The Cold Ceo's Heart Chapter 145

Will had been reminiscing about how different and wonderful his life felt now when compared to before, when Liz hadn't been a part of it.Suddenly, as if someone had nudged him, he turned around to see Liz's face so close to him.As both of them paused, their eyes met.As Liz and Will saw themselves reflected in the other's, they bent forward simultaneously, as if they wanted to get a clearer glimpse of themselves through the mirrors of the other's soul.When he felt her breath on his face, Will's entire body quivered, but he controlled himself-until he saw Liz also bend her head forward, making clear her intention.Oh, what the heck.Those lips, oh, those luscious lips.At this moment, they were so close to his skin, sending sparks throughout his body.So, without hesitating any further, he moved his head down and sideways beforekissing them gently.Heat seemed to gather in Liz's mind, driving away all of her thoughts and replacing them with an extremely strong urge.An urge to catch this man, and never let go.She moved forward, leaning into the kiss and allowing her lips to fit perfectly agains't Will's.Without needing any words to be said, Will put his arms around Liz's back, pulling her to him, while Liz also curled hers around the CEO who had started to pant.Their bodies pressed together tight, they paused together to take a small breath before plunging back in, because the feeling of the others' lips pressed against theirs was like a drug, calling to them incessantly.Liz closed her eyes, losing herself in the feeling, while Will had already done the same.Each time their lips moved, each of them would ravenously try to swallow the others', as if they were someone who had been starving for weeks on end and was finally getting a chance to have something, anything. The pure 'need' to completely envelop the others' lips with their own to revel in the soft and sweet feeling was incredible.As the warm waves of the ocean constantly lapped against their feet, with only the stars and the moon as witness, Liz and Will's lips became one, kissing frantically as if they were afraid that they wouldn't get a chance later.This wasn't like a first kiss at all. Instead, it was a kiss long in coming, so when it finally arrived, it exploded like fireworks, painting everything with colourful light.Liz was feeling hotter and hotter, while Will had already started to pull her even closer. As her breasts pressed tightly against his body, Liz bit down, because the CEO's lips tasted so good, better than all the delicacies she had ever had.As for Will, he bit back in return, not intending to lose any ground to this fiery woman.This made them both accelerate and mush those lips even tighter together.However, just when their tongues were about to venture forward, they realised that they were completely out of air.Indeed, this kiss had been so all-encompassing that even the primordial urge to breathe had left them.Parting at the same time, a string of saliva still connected their lips, shining in the moonlight and begging them to not stop.As they both panted, they looked into each other's eyes, as their minds finally cleared and allowed the first thoughts to surface.'WHOA WHOA WHOA LIZ WHAT THE F*CK WOMAN WOW HOLD ON THERE!'As her inner voice started screaming, Liz finally realised what had just happened, which made a dark blush creep into her cheeks.This was her first kiss! But why did it feel like she wanted more, so much more?Wasn't it supposed to hurt?'Get back in your right mind! That's for the first time doing something else, not a kiss!'Oh. Yes.Her mind was completely disordered, so Liz could only look away shyly.She had just kissed her boss! And all she felt was that she wanted more.Should she be ashamed to feel like this?She was still being held by the CEO, so even though their faces had quite some distance between them now, she could still feel his rapidly beating heart.Just like hers, it didn't seem like it would slow down any time soon.After taking a few seconds, she finally summoned the courage and turned to look at the CEO's face, to notice that he was looking at her with an expression different than any she had ever seen.It wasas though he was looking at something he considered more precious than anything in the world. As if he couldn't believe that anyone could mean so much to him.This gaze actually relaxed Liz, as it made her feel warm and relaxed as opposed to before, when she had been slightly panicking.Of course, the panic was still there, but it was hidden away presently as she was still in his arms which were holding her securely.Still, after a few seconds, the awkwardness if a first experience returned, and both of them looked away in sync.Even though their hearts were screaming against it, their bodies seperated, and they silently walked back to the car.Without saying anything, the CEO started the car and drove back to the hotel.Only, this was a pleasant awkwardness, as they both constantly stole glances at each other while smiling softly to themselves, along with constant blushes that suffused their cheeks.After reaching the hotel, Liz looked into Will's eyes and smiled wide before getting off.After squeezing his hand one last time, she went to her room, where she couldn't sit still due to the excitement coursing through her body.Today, their relationship had progressed to a new level, and she really wanted to talk to someone about it.Usually, she would have phoned Luke immediately, but she hesitated now. As his memory slightly dampened her mood, a knock sounded on her door."Hey, now, don't tell me you don't kiss and tell!"Of course, it was Keren.
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