The Daughter Of A Wealthy Family Who Had Been Reborn Earned A Lot Of Money Chapter 929

Chapter 929: Chapter 930 descendants of s nation

Little purple was so excited that she wanted to turn his head around and look at herself. "Look at me. Why don't you look at me? ''

"You keep saying that you won't love me. Then let me ask you, what happened to the woman who hugged you just now? Why do you look at her so gently? Why won't you even look at me? Am I really that bad? "

Little purple knew that her family background was not bad, but to SH, she was just a Cinderella.

The s family was a descendant of s nation. Although s nation was not big, his wealth and resources were definitely amazing. Many big countries were eyeing their treasures, but the king of s nation was also an ordinary person. He could definitely be said to be a general who would block any army that came his way Water comes with Earth.

And he was the future successor of s country. What could he be to him? He could only be said to be a passerby. The one who was worthy of him should be the princess of that country.

The reason why he knew him was probably because last year, when he was being chased by his biological brother, his parents took him in and lent her a place to hide, thus avoiding the chase.

Because of gratitude, he took in her parents as his foster parents. And she originally wanted to call him brother, but she couldn't say it out loud. She only called him cousin.

After hearing what Violet said, SH's mind suddenly thought of someone's smile. Was it her, the girl with dimples?

Yes, she was indeed cute. Among all the women he had met, she was the most special.

She was probably the only woman who dared to slap him again and again when he was unconscious.

Thinking of the cute little face holding his breath, SH couldn't help but smile.

"Tell me, why? Why don't you love me? Tell me why? " Violet became more and more excited.

"Are you done? If you're done, then leave. I need to rest. " Sh directly ordered her to leave.

"cousin... "

Sh's cold eyes flashed. "Get out. "

Xiao Zi shrunk her neck in grievance. In the end, she ran out crying.

In the car.

"Ha Qiu ~ , who scolded me? " Lu Yuxi rubbed her nose.

Nuo Rouye's expression did not seem very good. "Xiao Xi, what happened just now? "

Lu Yuxi teased Xiao Feng and said, "mom, do you think I should say it out? If I say it out, will it ruin your relationship with Mrs. Deng? "

"No, go ahead. "

"Yes, sister-in-law, I'm also very curious. How did that woman suddenly slander you? If you were really inside at that time and there was really a man, it would be really hard to explain. " Hei Qingqing shook her head and said.

"Actually, ten minutes before you guys went up, I was in that room. "

"I know that. Didn't you just change your clothes inside? Isn't that strange? "

"But didn't you notice? When you opened the door, I was already outside, and I ran behind you without anyone knowing. "

Lu Yuxi's point immediately attracted the attention of Hei Qingqing and Nuo Rouye. "What do you mean? ''

"Ten minutes ago, I was indeed inside, and there was indeed a man inside. That man's motive was very simple, he wanted to rape me, " Lu Yuxi said calmly.

However, Nuo Rouye's heart was already boiling. "What on earth is going on? "

Lu Yuxi shrugged her shoulders. "It's like this... "

Lu Yuxi told the whole story, except for that man.

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