The Daughter Of A Wealthy Family Who Had Been Reborn Earned A Lot Of Money Chapter 931

Chapter 931: Chapter 932: Master level

"Yes, I know. I will work hard, " Ning Haowen said confidently.

"Master, I have been drawing the same costume for the past few days, but... but I suddenly can't draw anymore. " The person on the other end of the phone seemed a little sad.

"Why? How can that be? Is it because you have lost your inspiration? Or? Did it make you think of something unhappy? "

"No, I don't know. I just feel that I can't draw anymore. I feel terrible. Master, what should I do? I really feel terrible. " The more Ning Haowen spoke, the more excited he became.

"Don't be like this. If there's anything you want to say, say it slowly. If you really can't draw anymore, then don't draw anymore. " Lu Yuxi frowned and said.

"No, master. This is what I promised myself. In my lifetime, I must draw. "

"You're only a few years old now, and you're already saying such things. Why don't you just send me the picture and show me what's really making you feel so bad? "

Ning Haowen nodded. "Yes, okay. I'll send it to your email now. "

"Okay. "

Since her phone was the latest model that Hei bu had bought for her, she could use her phone to receive emails. Therefore, Lu Yuxi directly used her phone to receive documents.

However, she didn't know until she looked at it. When she looked at it, she was shocked. Wasn't this the dress that shocked the entire design world Although she could only see the outline of the upper body, Lu Yuxi had already recognized it completely.

Lu Yuxi still remembered clearly that the name of the dress was mother. It was designed by a not-so-famous designer. It was also because of this dress that it attracted a huge amount of attention.

The reason why he attracted such a huge crowd was not because of his good looks, but because of the sling on his waist.

The small sling was the only tool that mother used to carry us around when we were young. In addition to other things, its appearance attracted countless people's memories, as well as many people's tears.

It was even sold at a sky-high price during the auction, so Lu Yuxi knew that a dress was definitely a treasure.

The moment she saw the dress, Lu Yuxi immediately called back.

"Hello, is this Ning Haowen? "

"It's me, master. What's wrong? "

"You, hurry up and draw it. Think of a way to draw it for me. " Lu Yuxi was a little excited.

"Master? What's wrong? Did something happen? " Ning Haowen looked at her at a loss.

"It's okay, I'm fine. Just listen to me. Hurry up and draw it. If you draw it, you're not far from success. "

Lu Yuxi said that she felt that he looked familiar at that time. She felt that she had seen him somewhere before, but she could not remember who he was. Only now did she remember that her disciple was actually a big shot in the design world in the future. In the future.. Perhaps in his eyes, she could only be described as a small designer who could not be any smaller.

Lu Yuxi also saw a lot of wealth from this place. This person might have been a big shot who could not be hired no matter how much money he spent in the past, but now he was actually her disciple. She really did not dare to believe it ...

"Master, what's going on? Why do I feel that you're acting strange? " Ning Haowen said with a bitter smile.

"I'm fine. I've always been like this. There's no change. Listen to me. Just start drawing now. " Lu Yuxi said with a smile.

Ning Haowen shook his head. "No, I still have a lot of things to do. I can't calm down. I might not be able to draw. "

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