The Days Of Being In A Fake Marriage With The Ceo Chapter 296

Chapter 296 Making Her Life Difficult 3

From her observations during this period, she felt that Long Feiting was a person who would overlook other people’s shortcomings. Even if he didn’t like Mu Kexin, he would not allow anyone to bully his benefactor. If Mu Kexin launched any attack on Mu Huan, Mu Huan wouldn’t let the girl off for sure. This way, Long Feiting wouldn’t let Mu Huan off as well!

At that point, all she needed to do was to sit back and watch Mu Huan fall into dire straits!

“I just need to stop being scared of Mu Huan, why should I need to create trouble for her and suppress her?” Mu Kexin felt that even if she didn’t need to fear Mu Huan exposing her, she should still avoid her, not create trouble for her!

“You used to love creating trouble for her, and now, if you stopped doing it and even started avoiding her, she would only get more suspicious. This way, even if she wouldn’t have been able to find out anything, she might realize it after some time. At that point, in the possible event that she and Long Feiting would identify themselves to each other, you would have lost your position as his benefactor. Hence, even if you were fine given that it was Long Feiting who mistook your identity, you would be left quite useless. Would your grandmother still provide you with a good life?”

Mu Kexin: “”

Actually, at that point, Mu Huan would be in a lofty position, and she she would have had to return to the School of Health to try and graduate, then proceed to a small hospital owned by the Mu family to work in some idle position, making a living and waiting for death.

She didn’t want that! She didn’t want that sort of life for herself!

“And to stop Mu Huan from investigating you now, the only thing you can do is to proactively create trouble for her and get rid of her suspicions of you!” Lin Qingya could sense that Mu Kexin was wavering, so her tone had become more forceful.

After a period of silence, Mu Kexin asked, “How am I supposed to create trouble for her?”

Lin Qingya thought for a moment and replied, “Didn’t you run away even though Long Feiting had asked her to apologize to you?

“When you get to school later, go to our class and look for Mu Huan, tell her that you were feeling unwell before and didn’t hear her apology. Make her apologize to you in public. To her, apologizing to you in private costs nothing so she would do it. But if that had to be done publicly, her arrogant nature wouldn’t be able to stand for it and she wouldn’t do it. At that point, she’d surely throw sarcasm at you and try to make you feel awkward. This way, Long Feiting will protect you and attack Mu Huan.

“For the rest of it, just go with the flow. There’s no need to do anything else.”

“It sounds easy enough. Is that all there is?” Mu Kexin still felt that something was amiss, but she couldn’t really put her finger on what was wrong.

“It’s that easy! You have to remember, cast your fear of being exposed aside, you’ve really not done anything and there’s nothing to expose! Just go back to being yourself!” Lin Qingya reinforced the point.

“Alright, then” Mu Kexin was now quite convinced that there was nothing to fear. She did not pretend to be Song Xing. It was Long Feiting who mistook her for Song Xing!

How could he blame her for mistaking her identity?

The more she thought about it this way, the more Mu Kexin felt that she really had nothing to fear!

She really could create some trouble for Mu Huan!

“I’ll go to school now!”

As Lin Qingya looked at Mu Kexin’s diminishing figure, a vicious smile spread across her face.

Mu Huan, if you make life difficult for me, I’ll make it difficult for you!

At Yun University

When Mu Huan and Long Feiting saw Mu Kexin approaching, they were a little surprised.

After all, she looked as though she had seen a ghost yesterday and gave a lousy excuse before running away. Now, she was approaching them just like that.

Mu Kexin came straight up to Mu Huan and said arrogantly, “I was unwell yesterday and didn’t hear your apology. Now, you should apologize to me all over again!”

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