The City Of Terror Chapter 222

Chapter 222 - Betrayal of the BMW Guy

    However, when Mao An Ge finally saw their appearance more clearly, something was stuck in his throat.


    Its Zombies!

    Compared to most people, Mao An Ges judgement and reaction were quite fast. Moreover, he had also played and watched the Resident Evil series.

    He would not be some idiot who would treat Zombies as lunatics.

    Seeing the Zombie approach, Mao An Gos legs weakened. His mind blanked out, but he still knew that he needed to run for his life. This was already not bad.

    One circle, two circles, three circles.

    Mao An Ge who had been terrified began to circle the streets. He simply did not turn any other direction.

    Naturally, this might be the reason he could survive for so long.

    If he stumbled into a dead end, then the results would be obvious.

    Naturally, Mao An Ge who ran quite fast almost bumped into a few Zombies.

    Naturally, there werent only the Zombies he first encountered in that place.

    It could be said that Mao An Ges luck was not bad as he did not encounter any Lickers or Zombie Dogs.

    In the end, another group of Zombies moved towards him from the front. This made him change directions, and he ran into the street where Wei Xiao Bei was at.

    The next matter was the current situation.

    More than 10 Zombies could easily put down Mao An Ge, but against Huang Kun, they could only be put down.

    With Huang Kuns current strength, he should be around the level of a newbie special forces soldier, but he was superior in a few aspects.

    If the number of Zombies were more than 30, Huang Kun would have a harder time, but 10 Zombies was enough to allow Huang Kun to kill by moving back and forth, killing each one in a single blade.

    Soon, Huang Kun had killed all the Zombies. Mao An Ge who was standing from afar was stupefied.

    After fighting in the Dust World, Huang Kuns body size had increased a bit, but it was only a bit more robust than people of his own generation. It was probably around the body size of a healthy 15-16 year old youth.

    However, a brat like him had raised a sword and killed the undead Zombies cleanly.

    Seeing Huang Kun walk towards his direction with blood  dripping off the machete, Mao An Ges back chilled.

    For a person who lived in a peaceful society, this scene was too horrifying.

    Mao An Ge suddenly felt the question of running away rise from within him.

    The Zombies were terrifying, but this brat was even more terrifying. This brat should not be a monster right? Does it like human meat?

    Follow me.

    Huang Kun simply did not imagine that Mao An Ges thought process was so complex. When he looked at Mao An Ges pale face, he felt his mood go bad.

    Tch! Pretty boy!

    Huang Kun hated pretty boys the most.

    The reason was simple. During the fifth grade of elementary school, a girl that he liked did not want to be with him and chose another classmate.

    Naturally, Huang Kun hatefully asked the reason why. The answer that he got in the end was, You are not handsome. Li Cha Cha is more good-looking than you.

    From then on, Huang Kun would feel his mood go down whenever he sees a pretty boy.

    In truth, if his master had not ordered him, he would never have saved Mao An Ge!

    All pretty boys should be sent to a Zombie pile!

    Following behind Huang Kun, Mao An Ge felt nervous.

    Could this boy be thinking of bringing me to the side then start eating me?

    People who were able to enter Cui Hu University were not idiots. Even if they were, they would only be idiots in love.

    As long as Mao An Ge did not encounter Cheng Si Si, his line of thought was normal.

    After entering the Dust World, Mao An Ge could see that it was hard to find food  there.

    This was the disparity between him and Wei Xiao Bei. Wei Xiao Bei had still not realized this fact the first time he entered.

    Thus, Mao An Ges guess was not unreasonable.

    At this time, Wei Xiao Bei walked over with Zhu Xin Yi supporting him. She was slightly worried that something might happen to her master. Thus she did not dare leave him too far behind.

    You? You are!

    Seeing Wei Xiao Bei, Mao An Ge felt a bit of familiarity, but he could not fully recall it and just pointed at Wei Xiao Bei.

    Indeed, the only time he encountered Wei Xiao Bei was when he was pretending to be Cheng Si Sis boyfriend. At that time, the changes to his body was not that huge yet even after entering the Dust World a few times.

    Now, Wei Xiao Bei was more than 2 meters tall. He was like a brown bear as he stood there with an imposing aura. Moreover, he was weakened quite a bit so he could not fully control his [High Intimidation] leaking out. This made Mao An Ge look at him in awe. Soon after, fear rose up from within him, not daring to associate this very robust man with Wei Xiao Bei.

    Moreover, he did not know Wei Xiao Beis name, thus he could only stand agape on the spot.

    You? What you? This man is my master. You dare show disrespect! I will break your legs!

    Huang Kun already disliked Mao An Ge. Seeing this current actions, his heart burned with anger as he strongly berated him.

    Perhaps because of the terrifying impression he had on Huang Kun, Mao An Ge immediately stopped talking, not daring to say another word.

    Lets go.

    Wei Xiao Bei was not in the mood to have a chat with Mao An Ge. He only instructed him and walked towards the direction Mao An Ge came from.

    Since Mao An Ge could come over without losing a single hair on his head, it meant that direction as safer.

    Wei Xiao Bei felt uneasy with the option of staying on the spot.

    He walked with Zhu Xin Yi while Huang Kun followed behind. Mao An Ge was currently thinking if he should leave at that point, but after seeing Zombie Dogs come out from the hole in the wall, he was startled and immediately followed behind.

    Seeing Mao An Ges tragic appearance, Huang Kun could not help but laugh out loud.

    After escaping a certain distance and seeing Huang Kun laugh, Mao An Ge once again turned his head and ran even faster. He saw that five Zombie Dogs were following behind with five saplings slowly moving forward as well.

    Heavens, Buddha, God!

    What kind of place did I land into!

    There are Zombies and moving saplings. That is definitely a monster!

    The fear that Mao An Ge had received in this entire trip was easy to imagine.

    When they turned the corner of the street, Wei Xiao Bei stopped moving as he saw two idiots trying to frantically escape from two Zombies.

    The two idiots were from the three people in the BMW. It was the BMW guy and one of his bros.

    Their luck could be said to be good as they still havent died after so long.

    Wei Xiao Bei felt that something was amiss. Almost three hours had passed and two among the three were bitten, but now, the two of them were still alive. The fact that one of them did not turn into a Zombie was strange.

    Huang Kun, go take a look and save them.

    Wei Xiao Bei instructed Huang Kun.

    Huang Kun nodded and ran with his machete.

    On the other hand, Mao An Ge who was still enduring his fright followed behind Huang Kun. He could already tell that the Zombie Dogs and the tree monsters behind would not harm these people.

    Thus, he had viewed the violent Huang Kun as a lifeline. Hugging onto his leg should be safer.

    Now that Huang Kun went over to save someone, Mao An Ge had no choice but to move to Huang Kuns right side.

    From Mao An Ges point of view, Zhu Xin Yi as a girl was safer. As for Wei Xiao Bei, he thought of him as a shield that would block the Zombie Dogs following behind.

    After all, Wei Xiao Beis size was big, so his flesh would take longer to eat.

    Naturally, Wei Xiao Beis weakened state was what entered Mao An Ges eyes, so he had unconsciously made this thought.

    He needed to be supported by a girl even just walking. What kind of fighting power would he have?

    What is the purpose of growing so big!

    In truth, if Mao An Ges words were heard by Zhu Xin Yi or Huang Kun, they would have probably thrown him into a pile of Zombies without any mercy.

    On the side, when the BMW people saw Huang Kun come over, they felt as if they have seen their savior and ran towards him.

    Huang Kun loathed to look at them. He waved his hands and chopped off the two Zombies heads.

    That, thank you little brother. When we return, I promise to give you anything you want.

    The BMW guy was completely and thoroughly frightened.

    The three people could be considered smart. When they saw that the Zombies were slow, they found a strategic position to begin a game of killing Zombies.

    At first, they played around in high spirits.

    However, one of the bros suddenly foamed in his mouth and collapsed on the ground. Afterwards, the nightmare began.

    The bro had gotten up and pounced at the two.

    He had actually become a Zombie.

    When the two of them escaped, they finally understood one thing.

    People bitten by the Zombies would turn into a Zombie!


    Please dont play with me like this.

    The BMW guy fearfully looked at his remaining bro, afraid that his bro would suddenly turn into a Zombie and bite him.

    However, if he left him behind, he did not know if he could do it. He imagined being alone in this terrifying world trying to survive. The thought was enough to make him tremble in fear.

    It was clear how much torment he was feeling in his heart.

    On the contrary, the other mans mind collapsed after finding out that people bitten by Zombies would turn into Zombies. When he saw a Zombie, he was frightened to death as he ran for his life. He did not dare imagine the nightmare of turning into a Zombie.

    At this moment, Huang Kun arrived. He was  like a savior who had rescued them from the Zombies.

    Immediately, the two of them felt that the world was beautiful, and human life was bright.

    However, this was only a moments thought.

    In the next moment, the BMW guy, Ye Lang Cheng, had a change in expression. He withdrew behind Huang Kun and pointed at his bro who had been with him in picking up girls, cheating, and faced trials in the Dust World, He had been bitten by a Zombie! He is about to become one! Kill him!

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