The Brilliant Fighting Master Chapter 1509

Chapter 1509 Great Celestial Demon

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Boundless Buddhist Light exploded out. It nearly illuminated the whole Demonic Domain.

The demons that were charging at them let out sharp cries, while the several hundred Human Demon Emperors were paralyzed and completely confused as to why.

As for the earth demons and the Earth Demon Kings, they also didnt fare well. They didnt just lose the Demonic Domains strengthening effect, they were also restricted greatly.

"Wow! A Buddhist School disciple!"

"Ha, ha, ha, we are saved, we are saved!"

"Kill them! Those demons vitality has become so frail and feeble."

The people who had stayed in the 1,000-yard radius around Jiang Chen had all had complete changes of heart. If it could be said that previously the demons had seemed as if they had copper skin and iron bones, now it seemed as if they were as frail as tofu.

The people who had already exhausted their energy found this fight easier than the previous one.

"This is," the woman who had been fighting with Jiang Chen felt a burning pain, and she looked in a daze at the sacred-looking and dignified Jiang Chen. She couldnt manage to come back to her senses!

"So this is his story," the heavily armed man muttered. He had been the first person to understand that Jiang Chen was anything but simple, and, when the Earth Demon Emperor had asked them to kill Jiang Chen, he had found the whole matter fishier and fishier.

Now that he had discovered Jiang Chens status as a Buddhist School disciple, he understood everything.

The heavily armed man observed the willful womans expression out of the corner of his eye, while he let out a sigh inwardly. He was aware that the princess had a big ego, but he still didnt expect that her situation would be so grave.

As the Buddhist Light shone upon them, this batch of demons was quickly exterminated, and then the third batch arrived shortly after, like Jiang Chen had said they would. It had the same lineup as before.

"Be careful!" The heavily armed man shouted suddenly.

A blood-red, arrow-like light beam shot toward Jiang Chen.

It was the Earth Demon Emperor that attacked. He was clearly aware that if he didnt dispose of Jiang Chen, there would be no end to his troubles.

"Protect Jiang Chen!"

The Wolf Tooth Team was aware of the importance of Jiang Chen, and that was why they stood in front of him decisively to protect him.

However, the Earth Demon Emperors power was unexpectedly greater than they had imagined, and the Wolf Tooth Team members who were attacked ended up in a pitiful state. They sustained heavy injuries!

Moreover, the Earth Demon Emperors attack didnt weaken, and it flew toward Jiang Chen.

"Great Void Palm Seal!" Jiang Chen, who was wearing his Tathagata Buddhist Robe, used his whole Buddhist Power and thrust his palm ferociously.

This was the first time he had used the great palm seal since he had entered the Demonic Abyss, and it should have possessed a power great enough to destroy everything. But when its energy erupted out, it was deflected, and pain hit his whole body, as if he had been a mortal who had rammed into a stone wall.

Even his Tathagata Buddhist Robe was nearly destroyed.

"This isnt an Earth Demon Emperor, but a Celestial Demon," Jiang Chen thought to himself.

Xuan Qing had said that the demonic beings he would meet in the topmost three levels would be from the human, earth, and sky grades, and every grade had kings and emperors in it.

"This isnt right, even if it is a Celestial Demon, a Martial Saint should still be able to deal with it. I possess Buddhist Power that is the bane of all demonic beings, and I have a divine body. I shouldnt have sustained such heavy injuries," Jiang Chen realized that something was amiss.

If a Celestial Demon was so terrifying, then werent the people who spent their money to enter the Demonic Abyss just asking for death?"

"We really have good luck. We have run across a Great Celestial Demon," the heavily armed man muttered. He had discerned what was fishy about this.

"A Great Celestial Demon!!!"

Everyones expressions changed, even Jiang Chens, who had just regained his balance.

The demonic beings were born in the Demonic Abyss, and their power and grade were decided the moment they were born. However, this didnt mean that demons couldnt raise their grades.

It was extremely difficult to do, and anyone who could achieve it was extremely powerful.

The demons who achieved a grade promotion would have the word great added to their titles, like the Great Earth Demon, Great Celestial Demon, etc.

They werent obviously any Great Human Demons because the lowest grade for demons was the human grade.

"Is it this trap that helped you advance into a Great Celestial Demon?"

Jiang Chen frowned as he looked at the Great Celestial Demon. This demon could overcome the Buddhist Power. This was the first time that an evil being had achieved this feat.

"Only after killing you will everything be perfect."

The Great Celestial Demon wasnt like other demons. He resembled more a human, and he wore a long robe. He had a dignified square face that didnt conform to his status as a demon.

"You have disappointed me," the Great Celestial Demon stood with his hands clasped behind his back, while he stared at Jiang Chen attentively. "Your use of Buddhist Techniques is at the lowest level."

The previous confrontation had made the Great Celestial Demon realize that he had overestimated Jiang Chen.

If Jiang Chen hadnt just read the Great Sun Scripture a while ago, he might have snorted disdainfully in response. But now, he acknowledged this matter.

"Soaring Dragon Punch!"

While they were speaking, the heavily armed man attacked suddenly. He used his proudest martial technique because he wanted to injure the Great Celestial Demon heavily.

"Asura Demonic Method: Ardent Evil Flames!"

A strange-shaped weapon appeared in the hand of the Great Celestial Demon. It seemed like a sword, yet it was too thick and broad. When he waved the weapon, raging flames emanated from its tip, and it took on a black color as demonic energy rose up through it.

The heavily armed man planned to depend upon his fists power to destroy everything in his way. But he ran into an obstruction before he reached his target and was deflected. He was sent flying away!

"You wont be a match for me in the Demonic Domain. It was possible for a person with grade power like you to escape successfully a while ago. You were able to break through the encirclement. But its a pity that you were encumbered by a certain person," the Great Celestial Demon stood his place motionless, while a prideful look appeared on his face.

Upon hearing this, the willful, stupid woman felt quite unwell. If it was Jiang Chen who had spoken, she might still have retorted back. But it was a Great Celestial Demon, and his words poked her sore spot.

"You can become strong through killing our clansmen, while we also can become strong through killing you. This is the Demonic Abysss will, and its contending against the Empyrean Goddess."

In the Great Celestial Demons eyes, the people stranded here didnt have any chance for survival. His troops bared their fangs, brandished their claws, and started a slaughter.

Jiang Chen was about to release the Buddhist Light, but the Great Celestial Demons gaze locked onto him. He could discern clearly that disdain was apparent in the demons eyes, and, if he dared to move, he would suffer the same attack as a while ago, and it would be even more ferocious.

"If we cooperate, we may still have a glimmer of hope left," Jiang Chen transmitted his voice to the heavily armed man secretly.

The heavily armed man attacked, while Jiang Chen, who was behind him, released the Buddhist Light that could neutralize the Demonic Domains effects.

"He, he!"

It seemed as if the Great Celestial Demon had heard their words, and many Human Demon Emperors started attacking the woman. The heavily armed man couldnt leave her to do anything else.

"You are speaking as if you have already won. If you didnt have this Domain, you would have already died many times long ago," the willful woman didnt only have an opinionated attitude with Jiang Chen, it was the same with anyone.

After she spoke with the Great Celestial Demon in words that dumbfounded everyone, she started killing the Human Demon Emperors angrily.

The heavily armed man noticed that the Great Celestial Demon didnt plan to fight, and this was why he was delighted to kill the small fries so that he could get an opportunity to fight the Great Celestial Demon with his whole power.

As for Jiang Chen, he suffered four Earth Demon Kings crazy attacks, and he was persisting strenuously.

"All of us may die here."

Despair welled up in the heart of the stranded people. They had had no idea that a Great Celestial Demon would show up here.

If it had just been an Earth Demon Emperor, they would have killed it long ago by depending upon Jiang Chens assistance.

It was a pity, and it was also quite hateful!

Many people had killed so many demons that their eyes turned bloodshot. They wanted to kill as many demons as possible, even at the cost of their lives.


Meanwhile, Jiang Chen was cultivating in a private room in the Heavenly Palace. His magical clone was sitting cross-legged there, while a scripture formed by energy was in front of him. Its pages were turning over by themselves, while there was a Buddhist Relic atop his head emitting holy golden light.

That light wasnt just bright, it possessed a Supreme Buddhist Will, as well as a mysterious inheritance.

"I must persevere for another five minutes."

Jiang Chen let out a breath and his gaze became resolute. After five minutes, he would give the Great Celestial Demon a nice surprise.

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