The Cold Ceo's Heart Chapter 91

Gritting her teeth, Liz was about to ask Luke why he was acting so strangely but she stopped herself, knowing that this was not the time or place for that discussion.Instead, she simply walked to the other side and sat down, which made a smile filled with relief appear on Luke's face."Thanks Liz. So, tell me more about your work. I always wanted to know what you did when you went overseas. I talked to Rao the other day, and he said you kicked ass!"Serving all her favorite delicacies onto her plate, Luke asked this question while Liz once again got distracted by her grumbling stomach.However, she still controlled herself for a moment and said, "Luke, I don't know if I'm supposed to talk about it. Mr. Will, thanks a lot for accepting my.invitation. Please make yourself at home, and dig in. Luke practically grew up in a diner, and he makes the best food in the world. I bet he would measure up to those chefs you have on your plane."Narrating all this in a fast tone which clearly showed her urgency, Liz waited until Will picked up a fork and served himself a sausage before starting to stuff herself.The first thing she had was the pot roast, which had been cooked for a long time with patience to make sure that it soaked in all the rich flavor from all the vegetables.As she put it into her mouth, the complex taste that seemed to fill up her entire body with joy made her close her eyes with happiness and just chew, releasing more and more juicy goodness that blew her mind.The CEO, who was watching this, was awed on seeing for the first time that someone could enjoy food this much.It was as if Liz had found the whole purpose of her existence, as her expression was filled with such untainted pleasure that he had no option but to keep looking.Meanwhile, Luke, who was observing all this, smiled inwardly as he saw that the CEO wasn't speaking.Due to the fact that he had grown up with Liz, he knew that when she was having her favorite food, she also loved to talk about anything and everything under the sun which interested her.And in the department of knowing what she liked, he was the best."Hey Liz, so tell me what happened in the school. Derek only told his version, and that was filled with him taking blows movie-style and giving a performance which was worthy of an Oscar."Laughing at the joke, Liz kept eating and launched into a detailed explanation of everything that had occurred in the morning.Luke's voice had also managed to knock Will out of his reverie, and as he tasted the sausage he had served himself, he realized that the taste was actually pretty great.Whatever this man's motives might be, he was an excellent cook.However, as he continued to eat with dignity, he saw Liz talk more and more animatedly all while managing to not stuff her mouth too much.It seemed to be a balance learned from years of practice, and he realized that his competitor was clearly using the experience he had with Liz to steer the conversation."Wow! That was awesome! By the way, you remember Mark from our school? I met him the other day, and he asked whether you were single! I told him to mind his own business, but I felt like smacking his ass like all those times you did the same in school, when he got all romantic.""Mark? The snot-nosed kid who ran after every girl in the school? Oh, give me a break, we did it together! So-"As their conversation spiraled to different topics, Will saw that her full attention was focused on the food and Luke, and this was something that he was determined to change.Using his left hand under the table to take out his phone discreetly, he sent a message to a private number that read "Get me the school records of Elizabeth Redmaine. Highlight the electives she chose."Barely a few seconds later, the phone vibrated, and he opened the file that he had just received.Scrolling down, he started to go through all the activities and interests that Liz had had when she was in school.Attached were also teacher reports, medical tests, and basically, all the information that was on record regarding her childhood.Eyeing one topic he liked, he looked around the room and saw a painted pot on the ledge behind them.Raising his hand, he knocked over the glass and got up with an expression of fake alarm."I'm sorry, let me""No, Mr. Will, sit down, you are our guest. Luke, please get another cup. Are you enjoying the meal?"Liz, who still had a jolly expression on her face due to the festival going on in her taste buds, asked this in a normal tone."Yes, everything tastes great. I see that there's a hand-painted pot here. Do you have an interest in pottery?""Oh my god, yes! How did you guess? Back in school, I was the pottery queen! I used to-"Luke had gone into the kitchen to get another glass, and when he came back, he saw that Liz had launched into a long reverie about pottery, and this time, he found himself out of the conversation.When Liz bent down to eat, though, he saw the shadow of a smirk on the man's face, and as he realized what it meant, he felt like getting up and getting into a fight.However, he calmed himself down for now.It was time to use his last weapon: dessert.
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