stop trying to change the topic.

Shi Lei was helpless, Sister, its a really long story. Im already tired from persuading your grandpa for two hours. I also had a fight with his bodyguards. Cant you let me catch my breath?

Humph! With your ability, three men wouldnt be able to defeat you. Stop pretending to be tired.

Shi Lei had just finished typing the message on WeChat and sent it.

Yao Er seemed to reply after merely one second.

Yao Er: Did he really let my Dad meet him tomorrow?

Shi Lei: Yes. I think he will receive a phone call soon. If the appointed time is early tomorrow, tell your father to come to Xixi tonight. Im also in Xixi. If he has anymore questions, he can come and ask me.

Yao Er replied: ok.

The response was one word and clear as he most likely went to call his father.

I dont care. Tell me. Why is my grandpa telling Yao Ers Dad to come? Isnt he just someone acting on behalf of Yu Banzhi? As she asked, she suddenly realized something and she was astonished. She stepped on the brake abruptly and parked the car on the side. Song Miaomiao turned to Shi Lei and asked in panic, Holy sh*t Dont tell me you are telling Yao Ers father to betray the Yu family and take all their money?

Shi Lei scratched his head, it's impossible to take it all. Even if I dont cherish my life, I need to consider the Yao familys father and sons. But it is related to that, although not to that extent.

Then, Shi Lei was dissatisfied again, Can you drive properly or not? You stepped on the brake and I almost hit my head on the window.

Song Miaomiao wasnt in the mood to talk to him anymore. She pondered carefully; how could he use Yao Keji to make the Yu familys plan fail naturally?

They were definitely ready to take everything away from the Yu family. Without the wealth, it was easy to lose all those supporters who could earn benefits from it. And the reason why Master Song decided to help the Yu family was because of what was in Yu Banzhis hands. Of course, Master Song wouldnt ask for Yu Banzhis money directly. He would ask for his resources.

But was Yao Keji crazy? He should know the price of betraying them. Master Song wouldnt save him for no particular reason and it must be because he would gain benefits from it. But the Song family couldnt possibly take all of the Yu familys money, could they? If the Song family did, those two families would become enemies. Even with Master Song here, the Yu family wouldnt hold back at all as it was either all or nothing. Master Song wouldnt be this impulsive and become the Yu familys enemy.

First, it was indeed a way to solve the problem, but Song Miaomiao couldnt figure out the process.

From her perspective, Yao Keji wasnt going to betray the Yu family easily. If Shi Lei could make Yao Keji choose to betray them, he must have given Yao Keji enough benefits.

Shi Lei couldnt achieve that.

Second, the Song family wouldnt save Yao Keji. At the time time, if Shi Lei wanted Master Song to keep Yao Keji, he just needed to give the Song family enough benefits and it may need to be greater than that of Yu Banzhis.

Shi Lei still couldnt achieve that.

Third, the Song family couldnt take the Yu familys assets and keep it. Otherwise, they would start a war between the two families. Although the Song family may not necessarily lose, but they would only be able to win with great sacrifices.

Hence, it was even more impossible.

If these three conditions could be satisfied, then Wei Xingyues problem may be solved. As soon as the Yu family lost support of those helpers, it was impossible for them to continue and Wei Xingyues godfather would then be able to save Wei Xingyue.

But to Song Miaomiao, these three conditions were all disconnected to each other and impossible to achieve.

She turned around abruptly and glared at Shi Lei as if she was going to swallow him alive, How did you achieve it?

Shi Lei frowned. It was such a sudden change in topic. How could he reply to that?

What do you mean how did I achieve it?

Song Miaomiao breathed deeply, Telling Yao Keji to betray the Yu family, make my grandpa agree to save Yao Keji, and at the same time, give my family enough profits without taking any of Yu familys assets to make sure that they wont be my Song familys enemy. None of these three conditions can be achieved. How did you do it?

Of course, Song Miaomiao knew that Shi Lei also achieved it. Otherwise, Master Song wouldnt have told Yao Keji to see him tomorrow, but she couldnt understand how.

Shi Lei stretched his arms, Im really tired. I went to Wudong from Didi in the morning, met Yao Keji, drank some sake for lunch, and then I rushed to your Xixi without a break. After I arrived at your place, I talked to your grandpa for two hours and my lips almost bled from it. Then, I had a fight with your bodyguard. Im tired and hungry right now. Can you find a place and let me eat something? Ill explain it to you after I have enough energy again.

Song Miaomiao glared at him, Fine, Ill take you to eat. Ill let you eat more than enough! If you dont explain to me after eating, Im going to rape you today!

As expected of a hero, she talked about raping a man when she opened and closed her mouth. Shi Lei had nothing to say about it.

Song Miaomiao stepped on the accelerator and the big car dashed past the other cars and they quickly arrived at the bank of Lake Xizi.

Song Miaomiao parked the car in a quiet place among the noise and ordered Shi Lei, Get off, Im going to let you eat all you want!

Shi Leis face was filled with awkwardness. Why did she sound so strange? What did she mean by eat all you want? I want to eat food, not you. Cant you be more solemn and elegant?

But Shi Lei wasnt in the mood to banter with her. He got off the car tamely and followed Song Miaomiao through an arched door. He watched her talk to the staff familiarly, crossed a straight path, and arrived at a pavilion built like the ones in the past.

It was just a separate room, but it was furnished historically and delicately. There was a round table in the room and Song Miaomiao pressed Shi Lei onto the chair.

Tell me! What is happening?! Song Miaomiao widened her eyes and glared at Shi Lei.

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