The Brilliant Fighting Master Chapter 198

The first round ended about an hour after the competition started.

About seventy or eighty percent of the participants were eliminated. The bustling square suddenly became empty. The remaining participants were all in the Mental Wander State.

After all, people in the Gathering Yuan State would have to have luck in order not to run into any Mental Wander States in four consecutive fights and advance to the next round. That chance was too slim.

After a fifteen-minute break, the competition started again. The rules remained the same.

This time, each of them only had to defeat three rivals, but it was actually more difficult, since none of the remaining participants were easy to deal with.

Whether a coincidence or not, Jiang Chen went into the ring again in the first fight.

"What bad luck," Chu Luo complained. The later the participants started competing, the more time they would have to recover and the more advantages they would receive.

"All the same. The first batch can end the fight sooner."

Jiang Chen smiled and jumped into the ring. He didn't mind at all.

Since he was wearing a mask that was easy to notice, he was recognized immediately. People recalled that he was the first one to win in the last round.

Besides, since there were less people in the square, many people noticed he was standing with Chu Luo and they seemed close. That had caused some gossip.

Although Chu Luo's achievements weren't too astounding, the fact that she was ranked sixth on the Beauty List proved how pretty she was. Huangfu Hua wasn't her only admirer, but since she had been put on the Beauty List, people had never heard of her being close to any man.

By then, the masked man had appeared. Even her sibling disciples of the Isle of Sky were curious.


Suddenly, Huangfu Hua burst into laughter. When people looked towards him, he jumped into the ring and landed in front of Jiang Chen.

The blue light emitted from the wooden token in his hand hadn't vanished. The number on it was the number of the ring where Jiang Chen was!

"Great! This is great!" Huangfu Ming shouted excitedly outside of the ring. It was exciting that they finally met despite all the people there.

He touched his cheek, which was still aching, and recalled the shame of the day before when he had been slapped. He wanted his brother to revenge him badly!

"Chu Luo, their fight is inevitable. These two men will fight for you soon." Meng Feifei looked excited. She was more than happy to see this scene.

She knew Huangfu Hua was courting Chu Luo.

Taking into account the dubious relationship between Chu Luo and the masked man, it would definitely be a great show.

Chu Luo was serious. She was confident in Jiang Chen, but he would have three fights. Huangfu Hua was powerful enough to exhaust her young lord.

In the air, Princess Fragrance was also gazing at the ring where Jiang Chen was.

She was ignorant of the conflict between Jiang Chen and Huangfu Hua. She was only curious about Jiang Chen.

"His opponent, is he powerful?" she asked.

Yun Xiao and Liu Peng looked at each other and hesitated. The latter said, "That's Huangfu Hua, young master of the Four Families of the Capital. He claims to be the strongest among the Four Young Masters of the Imperial Capital, ranked eighty-third on the Eternal Flame List."

"Eighty-third? So he's one of the top 100?" Princess Fragrance's eyes lit up. She was surprised.


"So if the other wins, it means he's even more powerful?" Prince Fragrance said.

Liu Peng and Yun Xiao sensed something unfavorable for them in the princess's tone. The latter gnashed his teeth and said, "Princess, that's impossible. His state is lower. Speaking of martial arts techniques, Huangfu Hua isn't poor either, especially his knife method."


Princess Fragrance wanted to continue the conversation, but the fight had already begun.

Huangfu Hua's spiritual weapon was a long knife. He threw his knife out without any words as soon as he entered the ring.

The ring was suffocated by a shapeless power, as if a big hand was pressing down.

"Ghost Strike to Kill: Trap!"

Huangfu Hua's knife was too fierce to dodge. Jiang Chen was pushed back by it. The knife blade contained a formidable power.

The local people were surprised to see this attack.

"Looks there's an old score to settle between them."

People familiar with him realized that their relationship wasn't usual.

Huangfu Hua was skilled in knife methods. He had mastered the full spirit of the knife, and he had practiced a formidable knife method.

Speaking of the method's class, this knife method was sky-level.

Even the popular Lu Fei had said Huangfu Hua could be deemed a knife master with this knife method.

Martial arts techniques couldn't be classified as clearly as methods, since some martial arts techniques required more to practice.

Knife methods that people who had mastered the early form of the spirit of the knife could practice were completely different from those practiced by people who had mastered the full spirit of the knife.

However, knife methods practiced by people who had mastered the full spirit of the knife also differentiated in levels.

Ghost Strike to Kill was one of the toughest among such knife methods.

Its ten movements were quite unique. They were: trap, crack, strike, explode, fracture, hit, break, destroy, separate, and smash.

Normally, Huangfu Hua wouldn't rush to exert his knife movements.

"Poor guy."

No one had thought Jiang Chen had a great chance to win, but by then, they pitied him even more.

"You don't deserve to compete with me!"

As Huangfu Hua spoke, he struck his long knife down.


Jiang Chen looked up. He suddenly emitted a formidable power that shattered the pressure around them. He brandished his knife to defend himself.


Huangfu Hua's knife hit hard against Jiang Chen's spiritual knife.

Jiang Chen was physically stronger than the average person. His arms didn't move at all, nor did his knees bend even a little.

It meant Huangfu Hua's knife attack had been completely parried by Jiang Chen.

"Looks like your talk is greater than your knife method."

Jiang Chen smiled at Huangfu Hua slightly and pushed him away forcefully with his arm.

Before Huangfu Hua regained his stance, he followed up and prepared his spiritual knife for an attack.

Huangfu Hua was great too. He forcibly changed his track in the air and landed behind Jiang Chen.

"You parried my knife, but your own knife method is ridiculous," Huangfu Hua said.

At the same time, he asked himself silently how Jiang Chen had been able to parry his knife.

My state is higher, and I struck from top to bottom. How could he have parried it so perfectly?

Huangfu Hua doubted whether Jiang Chen was secretly wearing a defensive spiritual weapon.

"But, however strong your body is, will it be stronger than my knife?"

Huangfu Hua smiled coldly and struck the knife out for the second time.

"Ghost Strike to Kill: Explode!"

Another knife movement as fierce as angry waves, it perfectly interpreted the knifesmen's aggression.

As the knife was thrust, wind and thunder were summoned.

"Great knife method. I know it too."

"Ghost Strike to Kill: Explode!"

To everyone's surprise, Jiang Chen did what Huangfu Hua had done to the same extent of aggression, as if it was a copy of the latter's movement.

The two knife movements collided, and the ring cracked from the middle.

This ring had been specially made by the Xia Dynasty. It wasn't made from average flagstones. It was unimaginable what a great power it had generated when the two knives hit against each other.

"You! Who are you?! How do you know Ghost Strike to Kill too?"

Huangfu Hua hadn't gained any advantage over Jiang Chen. He was completely shocked. As he spoke, he looked towards his family.

Although the Ghost Strike to Kill wasn't uniquely owned by his family, it wasn't a knife method that just anyone could learn.

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