The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: The Ex Wife Is Expecting Chapter 165

Chapter 165: Why Don't I Marry You?

Shui Anluo could still feel a stinging pain all over her body so she refused to initiate a conversation with Chu Ningyi even though he had just helped her.

Earlier on, she had not felt a thing due to her extreme anxiety. Now, her neck, collarbone, and her cheeks were in excruciating pain. Even the base of her thighs was hurting thanks to all his digging.

Shui Anluo carefully put her son down. The little guy's small legs kicked a little but he went right back to sleep.

She shifted her shirt from her shoulder and saw that the bite on her collarbone was now bleeding. Shui Anluo frowned and stared at it. She then picked up a paper towel and headed to the bathroom to carefully wash it with water. However, she almost scared herself to death when she looked into the mirror. No wonder everyone who had seen her had gone into shock.

Her eyes were red and swollen. In the beginning, she had burst into tears after being frightened by Chu Ningyi. After that, she had cried because of her son's illness. Additionally, there was an obvious bite mark on her right cheek.

Shui Anluo touched her face, this could be considered as a disfigurement.

"It's good that you're disfigured so you won't go out and fool around with undesirable characters," 1 Chu Ningyi calmly remarked as he leaned against the door.

'Fool around with undesirable characters your *ss!'

Shui Anluo cursed internally. He was the one who had fooled around with undesirable characters!

Shui Anluo took a deep breath before turning to look at the person who was standing there. "Are you going to take responsibility for my disfigured face, Director Chu?"

Chu Ningyi propped one hand against the wall. At this moment, there were no outsiders around so the way he walked was vastly different from earlier on. He was now limping a little like a cripple.

Chu Ningyi slowly approached Shui Anluo and trapped her between himself and the sink. He lowered his voice and whispered flirtatiously into her ear, "You want me to take responsibility? Why don't I marry you?"

Strangely, Shui Anluo managed to detect the mockery in his second sentence.

Perhaps there actually was a taste of that in his words as Chu Ningyi still could not figure out Shui Anluo's relationship with Mo Lusu. To sum it up, aside from the fact that Mo Lusu's experiences could not be compared to his own, his background was no lesser than Chu Ningyi's background.

There was a competition and that was how he had lost all his senses.

"My apologies, I don't fancy you," Shui Anluo said through gritted teeth.

"What, so you fancy Mo Lusu?" Chu Ningyi's tone turned even uglier.

"Even if I fancy Senior Brother, he's far better than you. At least Senior Brother doesn't like to bite people, unlike you." Shui Anluo gripped the sink behind her and spoke with a purposefully steady demeanor.

Chu Ningyi stared at her intently. "That's right. No matter what, you've now been reinstated as the Eldest Miss of the Shui family. You have Soaring Distance Technologies as your dowry. Even the 40% stock options that your ex-husband had bought would not be related at all," Chu Ningyi spat cynically. He had spent so much effort to bring Soaring Distance Technologies back to her yet she wanted to use it as a dowry to marry another man. How could he not feel mad?

His cynical tone caused Shui Anluo to tremble and her eyes filled with endless hatred.

The phone in Chu Ningyi's pocket suddenly rang. He took his phone out with one hand but kept his eyes on Shui Anluo.


Once the person on the other end finished speaking, Chu Ningyi frowned and straightened up to release Shui Anluo. He propped one hand on the smooth wall. "Jiayi is awake? What did the doctor say?"

'Yuan Jiayi?'

Shui Anluo's heart throbbed painfully when she heard that name. He was probably going to leave again.

"Wait for her to calm down then bring her home," said Chu Ningyi before he ended the call. He forcefully grabbed Shui Anluo who was trying to leave and pressed her up against the wall.

He used too much force and Shui Anluo's back turned numb from the pain when she was flung against the wall.

This was violence. She was definitely being handled violently. Again, I have to say, to our impressionable readers, please do not follow this idiot's example. In real life, this is considered as physical abuse and you really could be sent to jail for this.

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