The Brilliant Fighting Master Chapter 403

Han Siming was dumbstruck when he noticed the others' surprised faces. He said immediately, "Don't misunderstand. I didn't mean to exchange blows with you. I only wanted to ask for your advice on swordsmanship."

Not until then did the surprise on the others' faces fade.

Han Siming was ranked in the top fifty on List A of the Dragon Rise List. It didn't make sense for him to challenge Jiang Chen, who was ranked ninety-eighth.

Practitioners were usually aggressive, so when they had heard Han Siming wanted pointers, they had thought he wanted to fight.

"It's good for me, but it's not necessarily good for you. You should know that." Jiang Chen extended his right hand and said, "My right hand is good at using knives. That's why I could combine it with the sword in my left hand."

"I see." Han Siming tumbled to the realization that he would never achieve Jiang Chen's level.

He said, "I hope you can make great progress and have a fight against me one day, so that I can experience your sword attacks."

"I surely will." Jiang Chen glanced at him. He seemed like the most respectable rival he had ever had by far.

Then Han Siming left. While Jiang Chen was leaving, Yin Shuang came up to him.

"Jiang Chen, are you going back to the Hero Palace?" asked Yin Shuang.


"Thank you for your help these past couple days. May I have the opportunity to return the favor?" Yin Shuang smiled, showing her white teeth.

"Maybe I was returning you a favor?" Jiang Chen smiled mysteriously and gave her a meaningful look. Then he left.

Yin Shuang, puzzled, stood there, thinking about what he had meant. She frowned. She was sure that there in the martial arts workshop had been the first time they had met.


Suddenly, she felt her communicating jade pendant vibrating. She took it out and found her family wanted her to return as soon as possible.

When she was leaving, she saw people leaving on the ground floor of the martial arts workshop, all in a hurry.

Something big is happening! Yin Shuang realized. She hurried to get back to the Sacred City as quickly as possible.

On his way back to the Hero Palace, Jiang Chen stopped. The token of the Hero Palace was vibrating again with high frequency.

The emergency signal? This is the first time.

Jiang Chen took a look and hurried to go back.

It was a mess in the Hero Palace. Jiang Chen almost thought the place was under attack.

Like other disciples, he came to the square outside the Hall of Heroes.

"Jiang Chen."

Ying Wushuang walked out of the crowd and came up to him. The disciples around him immediately had weird looks, confused that the two had some unknown relationship.

By then, everyone in the Hero Palace thought there was something between them.

"What happened? Why are there so many disturbances?" Jiang Chen asked curiously.

"I don't know. It's quite strange."

Ying Wushuang was like him, curious but not anxious. Even if the sky collapsed, the Venerables would do something about it.

"What about the martial arts workshop?" asked Ying Wushuang.

"Very good. Thanks for your recommendation."

Although he had only used three rooms, the martial arts workshop had helped him a lot. He had achieved his goal through its unique classes.

Ying Wushuang felt happy for him. She was going to say congratulations when other disciples exclaimed, and their voices drowned hers out.

When she looked up, her expression was exactly like the others.

Jiang Chen noticed some people were approaching in the air far away. If anything, their energies were very strong, no weaker than Han Siming's.

When they finally arrived at the Hero Palace, Jiang Chen found they were all unfamiliar faces.

Taking their strength into consideration, something dawned on Jiang Chen.

"Disciples of inheritance?"


Ying Wushuang nodded. She was totally shocked. She said to him, "Something really big must have happened. Even the disciples of inheritance have come!"

Then she pointed at three people and told Jiang Chen that they were the top three on the Fighting Power List.

Jiang Chen saw for himself that it was true that they were the weakest among the disciples of inheritance.

"Who is that?" asked Jiang Chen.

He didn't even have to point. Ying Wushuang already knew who he was talking about. Since that guy had shown up, he was the center of everyone's attention.

His long, black hair was flying in the wind. There wasn't a single flaw on his fair face. Under the slim dashing eyebrows was a pair of melancholic almond eyes.

His lips were full, but had no color. However, it wasn't a sick paleness. Such an appearance was handsome for a man and beautiful for a woman.

He was wearing a loose long coat, inside which was a neat, close-fitting outfit. He looked elegant in such an outfit.

Whoever stood beside him would be outshone by him, so everyone kept their distance from him, looking at him with respect and awe.

"Li Nanxing, disciple of inheritance, ranked tenth on List A of the Dragon Rise List," Ying Wushuang introduced him to Jiang Chen. There was awe in her tone.

Jiang Chen was shocked. The top hundred, top fifty, and top ten on List A of the Dragon Rise List all had different meanings.

The top ten were influential men in the Dragon Field, even throughout the whole continent.

Jiang Chen took a few steps ahead, intending to figure out his state.

However, Li Nanxing glanced at him, as if he had found out. His melancholic look was stifling.

If it had been others that had been glanced at, it would be difficult for them to even breathe.

By then, more people had come to the air. There were some grand elders that looked familiar to Jiang Chen.

"A secret treasure left by the Dragon Dynasty has been found in the Flying Dragon City.

"Inside the secret treasure is an small, independent world deployed with ward. No one whose status is above the Reaching Heaven State can enter.

"All disciples, no matter what you're doing, leave it behind and head for the secret treasure immediately!

"Any useful thing you find in the secret treasure will belong to you, except strategic resources or great treasures that great Venerables could use, which you should hand over to the Hero Palace.

"Of course, this will be a great credit. The Hero Palace won't owe you anything. The top five people that make the biggest contributions will be promoted to Venerables."

It was apparent that the Hero Palace was rushing. One sentence after another, all the disciples were shocked.

There was too much information. It even took Jiang Chen a good while to come to himself.

Then he looked around, trying to find Crimson Moon.

The secret treasures of the Dragon Dynasty had a close relationship with people who had royal blood, but it occurred to Jiang Chen that he had killed the emperor of the Xia Dynasty, so he was too embarrassed to go see her.

"Not just the Hero Palace, but also eight aristocratic families of inheritance and all the sects and schools will go, along with the Evil Cloud Palace!"

"This time, you should collaborate with each other and work with your organizations.

"Li Nanxing, Lin Jingyu, and He Ting, you three will be in charge of the secret treasure. You should help each other."

Without giving the disciples any time to pose questions, the grand elder continued, "You three left your organizations before. Now go back and take charge for now."

"No problem."

Li Nanxing, Lin Jingyu, and He Ting came forward to greet the guilds they had been in.

"Sword Association, come here," Lin Jingyu called. Soon, he frowned and asked, "Where are the people of the Sword Association?!"

It turned out that only few people had come to his side.

"Mo Jianfei, what's going on? I left the Sword Association under you, and this is what you've turned it into?"

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