The City Of Terror Chapter 168

Chapter 168 - Extraordinary Persuasiveness

    Because of that, Wei Xiao Beis mothers desires of having a grandchild must have reached its peak, resulting in her calling Wei Xiao Bei to have a marriage interview.

    Thus, this was a result of Wei Xiao Bei causing his own bad luck.

    I know, but master returned back to his old home and there is no one in the dojo, so I cant leave.

    Wei Xiao Bei had a natural dislike toward marriage interviews.

    Although he was not a licentious prince, he had truly not thought about marriage at all. Previously, his financial condition was bad, so he did not try to seek one out. But now, all of his energy was devoted to the Dust World.

    In short, Wei Xiao Bei immediately shrunk away by conditional reflex.

    It was not easy to persuade his mother to stop. She immediately threatened, Cant leave? Such a good thing like his disciple going for a marriage interview, wouldnt your master be in agreement?

    Wei Xiao Beis mother did not have Cheng Bi Wus number, but asking about it was a simple matter. After all, Cheng Bi Wu was not a celebrity or a politician, so his phone number was not really hidden.

    Okay, okay, okay. Let me arrange things first, please?

    Wei Xiao Bei finally surrendered in consent. After all, compared to having his mother call Cheng Bi Wu, it was better for him to concede and return to prevent his apprentice brothers from teasing him.

    Then when are you coming back?

    His mother truly knew Wei Xiao Bei. She knew that Wei Xiao Bei would drag out the time if she did not ask, so she specially asked for the date.

    Wei Xiao Bei frowned, After three days.

    After hanging up with great difficulty, Wei Xiao Bei sighed. In truth, he knew that his mother was doing this for his own good, but he did not like it when people interfered with his business.

    At this time, Wei Xiao Bei was considering using money to rent a girlfriend to bring back.

    In summer breaks of universities, there should be some people who are working as rental girlfriends on the internet.

    These jobs were used to deal with such parents.

    But there sometimes might be flaws in execution.

    Wei Xiao Bei became a bit unsettled. After all, a rental girlfriend and a real girlfriend were two completely different things. Wei Xiao Bei was worried that his mothers sharp eyes would be able to see through the lie, resulting in his tragedy.

    Ring, ring, ring!

    Wei Xiao Bei felt that this string of phone calls had already exceeded the amount of time that he had when he worked in Cui Hu City. When he just hang up, another call came.

    Wei Xiao Bei raised his eyebrows after seeing the name. It was Zhu Xin Yi.

After answering the call, Wei Xiao Bei found out that the girl had already completed all procedures for taking a leave of absence.   

    Arent you too fast.

    However, her next words were like a bomb, Brother Wei, wait for me. I am now at the airport. I might be there by 8:00 PM. Remember to come fetch me!

    You are not safe alone. You must consider things. Hello, hello, hello.

    The call had been cut. Wei Xiao Bei shook his head bitterly.

    This girl is too daring.

    However, after thinking about it, Wei Xiao Bei realized that Zhu Xin Yis courage was much more higher than his. It had reached 12.56 points, something that normal people would not be able to compare to.


    Wei Xiao Bei suddenly thought about the fact that he had been in Cui Hu City for such a long time, yet he did not know the direction of the airport. He could not help but look at Huang Kun and appraise his status.

    Huang Kun was currently lying down beside a wooden pillar. Who knew what he was thinking.

    When Wei Xiao Bei used his status appraisal, he immediately shivered, withdrawing from his previous state, Big brother Wei, are you alright? Why are you looking at me so vulgarly. I am not a homo!

    Wei Xiao Bei felt disgust at Huang Kuns words.

    What the hell are you talking about? Me perform homosexual acts with you? I simply dont have any thoughts of performing homosexual practices with anyone!

    Luckily, he did not say these thoughts; Otherwise, Wei Xiao Bei would have lost face in front of Huang Kun.

Name: Huang Kun

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 13 (Minor)

Creature Rank: 1 Star

Status: (The average adult males status value is 10)

Strength: 8 (Muscle: 9.2, Sturdiness: 6.8)

Agility: 6 (Hand-eye Coordination: 6, Flexibility: 6.5, Reflex: 6, Balance: 5.5)

Vitality: 8.5 (Health: 9, Endurance: 8)

Intelligence: 4.5 (Learning: 4, Reasoning: 5)

Awareness: 6.25 (Willpower: 8, Judgement: 5, Perception: 7, Intuition: 5)

Charm: 7.8 (Courage: 9, Persuasiveness: 12, Character: 6, Leadership: 6, Appearance: 6)

Special Skill:

Fantasy Willpower (Inactive. This ability activates when the host reaches 18 years old. This ability would also activate when willpower, courage, and persuasiveness reaches 20 points)

Evolution Points: X (Unable to accumulate evolution points)

Items on hand: Reserves Flash Drive (This item was mutated when Huang Kun brought a flash drive into the Dust World. This item compresses food and water into data and store inside the flash drive. Upgrade condition unknown.)

    It could be said that Huang Kun had a bit of potential. Huang Kuns status had increased by killing Zombies in the Dust World before he had reached adulthood.

    When Wei Xiao Bei was in the army, his muscle sub attribute was even lower than Huang Kuns.

    Using this attribute to deal with 1-2 adults would not be a problem.

    However, Huang Kuns intelligence was low.

    Thinking about this, Wei Xiao Bei asked a question, Huang Kun, What were your grades in the previous semester?

    Wei Xiao Beis question made Huang Kuns face redden. He muttered, Literature 41 points, Math 36 points, and English 12 points

    If Wei Xiao Beis hearing ability did not exceed a normal person, he would probably not have heard him.

    Wei Xiao Bei decided not to pursue the question anymore as Huang Kun seemed to have failed all of his subjects. It was no wonder that his learning skill was so bad.

    On the other hand, Huang Kuns willpower and courage were not bad.

    Naturally, what was terrifying was Huang Kuns persuasiveness.

    Persuasiveness was an ability that would allow others to be swayed by your opinions.

    Wei Xiao Bei hesitated. It was no wonder that he had been easily influenced by this child.

    In short, Huang Kuns persuasiveness could even surpass most adult males.

    As for the fantasy willpower, Wei Xiao Bei did not know what it was. The only piece of information written about it was inactive so he was not able to gain any information about it.

    Enough. Why did you come here?

    Wei Xiao Bei returned back to the main topic.

    Big brother Wei, I want to go to the Dust World!

    Seeing that Wei Xiao Bei did not continue asking about his grades, Huang Kuns mood immediately lightened up,  and he became happy.

    Go to the Dust World?

    Wei Xiao Bei looked at Huang Kun and hesitated. This brat was only 13 years old. The Dust World was not a playground.

    Big brother Wei! Lets go, lets go.

    Seeing Wei Xiao Beis expression, Huang Kun was afraid that he would disagree. He went in front of Wei Xiao Bie, grabbed his hand, and swayed like an adorable girl.


    Wei Xiao Bei could not help but tremble as he flung Huang Kun away and looked at him with a disgusted gaze.

    This brat was only 13 year old. According to common sense, he had just entered puberty. But seeing his slow development, Wei Xiao Bei thought that this might have caused a strange orientation to develop in Huang Kun.

    Big brother Wei! Huang Kun had been flung away. He felt wronged and was about to jump out again, but he was immediately stopped by Wei Xiao Bei, Stand still! If you have something to say, say it properly!

    Huang Kuns eyes reddened as if he was about to cry. This made Wei Xiao Bei slightly unable to resist this pitiful scene.

    I said, if you have anything to say, then say it. Dont be such so immature, okay?

    Wei Xiao Bei did not care anymore and clarified his words. This was all for his sake.

    A child at that age had not yet determined their nature. Outside influences had a large effect. A single mistake could change their lives forever.

    This did not mean that he was discriminating against the other side, but he could not accept Huang Kun like that.

    Okay, Ill agree to you, but stop acting like that.

    Wei Xiao Bei truly could not deal with the brat and in the end consented.

    However, Wei Xiao Bei never imagined that once he agreed, Huang Kun would immediately return back to normal and become in high spirits, as if his previous self was a facade.

    At this time, Wei Xiao Bei understood that the brat deliberately did this because Wei Xiao Bei appeared like he could not bear it.

    Children nowadays are simply overbearing! Could not be helped!

    It was impossible for Wei Xiao Be to continue bickering.

    However, we cannot enter right now. I have to fetch someone at the airport tonight. We can only go afterwards.

    Since he had already agreed, Wei Xiao Bei did not hide anything.

    Then I will wait here! I have a computer, and Im not tired anyways.

    Huang Kun was hell-bent on waiting here and was insistent on not leaving.

    Youre not going to school? What about your parents?

    Wei Xiao Bei could not help asking.

    Wei Xiao Bei had stepped on a landmine. Huang Kuns appearance immediately broke down into depression, My parents are divorced. Im living with my mother, so no one is taking care of me.

    What Huang Kun did not mention clearly was that his mother had occasionally taken care of him, but recently she had found a boyfriend. They were currently rather passionate and stuck together as if they were glued to each other. Her mother had less time to care about him.

    Wei Xiao Bei nodded and understood why his education was bad.

    The majority of children with divorced parents would enter two extremes: On one hand, some of them would be focused on attaining good grades, being focused in their studies, and entering good universities, while on the other hand, the other half would abandon their studies having bad grades, messing around in school, and being close to being locked up in prison.

    Okay, if your mother does not have time to care about you, then you can live here. However, you must agree to study diligently.

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