The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 1179

Chapter 1179 She Hoped She Could Stand Up Tomorrow

Chapter 1179: She Hoped She Could Stand Up Tomorrow
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Xiao Yaojing drifted in and out of consciousness. His gentle murmurs kept echoing in her ears. Was it Im sorry or I love you? She was too exhausted to tell.

Before Xiao Yaojing succumbed to her exhaustion, she had only one thought in her mind: Did someone say something about PA Wens inability to perform in this department?

For the first time in thirty-something years, PA Wen had finally tasted the sweetness of passion. He was so thrilled that he couldnt help it. Xiao Yaojing had flaked out several times but that didnt stop the man from sliding into her.

Xiao Yaojing squinted up at him blearily. Was this man addicted to intimacy?

She gritted her teeth and abruptly flipped them over to pin PA Wen under her. This unintentionally caused PA Wen to thrust more deeply into her. She gasped from the sudden movement but pinned him down with all her strength to keep him from moving.

Are you done? Xiao Yaojing snarled, panting. She was sweating from the intense workout and her hair was soaked and sticking to her face.

PA Wen was breathing heavily as well. His view from under her was even better. It seemed surreal, like how he always saw her in his dreams.

But this was real.

PA Wens eyes were filled with tenderness, and Xiao Yaojing felt like she would drown in his loving gaze.

Although she felt a little discomfort, she admitted that she had enjoyed their intimacy. However, how could her body, which was still new to this, withstand his unstoppable passion?

Xiao Yaojing sat on him like a queen on her throne to stop his movement, but the view was so enticing that his warm hands slowly slid up her thighs and gripped her waist.

Jinger, he called her name, soft and sweet.

Xiao Yaojing caved in to his seductive tone. She bent down and kissed him passionately on the lips, and another round of intimacy in the cowgirl position ensued.

She hoped she could stand up tomorrow.

Meanwhile, in Gu Mansion. After a shower, Ye Yuwei went to see her children. Seeing that they were slumbering comfortably, she heaved a sigh of relief and returned to her bedroom.

She tried calling Xiao Yaojing to no avail, and the same went for PA Wen. She wondered if they had gotten home.

After several unsuccessful attempts, she gave up calling them. Xiao Yaojing should be safe since PA Wen was with her. She supposed she should be more worried about PA Wen. She hoped he could hold on and defend himself against the fair devils seduction.

PA Wen could only sigh. It seemed like his energy had been sucked dry by the fair devil.

Their activities had continued from midnight until the sun revealed itself above the horizon.

It was already 3 p.m. when Xiao Yaojing woke up again. She tried to move but her body hurt so much that she fell back onto the bed with a curse.

It seemed like PA Wen had carried Xiao Yaojing to the shower sometime during the night, so she didnt feel sticky and uncomfortable from sweat.

The man sleeping by her side was hugging her from behind, his naughty hands resting on her breasts.

Slowly and carefully, Xiao Yaojing turned herself around. PA Wen was still deeply asleep, probably exhausted from their extreme activities.

PA Wen had a fair complexion. His eyes were big and bright, coupled with his thin lips. Some people said that people with thin lips were fickle in love, but only Xiao Yaojing knew the mans true passion and loyalty.

That passion was all hers.

Wen Shan used to tell her that Wen Tao had always been a model student and leader in their school since young. All those years of working with Gu Juexi had dulled his glory under Gu Juexis reputation and influence.

The entire B City had been addressing him as Mr. Wen or Special Assistant Wen, but he always claimed that he was just a lowly personal assistant.



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