The Brilliant Fighting Master Chapter 200

When Huangfu Hua launched his attack, everyone thought it was powerful and undefendable, but Jiang Chen's attack provided a startling contrast. It was like riding a horse and running into a mountain, then suddenly finding a more majestic mountain behind it.

The energy of their knives weren't of the same level.

Huangfu Hua's knife energy was like a small pond drowned by Jiang Chen's big river.


When ten words in one was exerted, the knife emitted a radiance that could split the sky.

The brilliant radiance was aggressive.

The attack contained ten movements which turned into one.

"Impossible. That's impossible!"

Huangfu Hua couldn't believe what had happened before his eyes. He was proud of Ghost Strike to Kill. Thanks to it, he had become the top of the Four Young Masters of the Imperial Capital.

His senior family members had once told him he was a rare genius to master five words in one at such a young age.

Not until he saw Jiang Chen's performance did he realize how immature he had been. The power of Ghost Strike to Kill was beyond his imagination, the result unbelievable. Huangfu Hua flew out of the ring and was injured.

The result was obvious, but some people refused to believe it, like Linghu Jue and his two companions. If the most excellent genius in the capital had been defeated, it meant the guy in the ring could overshadow all the practitioners in the capital!

Huangfu Ming feelings were complicated. He recalled what he had said in the primary election. Just then, he felt worse than the day before when he had been slapped.

Who is he? Why is he wearing a mask?!

After accepting Jiang Chen's victory, everyone had the same doubts.

Numerous holy awarenesses fell upon him, trying to see the face behind the mask, but all of them failed, including those in the Reaching Heaven State.


On the palace wall, the old man in the gray robe paled upon seeing this.

With his experience, he had watched many great fights between geniuses, and to be honest, he didn't find Jiang Chen and Huanghu Hua's performances astounding, yet even his holy awareness couldn't pierce through the mask. He couldn't help but feel curious.

"Is that a restraining order? Who deployed it? Even my holy awareness doesn't work against it," he thought to himself.

At the same time, in the square, Jiang Chen was given a lot of attention, as everyone was looking at him.

Someone beside him asked him, "Lu Fei, what do you think about his knife method?"

"He isn't proficient in knife attacks. With his knife method level, he wasn't able to exert the last movement to the fullest. He's actually a swordsman!" the youngster called Lu Fei said. His determination was burning in his eyes.

He wasn't the only one that had seen through this. On the other side of the square, three youngsters with exceptional behavior were discussing it too.

"Was he intentionally holding back his strength?"

"That wouldn't be necessary. Or maybe he was afraid that Lu Fei will cause him trouble?"

"No, he was taking the opportunity to practice his knife method."

The three men were Wind Mark, Gao Jianli, and Yi Shuihan.

All three of them were ranked in the top thirty of the Eternal Flame List. They were the three most powerful swordsmen among all youngsters.

The last remark had come from Yi Shuihan. When the other two looked at him, he said, "He's practiced some knife methods, otherwise he wouldn't be able to hold back his strength."

Wind Mark and Gao Jiangli were surprised, then felt disdainful.

"Practicing sword and knife methods at the same time? That's stupid. Knives and swords are completely different."

"Exactly. It's a useless action, only done by the simple-minded."

Yi Shuiyan didn't respond to his friends' comments. He was staring at Jiang Chen.

Fifteen minutes passed quickly, and Jiang Chen was going to face his next rival.

Of course, he wasn't the only one. It was the same for all participants, but Jiang Chen's performance had startled many people, and no one in the other rings was worth watching at that time, so his ring became popular.

In the square, many people were looking at their wooden tokens. Some of them were nervous, some looking forward to seeing the result, and others calm.

"It's my turn."

While people were looking at each other, a guy lifted the wooden token in his hand with a helpless smile.

It was helplessness, not powerlessness.

He didn't want to be defeated by Jiang Chen, since he didn't think the latter was a match for him.

He was Wind Mark, one of the Three Swordsmen, ranked 29th on the Eternal Flame List.

His rank was ten places higher than Huangfu Hua's, so it was no wonder that he would think this way.

"Don't be too tough. Spare his feelings," Gao Jianli said.


Wind Mark smiled lightly. With a gentle movement, in a flash of the sword's reflected light, he was already in the ring.


It caused an uproar in the crowd. The top fifty of the Eternal Flame List had always been the center of attention, especially young swordsmen like Wind Mark.

Many young women present were excited to see him, their eyes gleaming.

Wind Mark was ranked 29th on the Eternal Flame List and 5th on the Prince List.

His white clothes were even whiter than snow, his black hair as black as ink. He was smiling lazily, as if the fight was nothing to worry about.

"Are you still going to fight?" Wind Mark asked.

"Why wouldn't I?"

"I'm different from your last rival. You can't beat me," Wind Mark said. He was still smiling. Although it was an arrogant remark, it didn't really sound insolent, as if he was stating a fact.

"What's your rank on the Eternal Flame List?" Jiang Chen asked.

"A month ago, 36th. Now, 29th," Wind Mark said with a light smile.

"A great improvement," Jiang Chen said.

Wind Mark nodded slightly, then extended his right hand and gestured him first towards the square.

"But it'll be exciting if I defeat you and make my rank rise dozens of places," Jiang Chen said.

People held their breath for a moment. Wind Mark's extended hand stayed there, frozen.


Gao Jianli and Yi Shuihan glanced at each other. They were smiling, happy to see their friend receive the cold-shoulder.


In the ring, Wind Mark's smile changed, as if it was a gleaming sword that had just been drawn out of the sheath.

"You wish!" Wind Mark intoned. He drew his spiritual sword out and the radiance of the sword lit up the ring. The sword energy was like a chilly wind that blew every single trace of the previous fight between the two knife practitioners away.

"He's so elegant!"

"No wonder he's ranked on the Prince List!"

He had only drawn his sword out, and many women watching had already lost their hearts to him. His figure, cloaked in white, was full of elegance.

"Chu Luo, your apprentice brother really has bad luck. He ran into Wind Mark after defeating Huangfu Hua" Meng Feifei sighed and shook her head. No matter how curious she was about Jiang Chen, no matter what cards he had in his hand, nothing was important anymore after Wind Back entered the ring.

Yet hardly had she finished her words when she saw Chu Luo's expression was strange.

Although it was, indeed, worry on her face, it wasn't the kind of worry she had anticipated.

"It won't be easy for apprentice brother. Hopefully he'll have better luck with his next opponent," Chu Luo murmured.

His next opponent?

Meng Feifei couldn't believe what she had heard. Did this mean Chu Luo was only afraid that Jiang Chen would be exhausted by Wind Mark, but in the end would still win?

"Chu Luo, wake up. That's Wind Mark, who's in the top fifty of the Eternal Flame List!"

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