The Brilliant Fighting Master Chapter 491

Where the Sacred Institute was located was the center of the Realm of Milky, like the Dragon Field was in the Realm of Nine Heavens.

However, the naming system of the Realm of Milky was different. The names didn't end with "field," but with "state."

Jiang Chen was currently in the Middle State. Tai Yue School was the top force here.

"You killed a disciple of the Tai Yue School. They won't let you go. In the Middle State, some places are governed by the Tai Yue School, and others are out of the reach of the school." Upon seeing that he knew nothing of this, an idea occurred to Meng Shuiyan.

"What are you implying?" Jiang Chen found it funny.

"Let's act together. The Tai Yue School is chasing me anyway," said Meng Shuiyan.

Jiang Chen glanced at her. His look was so sharp that it seemed like he intended to see her through.

"I killed him because of you. You want my protection, don't you?"

Meng Shuiyan wasn't embarrassed, although Jiang Chen had bluntly pointed out her intention. Grinning instead, she said, "But it's not completely because of me. Will you act with me or not? Without me leading the way, you might fly towards the gate of the Tai Yue School without knowing it."

"Why shouldn't I just kill you here and get rid of the only witness of the whole thing?" Jiang Chen said coldly.

Meng Feiyan's petty trick failed in the face of Jiang Chen's killing intent.

She realized this guy might have been more dreadful than Hu Fei.

"Search Hu Fei's dead body. You'll find a broken jade pendant. This is the last resort of the Tai Yue School's disciples. They send back the killer's information before death."

Jiang Chen was dubious. He sought Hu Fei's corpse and actually found a jade pendant.

"All big forces use this method. Killing you at all costs is the only way to maintain their reputation," said Meng Shuiyan.

"Lead the way."

Jiang Chen knew all that she had said was actually possible, so he had to let her lead the way.

"Let's go." Meng Shuiyan didn't want to waste even a second. She flew into the air first.

Jiang Chen followed. When they had reached a certain height, he couldn't help but look back at the ruins of the Sacred Institute.

He could vaguely see the traces of its glory days. He felt worried about the institute in the Realm of Nine Heavens. Would it end up the same way?

"It's useless to look at it. The ruins have been rummaged through I don't know how many times. Everything remotely related to treasure has been taken," Meng Shuiyan said. She had apparently misunderstood his reaction.

Jiang Chen was too upset to answer her. He was thinking of how he could save the Dragon Field.

For the moment, the only plausible way was to rely on practicing, but it would take a long time.

He had thought about seeking help from big forces in the Middle State.

He had countless martial arts skills, panacea recipes, and casting methods of all kinds of lost arts.

However, those groups could steal them from him when they saw he wasn't even a Venerable.

Most importantly, he learned that those forces had reached their current positions by overturning the Sacred Institute of the Realm of Milky.

If he asked them to help the Sacred Institute of the Realm of Nine Heavens, it would be like a slap in their faces.

Thinking it over and over again, Jiang Chen couldn't find a better way.

At the same time, over the ruins of the Sacred Institute of the Realm of Milky, figures flew over from all directions and stopped beside Hu Fei's dead body.

"Killed in one sword attack."

"Hu Fei wasn't even able to fight back. His rival was great!"

"It couldn't have been Meng Shuiyan. She must have a helper!"

All these people were in the same clothes as Hu Fei. It was the disciple uniform of the Tai Yue School.

"But her helper might be a Venerable. Should we chase them?"

These disciples of the Tai Yue School were angry, but they hadn't lost their heads. They were calm instead.

"No, not a Venerable," a cold voice said from overhead. The voice said, "Chase them separately. Don't rush to attack when you catch up with them. Notify me first."

It was a woman, elegant and refined, with smooth and fair skin. Her slanted eyes looked cold.

"Apprentice Sister Li!"

The other disciples of the Tai Yue School eased up and stopped hesitating after receiving her instructions. They started their chase.

The apprentice sister they had called wasn't in a hurry. Gazing at the fatal sword wound on Hu Fei's corpse, she was lost in thought.

On the other hand, Jiang Chen came to learn more things about the Middle State from Meng Shuiyan during their getaway.

Not many forces in the Middle State were powerful and worth mentioning. There were less than ten.

They were the Three Great Dynasties, the Three Great Schools and the Three Great Families.

These nine forces had collaborated and attacked the Sacred City on an unexpected day. They had destroyed the sacred place, which was a symbol of the protection of human beings.

Although they had suffered great losses as well, through sustaining wars, what they had taken from the Sacred Institute had bolstered their current mightiness.

Nowadays, there were checks and balances, allies and hatred among the nine forces.

The hatred came into existence since they had divided the resources of the Sacred Institute.

Some people had died when the Tai Yue School and the Infinite Sword School were fighting for a martial arts skill. They were still enemies to that day.

The two were going to the Infinite Sword School to hide from the Tai Yue School.

Something suddenly occurred to Meng Shuiyan. She asked immediately, "You know nothing about the Realm of Milky. I assume you came here from the Realm of True Force to escape the war there."

"You know everything, don't you?" Jiang Chen faked a cold smile, as if what she had said was true.

Meng Shuiyan couldn't help but say, "That must be the case. You don't have to hide it from me. No one will accuse you for that. You're not the only one who's escaped."

"You know of more?"

Jiang Chen was still confused about the Dragon Rebel Army, who had appeared out of nowhere.

"Yeah, the nine forces have accepted many refugees. They're also capturing people outside the Middle State to send them onto the battlefield!"

It seemed that something had occurred to her again. Shivering, she said, "It's said that dead bodies and blood are all over the battlefield. Reaching Heaven States are only cannon fodder there. Any genius could die from one bump, one exchange of blows."

That was the one thing Jiang Chen had wanted to hear the least. He started to worry about the Fire Field. He had his family and many good friends there.

"Who are the fighting parties?" Jiang Chen asked.

"Eh?" Meng Shuiyan was surprised at his question. If he was from the Realm of True Force, he should have known that well.

"The Flying Dragon Dynasty and the Dragon Rebel Army, who call themselves the revolutionary army."

All of a sudden, she looked around vigilantly. Then she said seriously, "They're coming."

Jiang Chen was struck dumb. Compared to their chasers, he was more curious about Meng Shuiyan's reaction.

Her strength was weaker, but her holy awareness was sharper, and there was something odd about the energy she gave off subconsciously, but he couldn't explain it.

Before he could think these things through, the disciples of the Tai Yue School had arrived from all directions and surrounded them.

"Meng Shuiyan, due to the energy on you that's being emitted by the valuable treasure, which you stole from the Tai Yue School, you have no way to escape us. You'd better give in!" a disciple of the Tai Yue School shouted.

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