The Card Apprentice Chapter 303

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Following Jeeves, Chen Mu was browsing the goods at the trading area. There were stands with very low prices at some of the trading areas, where anyone who wanted to make some money could sell things. Of course, there weren’t that many card artisans there, and there was pitifully little to trade for. Most people would turn their goods over to the chamber of commerce, although they would get a much lower price. Considering how far that place was from the city, however, the prices still seemed fair.

Limited goods were laid out among the sparse stands. Most of what was on sale were fantasy cards, though there were no high-grade goods.

Seeing Chen Mu’s dubious expression, Jeeves explained, “Most of these fantasy cards were just taken, and those who took them couldn’t use them. The price would be too low to sell them to the chamber of commerce, so they just trade them for power cards. Those are the hard currency heremore useful than money cards. If you have a lot of power cards on hand, you can trade them directly for goods.”

It was hard to imagine how such an advanced base would be so primitive and simple with the trading that went on inside it. Although Chen Mu didn’t show anything by his expression, Jeeves immediately knew his client wasn’t so pleased about the place.

That gave him a little jolt to the spirits. His being displeased with the goods there made it clear that he required higher-class goods, and higher-class goods always meant a higher price. He restrained his excitement and asked seriously, “I wonder if you might require some alternative goods. Raw materials? Or finished card appliances? We also specialize in selling certain cards, although the price might be a little higher than in the city.”

“Raw materials,” Chen Mu said. Bogner added, “We could also take a look at finished card appliances if they are well-made. But don’t show us any mainstream goods.”

“Raw materials?” That hadn’t been unexpected for Jeeves. The sales price for raw materials there was 30 to 50 percent below that of the city. If one had extra room to transport them, then buying some raw materials along the way and taking them back to the city to resell them would bring in a good chunk of income. Quite a few of the card artisans would do that when returning to the city.

Bogner’s additional instructions had somewhat surprised Jeeves, although he didn’t show it. “Please come with me.” Jeeves led the way. They took the escalator to the top floor of the base.

The security there was clearly a lot tighter, and Chen Mu and the rest had already discovered quite a few card artisans watching them from the dark. The card artisan in charge of security greeted Jeeves heartily. “You’ve brought more business, Jeeves?”

Looking at the card artisan, Jeeves’ expression immediately relaxed. “Indeed, Uncle Dai. When I finish this bit of business after a couple of days, I’ll invite you all for a drink.”

“Ha ha, you’d better conserve your money better, kid. You’ll be wanting a wife later on!” The uncle surnamed Dai was laughing, though his tone had showed real concern. The surrounding card artisans laughed along with him.

Chen Mu was secretly shocked to find that the card artisan named Dai had truly impressive power! He must have been a close-combat card artisan, which could be seen from his posture. A light bout of perception swept across Chen Mu’s body. With the recent surge in his perceptual acuity, he could clearly sense the toughness and sharpness of his counterpart’s perception. Although the strength of the other few card artisans wasn’t bad either, it was clearly a couple levels below that of Dai.

He took a slightly surprised look at Chen Mu. He seemed to have just detected a slight bout of perceptual fluctuation, though it seemed too fine. As soon as he detected it, it disappeared. He didn’t know who had emitted that perceptual fluctuation, and he couldn’t even be certain he wasn’t feeling things. But he had a lot of actual fighting experience and really didn’t think it was his own misperception.

That could only mean his counterpart’s perceptual acuity was way stronger than his! Such refined ability to control perception was awe-inspiring. There was an ace across from him!

Perceptual sensitivity didn’t mean anything, but in the eyes of Dai, he understood the power it implied. Perception was a marvelous thing, but it was essentially no different than other things. Anything, no matter from what aspect, would doubtlessly show frightful power once it achieved a breakthrough in quality. Perceptual strength was like that, and so was perceptual acuity.

The year he had battled with a card artisan who was good at perceptual control, relying only on his own power, his adversary had nearly annihilated his little team straight out. That sort of card artisan’s perceptual strength was not so unusually powerful, but his powerful ability to control his perception made up for his insufficiencies. They didn’t need too much perceptual strength to be able to achieve the most complete and effective use of perception. They could detect your flaws in an instant and could then use accurate attacks to be fatal in a single blow!

“We welcome your visit to the Hughes Chamber of Commerce, and we hope you will be satisfied with what you find.” Dai took half a step back and saluted to Chen Mu and the rest. He was no longer the card artisan who knew how to violently kill an enemy. Having been in the chamber of commerce for so long, he had developed his own style of hospitality.

The card artisans nearby suddenly shivered, knowing what that move of their chief meant. They then saluted in unison and neatly and respectfully said, “We welcome your visit to the Hughes Chamber of Commerce!”

The expression on Jeeves’ face shifted.

Xi Ping was looking at the card artisans with some satisfaction, having come from their new profession himself. He had a more shrewd gaze than an ordinary person. That so-called ability to see a lot from a detail had allowed him to see the ability of the master of that chamber of commerce just from those subordinate card artisans. Chen Mu and Bogner were a lot slower in that regard.

When those inside heard the commotion outside, they immediately sent people out to welcome them. “Please come in, everyone. We welcome your visit to the Hughes Chamber of Commerce. I am the humble manager of the chamber, dedicated to your service.”

That melodious, bright voice lit up everyone’s eyes. There was a professional woman standing right in front of them. Her exquisite features against a backdrop of makeup made everyone do a double-take. The collar of her white blouse was open, where a silver pendant matched her delicate, sexy collarbone. Under a short, deep blue skirt, black silk stockings wrapped her long, jade legs. On her feet were black high heels.

The sudden appearance of that gorgeous woman made everyone go blank for a little while. Her looks weren’t inferior to Lu Xiaoru’s and Sue Lochiro’s, and her capable temperament made people’s eyes light up still more.

Not even Xi Ping had seen many like her, and he would never have thought he would run into such an outstanding person at a base in the wilderness.

“Sister Xiao!” Jeeves shouted out, and the woman nodded his way.

That was the time for Xi Ping to come forward. “How are you, Miss Xiao? I am Xi Ping. I’m very glad to meet you.” Xi Ping put out his hand with a placid expression.

A note of appreciation flashed through Miss Xiao’s eyes as she extended her right hand and lightly held Xi Ping’s right hand. “To be able to meet such a stylish person as Mr. Xi is truly a happy occasion.”

Xi Ping was well-travelled. Of course he wouldn’t be bewitched by that sort of magic, and he said with a slight smile, “Miss Xiao’s beauty is a net from which I will have some difficulty escaping, ha ha. It is only by powerfully restraining myself that I can avoid making a fool of myself.”

Chen Mu heard Bogner at his side, muttering, “I can’t look. Always looking serious, this clown Xi Ping. This cute girl is good at what she does.”

Bogner’s voice had always been loud; although he’d spoken lightly, everyone around was silent. They had heard it all clearly. Everyone’s faces abruptly took on weird expressions. There were a few notches more displeasure in Jeeve’s gaze toward Bogner.

Xi Ping had thick enough skin and acted as though he hadn’t heard. His expression remained respectful, and he introduced Miss Xiao to Chen Mu. “This is our boss.”

Chen Mu’s youth rather surprised Miss Xiao, and she saluted deeply. “We are honored by your presence, sir. It is our deep pleasure to serve you.”

“You are kind, Miss Xiao.” Chen Mu calmly returned the salute.

Meeting Chen Mu’s calm gaze, Miss Xiao was secretly amazed. Someone as young as Chen Mu should be full of full of sap, and which of them hadn’t turned red upon seeing her? Even if they were a little bit sophisticated and maintained their serious appearance, they were secretly stalking her with their eyes. However, that youth in front of her with the calm gaze wasn’t moved at all.

Her dimpled face smiled like a flower. “We welcome your presence, everyone. I wonder what sort of items you might require.”

Her gaze then fell onto Lu Xiaoru behind Chen Mu, and she was taken aback. She couldn’t help but call out in praise, “This big sister is truly beautiful. Your servant can’t help her jealousy!”

Lu Xiaoru’s good feelings toward Miss Xiao immediately soared, although she didn’t say anything. She just gave a friendly smile.

Miss Xiao’s surprise deepened. Where had this group really come from?

There was the young and placid-tempered boss and his richly experienced assistant, plus that gorgeous female card artisan. Even someone like her, who had plenty of confidence in her appearance, couldn’t help but give Lu Xiaoru a double take. No ordinary person would have such a beautiful female card artisan.

From the moment he entered, his card artisan bodyguard hadn’t glanced to the side, demonstrating stunning discipline. Without even thinking about what that subordinate outside had just remarked, there was indeed an ace in there.

Such a team had clearly come from someplace extraordinary.

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