The Demonic King Chases His Wife The Rebellious Good For Nothing Miss Chapter 1611

Chapter 1611 Master being partial (3)
How was it that the people she was worried about wont come out whereas the people she disliked came out one after another. What kind of luck was this ah?

A pity Li Aochens whole body was covered in blood, he had crawled up with great difficulty, but was pushed to the ground in passing by Su Luo. He almost got angry from being aggrieved. But once he thought of his current miserable condition, he could only firmly cover up his anger.

Whoosh another soft noise sounded.

Su Luo rushed towards that figure full of emotion and expectations, but she froze in place after taking half a step.

Dongfang Xuan!

Actually was this gloomy, ruthless male.

Dongfang Xuan was wearing a white robe, before, it was clean and spotless, but now, a huge part of the sleeves were torn off, and there was a dark red bloodstain on his right hand. Very clearly, he had also received some serious injuries.

Seeing this, Su Luos brows were already tightly puckered up. Luo Haoming, Li Aochen, Dongfang Xuan, these three were at least at the tenth rank. Dongfang Xuan was at the summit of the tenth rank ah. But able to wound them to this degree, it could be seen that the opponents strength was very strong. In the end, what happened in the passageway?

Wheres Nangong Liuyun? Su Luo picked up Li Aochen, who was closest to her, by the collar.

The pitiful Li Aochen was just thinking of sitting cross-legged to cultivate, but was lifted up by Su Luo as if she was casually lifting things. This kind of action was simply looking down on him, making him seethe with anger.

But Su Luos pair of grave eyes stared at him like sharp swords. She had an expression of, if he didnt talk, shed eat him. Li Aochen was helpless, he only waved his hand, Still inside, rest assured he wont die.

Li Aochen finished saying this, and Su Luo still wanted to say something, but once again saw another figure dodge out.

Beichen Ying! Zi Yan wanted to rush up but recalled the embarrassment between the two, her footsteps halted.

Just at this time, Su Luo had already quickly rushed up and caught Beichen Ying. Didnt let him tumble heavily to the ground, saving him the pain.

Su Luo didnt say anything else and directly stuffed an Emperor level Healing Panacea into Beichen Yings mouth.

Beichen Ying originally wanted to spit out blood, but after this medicinal pill entered his stomach, the healing effect was very outstanding. Very quickly, he was able to open his eyes, his eyes were half-opened with great difficulty. Exhaustedly, he said to Su Luo: Nangongdidnt die

Beichen Ying knew, what Su Luo really wanted to hear were these words. Therefore, even if he wanted to pass out, he still used up the entire strength in his body to say this to Su Luo to calm her heart.

The effect of the medicine very quickly started to show results. Beichen Ying still sank into a deep sleep.

Blood Clotting Pill! Dongfang Xuans eyes flashed slightly and stared at Su Luo with deep interest. Urgently and excitedly, he asked, Is what you just feed that guy Blood Clotting Pill?

Su Luos gaze indifferently swept across his face, calm as if she was a river. Soon after, her gaze stared fixedly at the teleport gate exit.

A total of five people went in, four came out. Although their bodies had injuries all over, seemed to be serious injuries, but at least they came out whole. How was it that Nangong Liuyun still hadnt came out? In the end, what happened inside?

I asked you a question! Just now, was that Blood Clotting Pill or not? Dongfang Xuan impatiently shouted at Su Luo.

No one had ever ignored Dongfang Xuan in this life. Since he could remember things, everyone had followed him obediently like yes-men, because he had a master whose martial arts was number one in this world. But now, Su Luo was too lazy to even glance at him, this made Dongfang Xuan, who was always full of self-confidence, feel very upset.

What does that have to do with you? Su Luos brows were tightly knotted, impatiently sweeping him a glance, Even if it is Blood Clotting Pill, there is none for you.
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