The Demonic King Chases His Wife The Rebellious Good For Nothing Miss Chapter 1613

Chapter 1613 Master being partial (5)
Compared to the several people who either rolled out, crawled out or was kicked out, Nangong Liuyuns entrance was very dazzling.

He took large straight strides, step by step, steadily and with strength, walked towards Su Luo.

He was wearing a black robe, so people couldnt see if there were injuries or bloodstains on it.

His pace when walking was steady, without a trace of difference.

You finally came out! Ive been worried to death! Su Luo quickly went up, tightly embraced him at the waist, burying her little head in his chest. Greedly sniffing that good smell that belonged specifically to his body.

Foolish girl. Nangong Liuyuns arms gathered together and hugged Su Luo tightly to him. Quietly listening to the beat of her heart.

This time, if he didnt have a resolute and must win determination, if he wasnt worried he would go just like this, and how his Luo girl would face being chased to be killed by Gui Ci, this type of organization. If it were not for these matters, Nangong Liuyun might not have been able to hold on.

I heard you guys encountered a saint-ranked expert? Su Luo inhaled through her nose, her beautiful eyes full of concern and deep worry.

Saint-ranked magical beast. Nangong Liuyuns sculpted handsome chin tilted up, Come, for you.

Su Luo looked at that entirely black crystal stone that was like a black cloud, her heart throbbing faintly. Her breathing froze for an instant.

This is Su Luos pair of eyes stared at that black-colored crystal stone with a fatal attractive force. She felt this black crystal stone contained more spirit force than any crystal stone she had seen before.

Thats right, this is the crystal stone from a saint-ranked magical beast. Nangong Liuyuns eyes were full of waves and looked at her with a smile, Your mans spoil of war. Why havent you accepted it and put it away safely by now?

Su Luo originally wanted to refuse, but hearing the last half of Nangong Liuyuns words, her eyes immediately shone.

Okay, then Ill accept it. Wait until I find some good stuff in this Roaming Dragon Secret Territory, Ill give the best to you. Su Luo smilingly happily accepted that black crystal stone, putting it away carefully like the most precious treasure.

She once heard Master mention it before, after magical beasts reached the commander rank, the crystal stone inside their bodies would be black-colored. Wait until they get promoted to saint-ranked the black color would become more intense, the strength it contained would be even more powerful. Wait until it reached the monarch rank, the color of the crystal stone in their bodies wouldnt change into another color. Rather, it would be an even more intense black, like the night sky before dawn, so dark it was translucent.

So Su Luo was able to recognize it at a glance. This crystal nucleus that Nangong Liuyun gave her was at the saint rank.

But with regards to Blue Sky Continent, a saint-ranked crystal nucleus from a magical beast was very rare, even Master didnt have many. So this crystal stone was precious to an extreme degree, Su Luo was very clear about it in her heart. So, when she looked at Nangong Liuyun, her eyes were flashing full of light.

In fact, this crystal stone would be more useful on his body.

Foolish girl, as long as you like it, it will be good. Nangong Liuyuns slender, jadelike finger hooked her nose, Are you about to cry tears of joy?

Whos crying? Su Luo pushed him aside in annoyance.

But this push by her almost made Nangong Liuyun unsteady when standing.

You. At this moment, Su Luo was so upset she wished she could hit herself with a fist. How could she be so foolish? Nangong Liuyun said his body was fine, how could he really be fine? This man always silently endured in a cold manner but was deeply passionate inside. He liked to bury the pain deep in the bottom of his heart okay?

Su Luo unhappily sent him a glare and hurriedly fished out that Blood Clotting Pill. She poured out three in a row and forcibly stuffed them in Nangong Liuyuns mouth.
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