The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: The Ex Wife Is Expecting Chapter 164

Chapter 164: The Defender

Chu Ningyi reached out to hold Shui Anluo's hand as he looked up at the people who had just walked in.

"If we can control illnesses, would we still need doctors?" Chu Ningyi replied indifferently. Shui Anluo lowered her eyes to look at Chu Ningyi. Even though he had just bullied her, Chu Ningyi was always the one to protect her when others were around.

This way, she could let go of what had just transpired.

He Xiaoran frowned. "Chu Ningyi, stop protecting her like she's some sort of treasure all the time. I did say that she won't be able to take good care of the child."

Shui Anluo gently patted her son. The little darling had stopped crying at this point and his tiny hand brushed against Shui Anluo's breasts as he smacked his little lips. He seemed to be hungry.

"Madam, it was my fault for not taking good care of the Little Master, the Eldest Miss has always been very diligent," said Maid Yu hurriedly.

"Maid Yu, diligence and capabilities are two different things. If one places her heart elsewhere, it's very hard to say." Gu Qingchen rebutted with a smile.

Shui Anluo frowned, she could hear the sarcasm in her words.

"Gu Qingchen, don't you have work to do at the company now? Yet you've still found the time to come all the way here?" Chu Ningyi icily remarked.

"I'm here for an appointment with the doctor, what's wrong with that?" Gu Qingchen scoffed. "Boss, you'd better look carefully. Don't be fooled by this woman. You've actually made false accusations against Qianchen just because she said a few things."

"What about Qianchen, what false accusations?" He Xiaoran frowned and asked.

Shui Anluo hugged her son and sat down on a corner of the bed. She accepted the warmed milk bottle from Maid Yu and placed it into the little darling's mouth before she looked up at Gu Qingchen. "I didn't falsely accuse her of anything, she knows what she's done."

"Please, Shui Anluo, I've known Qianchen for more than ten years. I know her better than you. Must you drag Qianchen through the mud just because you were unpopular in the hospital and ended up being hurt by someone else?" Gu Qingchen scoffed with a laugh.

Shui Anluo took a deep breath forcefully as if she was trying her best to restrain herself.

Gu Qingchen had just exposed the matter to He Xiaoran.

Chu Ningyi's expression grew increasingly ugly. This matter was already in the past and he did not want to drag it out and talk about it now.

"Gu Qingchen, you're here for your ophthalmology appointment, right? If that's right then hurry up and go," said Chu Ningyi. His eyes were filled with annoyance.

Shui Anluo's lips twitched. An ophthalmology appointment, how poisonous of him. Was he trying to imply that Gu Qingchen was blind?

Even though she was pretty blind herself. After all, she still had no idea of how two-faced Lin Qianchen was even after knowing her for more than ten years.

"You" Gu Qingchen's expression changed. She then pulled a face and left immediately.

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He Xiaoran stared at Shui Anluoand the little darling in her arms indifferently.

Shui Anluo lowered her head, refusing to face He Xiaoran. Gu Qingchen had implied she had made a mistake and pushed the blame onto Lin Qianchen. As a result, Lin Qianchen had been demoted.

She had no idea what He Xiaoran was thinking.

The little darling fell asleep after drinking his milk and Shui Anluo continued to gently pat his little body.

"You've been recently preoccupied with that lawsuit so I'll let you off this time. If this happens again, the child's welfare shall be handed over to me." Once He Xiaoran finished speaking, she glared at her son again before she left the hospital.

Shui Anluo heaved a sigh of relief. She had almost been scared to death.

After He Xiaoran's departure, the entire room fell silent once again. Maid Yu glanced between the two and quickly left the area.

Only Shui Anluo, whose head was lowered, the sleeping little baby, and Chu Ningyi who had collapsed onto the bed were left in the room.

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