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The Demon Kings Cowardly Vessel summary:

[NOT BL]\n\nRemember when you were young, and your parents told you not to touch things that werent yours? \n\nWell, Juin should have listened to that piece of advice before he touched an antique sword in a museum. \n\nJuin, an average human from Earth; a thin, well-known weakling who was afraid of his own shadow and was basically everyones favorite punching bag. \n\nOne day, he accidentally su...

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The Demon Kings Cowardly Vessel Chapters

Time uploaded
58 Thompson 3a week ago
57 Thompson 22 weeks ago
56 Thompson 12 weeks ago
53 Orphanage 52 weeks ago
52 Orphanage 42 weeks ago
51 Orphanage 32 weeks ago
50 Orphanage 22 weeks ago
49 Orphanage 12 weeks ago
45 Swim Team3 weeks ago
33 Mad Doga month ago
32 You Sucka month ago
30 Warlock 2a month ago
29 Warlocka month ago
27 Flame Ballsa month ago
26 Snapa month ago
22 Who Are You?a month ago
21 Transfera month ago
20 Come Ina month ago
19 I Was Righa month ago
18 Waking Upa month ago
16 Shadowmoona month ago
11 Rejectiona month ago
7 Demand Respeca month ago
6 The Ordera month ago
5 Shtas Cowarda month ago
2 Eartha month ago
1 Alercanea month ago
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