The Charm Of Soul Pets Chapter 487

Chapter 487: Deaths Dawn, Extinguishing of the Abyss

Tenth phase, top tier monarch, this was a strength comparable to the most powerful creature of the entire nest, the Ten Thousand Feet Centipede!!

In this moment, Chu Mu could feel his soul elevating. This elevation rammed Chu Mus soul remembrance and made him advance slowly towards sixth remembrance soul master!

Chu Mu had never thought Zhan Ye could raise his strength to this degree using Brave Stinging Heart, to a level that even Chu Mu felt was still way far off!

Top tier monarch!! The ancient aura released by Zhan Ye caused its fighting level to become very near to a top tier monarch. It was covered in a black glow of death. The horned beast mark imprinted on its body and soul were pouring with a reapers killing energy.


Zhan Ye completely opened up its body. Its puny body faced the entire black abyss, facing the countless massive thousand feet centipedes!

A top tier monarchs aura already created an unseeable yet intimidating sphere of energy. Though Zhan Ye was still three meters tall, the aura caused it to feel larger than all of the thousand feet centipedes!!


Zhan Ye suddenly moved, its body full of explosive power. When it leaped outwards, corpses went flying. Even the ground caved in multiple times; the ground, made of abyss rocks hundred times stronger than normal rocks, couldnt even withstand Zhan Yes power!

Chu Mu could hardly make out Zhan Yes movement now. He could only tell that Zhan Ye was surrounded by a mysterious energy, as if a huge beast soul was on Zhan Ye. Compared to the tidal surge of thousand feet millipedes, Zhan Ye with its massive beast soul actually seemed even more intimidating!

Zhan Ye extended a claw. Immediately, the intangible beast soul became beast and dark type aura that swiftly entered Zhan Yes body, lighting up the vivid horned beast marks on it and gushed into Zhan Yes claws!!


Finally, Zhan Ye swiped forward!!

There were no tricks. Zhan Yes claws criss-crossed towards the high class monarch, and countless tenth phase thousand feet millipedes ahead of it!!!

As if the ray of dawn that broke through all darkness, Zhan Yes two claws intersected in the incredibly dark abyss, marking a cross through the entire abyss. It first flew past the high class monarchs body before bringing destructive power from the edges of the abyss towards the center!!

These two dawnlight blades broke the space in the dark abyss into four. Since thousand feet centipedes were themselves huge, almost all of the thousand feet centipedes were affected, becoming lives lost under the grim reapers scythe!!!!


Not a single shriek emanated from the abyss; only the sound of bodies ripping was audible.

Where the reapers dawn blades flew past, skulls, limbs, legs, torsos, tails, were constantly thrown to the side as thousand feet centipedes were torn apart, sending blood and corpses everywhere!!!

Chu Mu had dark vision. He was standing at the edge of the abyss at this moment. The entire abyss was like a gourd. The area within the rock barrier was only the opening of the gourd, yet this attack alone reached a fourth of the abyss. One has to know that this was an abyss multiple thousands of meters in diameter. A fourth of it was over a thousand meters!!

It was hard to imagine that, in this thousand meter region filled with thousand feet centipedes over ten meters long, writhing with its companions or wrapped around stalactites, all the centipedes became mincemeat under the dawn-like blades.

Reapers dawn blades, Zhan Yes technique was similar to the ray of light that breaks dawn, yet it was not light, but the reapers claws that extend through the night and reap lives!!

In the previous moment, the thousand feet centipedes aura was surging like a tidal wave. As it all was about to pounce forward, they disintegrated into broken pieces and fell down, no longer with any sign of life.


Seeing the near thousand meters full of corpses, Chu Mu was shocked into a daze. He couldnt believe this was all due to one of Zhan Yes attacks.

In Li City, Chu Mu saw many tenth phase high class monarch and top tier monarch rank powers. He even saw the destructive power of an emperor rank. However, as a half devil, Chu Mu couldnt measure the true difference in strength between him and that realm.

Now, seeing Zhan Ye as a high tier monarch attack and kill almost countless thousand feet centipedes, Chu Mu finally realized just how terrifying powerful soul pets were.

The entire abyss went quiet. Only after a while did some movement come from beneath the mincemeat-like bodies.

This movement came from the centipedes that happened to live. These Thousand Feet Centipedes climbed slowly out of the corpses, yet they were too scared to make a single sound.

They were all many times larger than Zhan Ye, yet they were rendered into pathetic bugs as they carefully climbed over their companions corpses and ran further into the abyss to escape...


Suddenly, the entire abyss shooK!!

It was the call of the ten thousand feet centipeds!! That was a truly ground-shaking creature. When it moved, it was like a mobile mountain range in the abyss!!

Ten thousand feet centipede! Chu Mus heart hadnt even calmed down before the king of this millipede abyss was finally startled.

The Ten Thousand Feet Centipeds emotionlessly stamped on its younglings bodies as it slowly moved towards the edge of the abyss!!

Its red pupils were already several times larger than humans. Its enormous aura was completely superior to the tidal wave of thousand feet centipedes from before as it appeared menacingly in front of Zhan Ye, looking down from above!!

Zhan Ye was in a state of an activated beast soul. Its strength was at most, one rank from the Ten Thousand Feet Centipede. In this most splendid moment of its life, Zhan Ye held no fear, even if he was against a Ten Thousand Feet Centipede, which could instantly kill him with any attack normally!

Ten Thousand Feet Centipede gazed at Zhan Ye. Around it, a few hundred meter long high class monarch rank thousand feet centipedes appeared as well!!


The Ten Thousand Feet Centipede opened its gaping maw, revealing a mouth scarier than a cavemouth!!

From deep in its throat came a breath scarier than a ninth rank wind type technique, frenzily buffeting Zhan Yes puny body.

Hou!!!!!!! Zhan Ye didnt back off. Facing the Ten Thousand Feet Centipedes boundless roar, Zhan Yes ancient beast aura quickly morphed into a massive beast soul that encompassed Zhan Ye, causing its roar to be just as intimidating as the Ten Thousand Feet Centipede s!!!!

The Ten Thousand Feet Centipede already had very high intelligence, yet it couldnt figure out how another species member of his strength could appear in the abyss.

The Centipede species was always bullying the weak while relying on the strong. The Ten Thousand Feet Centipede could feel the threat from this powerful organism. 

Ten Thousand Feet Centipede could fight with Zhan Ye in another region to revenge its fallen sons. However, it couldnt fight Zhan Ye here, or else even more Thousand Feet Centipedes would get killed by the energy in their battle!

Finally, Ten Thousand Feet Centipede didnt attack Zhan ye.

Sidong~~~~~~~~ Ten Thousand Feet Centipede let out an angry warning.

Ten Thousand Feet Millipede was telling Zhan Ye that if another one of its kids were killed, Zhan Ye would be ripped apart.


Zhan ye let out a low roar. It knew that the Ten Thousand Feet Centipede no longer had the guts to fight, so Zhan Ye simply turned around and walked towards Chu Mu.

Ten Thousand Feet Centipede  didnt move. The high class monarchs and it simply lifted up their bodies and watched Zhan Ye with their blood red eyes.

Chu Mu just stood in place. The appearance of the Ten Thousand Feet Millipede caused Chu Mu to be shocked. Yet, he was even more shocked that Zhan Ye could subdue the king of the nest and let them leave in peace!!

This time, Chu Mu saw Zhan Ye no longer as a dying king, but rather as a top tier monarch that came back full of glory!!

Chu Mu believed that all his soul pets could reach top tier monarch, standing at the tip of soul pet world. Yet, he never would have thought everything would come this quick, and that it would happen to Zhan Ye first. This moment, he could feel something in his body burning, causing the blood in his body to boil with energy!!

Zhan Ye was very close to top tier monarch, and Chu Mu wanted for his soul pet to fight without restraints against this powerful Ten Thousand Feet Centipede.

But, Chu Mu knew that Zhan Ye couldnt keep this energy up for long, so there was no point in fighting further. The most important objective was to leave and let Zhan Ye get plenty of rest and healing.

Ten Thousand Feet Centipede let Zhan Ye leave, and Chu Mu immediately brought Zhan Ye through the tunnel he had opened up beforehand.

This tunnel was opened up from a different abyss, which was the one Mo Xie called out tragically at.

In reality, there was an opening above the abyss that brought them right out of the cave. Princess Jin Rou had made many turns in the cave to completely lose the female master, which was why it took a while.

Zhan Ye, come back to the soul pet space, over exerting your stamina can endanger your life. Chu Mu knew that Zhan Ye had completely released all its potential, and may be the only time it ever does it again in its life, but Chu Mu was more worried for Zhan Yes body.


Zhan Ye shook his head and looked upwards.

Zhan Ye reached top tier monarch, so its senses became incredibly powerful. It could feel a group of enemies above them. This group was the underlings of female master that chased them before!!!

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