The Daily Life Of The Immortal King Chapter 823

The Daily Life Of The Immortal King Chapter 823

Published at 1st of August 2019 04:20:09 PM Chapter 823: 823

Ultimate King of Killers

In the Dark Network, who was worthy of this t.i.tle? Even the notorious Ghost Head Blade wasn't fit to lick this person's feet .

What was more, according to official data released by Huaxiu Alliance, Ghost Head Blade was already confirmed dead . He was stuck in the Dead Sea of s.p.a.ce, his blade body already long corroded by it .

He was dead as a doornail

President Bai knew what techniques Ghost Head Blade cultivated; unlike him, there was no possibility of Ghost Head Blade resurrecting himself with the Reverse Polarity technique .

"Is that person about to reappear?" Long Ming's eyes lit up . He didn't know why, but at the mention of the name Ultimate King of Killers, he became inexplicably excited .

"It seems to be the case," President Bai said .

At the height of his glory back then, Ultimate King of Killers had commanded the faith of many dark forces .

His free, unrestrained and unruly style in gaining victories won him adulation .

But even more than that, this Ultimate King of Killers also had a profound relationship with the Ten Generals .

Because back then, it was General Yi, President Qi and Explosion Saint who had worked together to capture Ultimate King of Killers alive and send him to prison .

Huaxiu Alliance Sky Prison

This was a much more terrible prison than Songhai First Prison .

The entire prison was specially built from the same material as the Spirit Shackles .

There were two reasons why the Old Devil and the others were currently at Songhai First Prison . On one hand, they were waiting to go on trial . On the other hand, considering their previous performance in atoning for their crimes, their sentences had been reduced .

That was because ninety-five percent of the inmates in Huaxiu Alliance Sky Prison had been given the death penalty .

One had to know, before Ultimate King of Killers, the biggest criminal who had been locked up here and sentenced to death was Senior Immortal She Pi .

"I spent a considerable amount to invite this person into the fold, but at least it was worth it Even if I don't bring out the power of Outer Dao this time, the chaos alone which this Ultimate King of Killers will cause won't be small . " President Bai had the a.s.sured look of one who had victory in his grasp .

He had a lot of confidence in Ultimate King of Killers .

After all, this was the most dangerous person to appear in Huaxiu Alliance Sky Prison after Senior Immortal She Pi .

But Ultimate King of Killers had also created another record .

He was the only person to have ever escaped the prison And until now, he had yet to be caught, with a bounty of five million immortal gold on his head .

At that very moment, the cannons continued to fire above the northern square; even the air was suffused with a feel unique to fireworks . It wasn't suffocating, and in that moment, everyone felt like they were celebrating the Chinese New Year .

But it seemed like there was faint killing intent in the air

It was very indistinct and unclear .

But after all, w.a.n.g Ling had two clones here .

This was an absolute expert; from this hidden killing intent alone, w.a.n.g Ling felt that the other party even surpa.s.sed more than half of the Ten Generals .

Among the Ten Generals, only Dark Saint specialized in a.s.sa.s.sination and aura concealment techniques, but at the moment, Dark Saint didn't seem to have sensed the danger in the square .

This was a formidable, unknown enemy in the dark, a danger that even the Office of Strategic Deception had not foreseen!

But neither Ling Zhenren nor Crispy Noodles Dao Monarch could simply make a move right now, as this would cause chaos . The ideal solution would be to ferret out this hidden troublemaker!

Just as w.a.n.g Ling was thinking this, the cannons had stopped, and as the Heavenly Dao fireworks ended, terrifying killing intent instantly roared through the crowd .

This was power that smacked of destruction!

One man's murderous aura could actually rival the force of a powerful army!

This was the kind of feeling only a twisted homicidal maniac who perpetually indulged in a sea of slaughter and blood could exude

All the major sect leaders on the scene couldn't help raising their guard at this grim aura, and they joined hands to set up a protective barrier before stepping backward .

Who was it?

The sect leaders, together with the reporters who were present, were so frightened by this overwhelming killing intent that all their hair stood on end!

This killing intent successfully parted this bustling crowd of people to open a path through them .

The sect leaders on both sides retreated, no one daring to make a move so casually . Sect Leader Lu wanted to step forward, but Professor Yang had a death grip on him and held him back . "Don't go, Sect Leader Lu, or you're just looking to die . "

Everyone here was keenly aware of how powerful this person was .

It was at that moment that they finally clearly saw the source of this murderous aura .

It was an unprepossessing-looking old man with a fist-sized wart on his chin . The skin of his face was very rough, and his deeply sunken eye sockets gave him the look of a ghost, which made for a horrifying picture .

Wearing a pair of wooden clogs, the old man walked forward step by step .

"I'm really not used to this Daoist robe, it's such a nuisance" He shucked the robe to reveal a white undershirt inside .

This was

The vast majority of people in the square obviously had some impression of this person . When the older sect leaders saw him, their faces changed dramatically with fright .

How could it be him?

"Apologiesahem, I'm intruding on the fun . I'm just here today to get my revenge . I have no interest in killing the rest" The old man squinted at the stage . "After all, I have quite a few opponents this time, I need to save my strength"

General Yi came out . Floating in the air, he looked down at this old man and snorted . "I was wondering who it was . Such a vicious streak; it turned out to be Ultimate King of Killers from back then But I'm guessing that your distinguished self was instructed to come here today, and you came prepared . "

"It's been so many years, but the Ten Generals don't seem to have changed . Unfortunately, I'm getting older" Ultimate King of Killers sighed, revealing the weariness of life on his face .

He was the first person to escape Huaxiu Alliance Sky Prison, and no one could imagine how much that had cost him .

Any cultivator who was put in Huaxiu Alliance Sky Prison had their spirit energy completely bound, and they were utterly unable to use it .

But Ultimate King of Killers escaped

Even as General Yi taunted him, the Ten Generals were well aware that they couldn't underestimate this man It was clear that the other party had not only been instructed to come, but that he had also come prepared .

"Ultimate King of Killers, why have you come by our Office of Strategic Deception today?" Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal opened his mouth .

"Are you Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal?"

The old man smiled . "You seem a lot weaker than I thought But after all, you can't judge a book by its cover . If I act later, I'll dispatch you cleanly first Catch the king, the band will follow . "

Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal was very calm . "Those are big words, Ultimate King of Killers!"

The corners of the old man's mouth curled up . "I came here for no other reason I just want to kill everyone, or be killed"

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