The Cold Ceo's Heart Chapter 90

"Derek! Go to your room!"After heaving a sigh of relief that the CEO hadn't taken her little brother's or her best friend's antics seriously, Liz almost yelled this.The kid had already had his dinner, so the cinnamon bun was actually his dessert.Licking his fingers, Derek nodded but took two more buns in his hand.It looked as if his entire mind was occupied by the food, but on the way to the stairs, he stopped in front of Will and smiled widely before saying, "Thanks for the gift! And for help with bullies! Sis has a great boss! Now I know why mom keeps saying that!"At this, Will bent down and ruffled the little kid's hair who then ran up the stairs without turning his head.Seeing him act like this, both Liz and Luke smiled at his back after Liz looked down and shuffled her feet for a second at her mother's comment which could be taken in another way.From the way they looked at the munchkin's bobbing head, it was obvious that they prioritized his happiness over everything else.At this moment, Will looked at both of their faces and took note of the clear emotion that they were feeling.A pure familial love.This evoked a strange feeling in him, but he tried to push it down with all his might."Let's go! Dinner is served."Saying these words, Luke ducked into the kitchen.Once again happy that Derek wouldn't have any problems later, Liz had an easy smile on her face as she led her way to the kitchen and the dining table.After they reached, Liz actually had to stop for a second and stare at all the succulent dishes that Luke had pulled out of his chef's pocket.As they both entered and saw the spread, Luke spread out his arms and made a grand gesture before saying, "Please take your seats! Liz, you can sit here."The dining table had 4 seats, with three in front of the other three, and Luke was currently standing on one side.He had just pulled out a chair on that side, and he smiled inwardly as he saw the CEO walk forward and sit on the opposite side.Liz, on the other hand, came back to her senses when she heard the CEO dragging his chair back to sit.She had just been mesmerized by all the dishes that she had loved as a child but hadn't eaten in a long time.She had come home from work only an hour ago, and she hadn't had the time to check out exactly what Luke was cooking. Now, she saw that he had truly outdone himself.Pot roast, mixed-meat wellington, sizzling fajitas, chicken fried steak, sausages, mac n cheese.So many classics that were simple dishes but had undergone Luke's transformation to become something more.In a daze, she hadn't heard him say 'You can sit here' or seen him drag back the chair on the other side.Hence, with her only thought being to dig in as soon as possible, she walked forward quickly and was just about to pull out the chair beside the CEO.Her hand was on the chair, but just as soon as she was about to jerk it back, she heard a loud shout which startled even the CEO who was looking at all the dishes on the table, and even Mary who came running out of the kitchen."LIZ!"It was Luke. Unknown to her, he had watched with wide-open eyes when she had walked forward and almost pulled out the chair beside hisarch-nemesis.His whole point behind being first to dining table had been to enact this plan, so why was she messing it up?Hence, in panic, he had shouted, but he didn't know what to say next.Of course, although his wit wasn't the sort which had been developed in business schools and negotiations like Will, he had grown up on dangerous streets where one's mind was one's most important weapon.Hence, he managed to save himself easily."I forgot to get the ladles and spoons to help us serve the dishes, can you please go get them from the kitchen?""Ok"Saying so and slightly annoyed at having to wait to eat, Liz walked to the kitchen beside the dining table where Mary was currently finishing up her own dish.It was the apple pie that she had made since they were kids, and it still smelled the same."He's very handsome! Why aren't you wearing the push-up bra I picked out for you?"As Mary mouthed these words silently to Liz, she blushed behind her ears before mouthing back, "Mum, stop it with the push-up bras! Come join us quickly!" Picking up the ladles and spoons, she turned around to go back to the dining table.However, when she did so, what she saw slightly startled her and made her pause.Her best friend had now shifted sides and was sitting beside her boss, and they were both trying hard not to look at each other even though there was only an inch of difference between them.
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