The Brilliant Fighting Master Chapter 1207

Chapter 1207 I Might Have Seen A Fake Sword Soul

Chapter 1207: I Might Have Seen a Fake Sword Soul
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About ten minutes later, people came to see how intricate the rules created by the Wizard Race were. There were so many people. If the Wizard Race had tried to rank them, it would absolutely have taken days and nights.

Some people would avoid strong rivals intentionally just to get an undeserved reputation. In this way, more time would be wasted. However, tempted by the Divine Tree of Creatures, everyone was ambitious and determined. They aimed to get ten golden rings.

Soon, the first round of fights was about to end. Those geniuses who had been sitting down there because of bad luck stood out. One of them even had gotten ten golden rings already. It was the man who had entered through some random tree hole. He was the biggest dark horse, and no one knew anything about him. They only knew his name was Long Fei.

A Dragon! Jiang Chen had already found out this low-profile mans identity. The fruits of the magic tree did not seem very useful for the Dragon. This man was a Golden Dragon as well, but he was not with Ao Xus team. Long Fei was strong enough to enter the Divine Tree of Creatures. And he did not look like he would be happy with stopping there. That was quite reasonable.

Lets start a new round then.

The standouts looked toward the 56 people sitting in the black-golden-level seats. These people had five golden rings each on average. So these 50-odd people, including Jiang Chen, were waiting for the standouts challenges.

Jiang Chen, get out here! Shi Xu challenged first without hesitation. Expectant looks were thrown to Jiang Chen. People were looking forward to seeing the human divine bodys real strength. Shi Xu was ranked in the top three in the Heaven List. Lin Tian, who had agreed to fight with Jiang Chen some day, was ranked first in the Heaven List, so their levels were quite close. He had showed his ability in the fights just now. He had gotten six golden rings.

Human, I challenge you.

Hou Zibai from the Sword Tower. Mister, please show me your swordsmanship.

Let me see whether you are qualified to sit here.

At the same time, Lu Ping was being challenged by a lot of people. Everyone regarded him as a pushover, despite the fact that he had killed Li Tianjun Junior. People tended to believe it was because Master Luo Cheng had injured Li Tianjun Junior first, although no one on the spot had seen any evidence that suggested Li Tianjun Junior had been injured. However, people tended to believe what they wanted to believeincluding Li Tianjun Senior. He glanced over at Lu Ping, Shangguan Ru, and Han Conger, but he never threw Luo Cheng a glance.

I want to experience how strong the Thunderbolt Martial Soul is. However, Li Tianjun Senior challenged him directly. It was beyond imagination how scheming he was. He was the only one among so many people who challenged Master Luo Cheng. The others did not challenge him because they did not want to offend the master. It was also because the Thunderbolt Martial Soul was too powerful.

I suggest we only have one fight at a time. Otherwise, this gorgeous banquet will end in an hour.

It makes sense. We should take our time to appreciate the blow exchanges between great practitioners.

If the situation is too chaotic, we wont be able to enjoy the fights either.

Seeing another group fight about to start, those who had lost in the first round aired their opinions one after another. They did not want to return home with nothing to boast about. Their suggestions were just what the other geniuses wanted.

So, lets have one fight at a time. Who will start first? Hou Qin agreed too.

Then everyone looked toward Jiang Chen and Shi Xu. Everyone was very eager to see how strong this human divine body was.

I dare you. Seeing Jiang Chens cold reaction, Shi Xu thought it was because Jiang Chen did not dare, so he used reverse psychology.

Now that you want to gift me more golden rings, I certainly wont reject your good intention, Jiang Chen said. In this way, the first fight in the second round started.

Shi Xu, who had six golden rings, challenged the human divine body.

Okay. One moment. Shi Xu was overjoyed. He was not in a hurry. He was going to regulate his breathing to get to his best status. However, a twig as crystal-clear as a jade stretched over. A drop of liquid fell onto Shi Xus body. Shi Xus fatigue after several consecutive fights was instantly gone. He felt fantastic.

Ha, ha, ha. Great. That was exactly what Shi Xu wanted. Then he came onto the battlefield immediately.

The others sat down one after another, waiting for a great show.

More than six months ago, you lost to Lin Tian, so you played some delaying tactics.

Today, you came here in such a pretentious manner. But no matter what tricks you are playing, Ill beat you up, Shi Xu said coldly.

Is this supposed to be a pep talk? Looking down, Jiang Chen did not show any interest.

Laughs came from everywhere.

Closing his fist tightly, Shi Xu launched a quick attack very abruptly. His weapon was a knife. However, he did not unsheathe it. He had attacked with his hand to take Jiang Chen by surprise. The movement of his hand created the sound of wind and thunder. Even the air was about to be cut open.

Sky Killing Knife Doctrine! He is able to exert a clear spirit of knife without unsheathing his knife.

Thats great. He is worthy of his reputation as one of the top three in the Heaven List. Many peoples eyes lit up because of Shi Xus performance. More than that, after he approached Jiang Chen, his hand really transformed to a blade in the shape of a crescent moon.

Seriously? He can exert a knife soul without using a knife? Many people were amazed. Shi Xus attack was emotionless. If he got Jiang Chen, the latter would be split in two from his waist down.

However, Jiang Chen stood there still. People thought he had not come to himself. After all, Shi Xu did everything in less than one second. Seeing the blade about to get him, thunderbolts came from Jiang Chens body and electric arcs blossomed. He reached out. To everyones surprise, he grasped the Martial Soul directly! That was a human body! Many people were on tenterhooks. But soon, they realized it was not necessary. Closing his fingers tightly, Jiang Chen almost crushed the knife soul of his rival. Nothing could resist him.

The Fury of Thunder!

Some people adept at thunder methods recognized it. What Jiang Chen was exerting was a paramount thunder method. It was even more dreadful with the aid of the divine body.

Ho! Shi Xu shouted. He took his knife soul back and retreated. Divine body, so what? Strike! This time he unsheathed his knife and struck directly. The knife soul this time was 100 times stronger.

The first mistake you made is that you think Ill let you stay alive until you make the second mistake. Without turning around, Jiang Chen raised his right hand. The palm of his hand was facing outward. The temperature soared. Then an orange flame emerged. A silvery chime rang out. A divine bird flew up. The fierce flame devoured the knife soul as well as Shi Xu.

Today, my hot blood will make my name known. As he spoke, different flames flew out of his palm toward the sea of fire.

Solar Golden Flame?!

On an occasion where geniuses gathered together, the biggest advantage was that any method would be recognized right away. Solar Golden Flame was one of the Four Great Primordial Spirits in Chaos. Combined with the immortal divine bird transformed by the evil flame, Shi Xu, who was in the fire, only screamed once before he was burnt to ashes. Everyone had been expecting a big fight. No one had anticipated such a result.

Since when has his divine body been so dreadful?! Many people were scared out of their wits.

No, its not right. Did we just see a fake sword soul? The disciples of the Sword Tower were confused.

What Jiang Chen exerted just now was not a sword soul? Why did it transform to a Martial Soul of other creatures? Moreover, it was top level.




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