The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 1180

Chapter 1180 A Fair Devil Had Been Released From Her Cage

Chapter 1180: A Fair Devil Had Been Released From Her Cage
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He always said, Call me PA Wen.

However, ever since Xiao Yaojing knew him, all she heard from other peoples addresses were titles like Special Assistant Wen and Mr. Wen no matter where she went, and he always just responded with a modest smile.

She bet Gu Juexi knew that everyone was addressing Wen Tao as CEO and such. Gu Juexi had accepted the title bestowed onto Wen Tao, but Wen Tao was the one in denial.

In B City, there was no one like this manthe personal assistant who others would address as CEO out of respect.

And now, this man was hers.

This man who was as timid as a lamb in front of her but a majestic figure at work where a simple slap on the table would make people wet their pants.

Xiao Yaojing was deep in thought as she stared at him, then reached over and pinched his soft skin.

Wen Tao jerked awake immediately and frowned. He instantly grabbed her hand with one hand and the other curled around her waist protectively. Does it still hurt?

His sleepy voice was so tender and mellow, it nearly killed her.

The first thing in his mind when he woke up was concern for her.

Xiao Yaojing rolled her eyes mischievously and pinched his face again. Didnt you say you wanted to wait until our wedding night?

This provocation came from the fair devil who had succeeded in her seduction.

Four more days until their wedding.

Wen Tao snorted and chuckled, knowing full well that she was proud of herself.

I am too weak to defend myself from the attack of a fair devil, you broke my last line of defense, Wen Tao muttered with a contented smile. He buried his head in Xiao Yaojings neck, breathing in her unique scent.

Xiao Yaojing giggled at his remark. She pushed him onto the pillows and pressed him under her.

Wen Tao gazed up at her in amusement. His intuition and logic had collapsed into rubble thanks to her.

The fair devil was even more frisky and flirtatious than yesterday. He had unleashed her full power and there was no turning back now.

Xiao Yaojing sat on top of PA Wen. Her legs were wobbly but it didnt stop her from casting her spell on him. From now on, you are my man. No one can bully you.

Wen Tao laid on the bed, looking up at the wicked yet beautiful fair devil on him who kept shaking her precious assets in front of his face. Did she know how smoking hot her body was?

Of course, Xiao Yaojing knew her body was curvy and sexy. Since she was a fair devil, she had to do what a fair devil did.

Mr. CEO Wen, who is more important? Me or Gu Juexi? Xiao Yaojing murmured seductively, sliding down until her breasts brushed his chest.


Blood rushed to his brain like a volcano about to erupt.

A fair devil had been released from her cage. Why did he release this devil into the world to harm mankind?

But back to her peculiar question

Wen Tao laughed. Why was she comparing herself to a man?

You are my wife, and he is my boss. You are a woman, he is a man, and I am straight. Wen Tao held his breath as he grabbed her slick hands that playfully caressing him.

His mind was giving him signals. It was late, really late.

But Xiao Yaojing wanted an answer right now. She got frustrated every time Gu Juexi took him away from her.

For Wen Tao, he preferred working overtime to suffering this kind of torture.

Xiao Yaojing moved her hand down until she grabbed him, and slid her curvy body lower onto him. He took a deep breath to compose himself when she whispered in his ear, You havent answered my question. Who is more important, me or Gu Juexi?

Her rival in love was a man. Very well.



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