The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 1178

Chapter 1178 A Butterfly Breaking From Its Cocoon

Chapter 1178: A Butterfly Breaking From Its Cocoon
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As the saying goes, women in their thirties have the sexual appetite of a carnivore.

She was a woman approaching thirty.

Doing the deed was normal for every adult, but unfortunately she was a few years late in joining the bandwagon.

If it wasnt for this mans yes-man attitude, they wouldnt have wasted so many years.

At her remark, PA Wen shuddered in surprise but his eyes were scanning their surroundings, looking for the nearest hotel.

At such a crucial moment, if he was still hesitating, even he would doubt his capabilities.

The nearest hotel he spotted was a budget hotel about a hundred meters away from them.

PA Wen composed his breathing. He pulled his hand out from under Xiao Yaojings skirt and grabbed her hand as they walked towards the hotel.

Xiao Yaojing stumbled in surprise at his strength, but her lips curled into a triumphant smile. Who said that she couldnt tame this man before their wedding?

A 24-hour supermarket was located next to the budget hotel. PA Wen suddenly stopped at the hotel entrance.

Xiao Yaojing glanced at him. Was he regretting his decision? How could he!

Xiao Yaojing grabbed PA Wens collar and snarled, If you say you want to send me home now, lets end our marriage since youre obviously impotent.


PA Wens expression darkened at her remark. Did she just say he was impotent?

Buy that first, PA Wen hugged her waist tightly and murmured. His voice was low but clear as crystal.


It took Xiao Yaojing a moment to understand what he meant by that.

But she didnt want to use it.

She was already twenty-nine years old, if she waited any longer she might not be able to get pregnant anymore.

Xiao Yaojing stood on her tiptoes and whispered seductively in PA Wens ear, I want to feel you inside me.


PA Wens last line of defense was completely destroyed by Xiao Yaojing.

Without hesitating, he grabbed Xiao Yaojings hand, walked into the hotel, took out his ID and checked in. Everything was done quickly and smoothly.

A man and a woman, both out of breath, checking into a hotel in the middle of the nightwhat else were they going to do?

The hotel receptionist wisely speeded up the check-in.

A budget hotel with a rate of a hundred dollars per night lacked in many aspects compared to a luxury hotel with a rate of several thousand dollars per night. However, none of that was important to them. The only thing they needed during this heated moment was a bed.

The second the room door was opened, both of them gave in to their desire and latched onto each other with a fierce desperation.

Clothes, shoes, and undergarments were tossed onto the floor, creating a garment trail leading to the bed.

They were both naked by the time they fell onto the soft bed.

His lips slowly yet eagerly glided down her tender neck, leaving love bites along her pale skin.

This was wrong! He was supposed to wait until their wedding night!

But this fair devil had destroyed his sanity.

He couldnt let her go. No matter what, he couldnt let her leave now.

Even if she was the devil who wrecked his sanity, he wanted to embrace this sin with her.

Ah Xiao Yaojing felt excruciating pain when he slipped inside her. She bit his shoulder, silently voicing her pain. His gentle whispers echoed in her ear, but his actions were not as gentle as his voice.

There was no joy in this, only agonizing pain. Everything the books said were lies.

Xiao Yaojing thought about it through her exhaustion, but her arms refused to let go of the man she was embracing.

A butterfly breaking from its cocoon. If it was him, she was willing to bloom into a butterfly once, even if she had to go through the pain of the tear.




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