The Empress' Livestream Chapter 69

But Wuma Jun was not upset because he believed their encounter at the bandits' den could be something they could talk about with Officer Liu someday.
"I see. That night was too dark to observe his features. Is he fine now?" Jiang Pengji said calmly. She was not particularly pleased with her new acquaintance.
Wuma Jun joined his hands to salute. "I am feeling much better since that day. It would be very nice if you would call me by my other name, Zhengze."
Though she was unfamiliar with ancient practices, Jiang Pengji knew that only family members, teachers, seniors, and close friends could call each other by their other names. Proper names were usually used by everyone else to show respect. His excessive friendliness was suspicious.
Jiang Pengji was not patient when she had to socialize, but she found Wuma Jun's temperament to be better than she had expected.
At one point, Wuma Jun brought up the incident with Zheng Bin. "Zheng Langjun is not a generous person. Be aware of his tricks in the future. He will certainly take revenge on you for humiliating him. Lanting, you should avoid such troubles whenever possible."
Jiang Pengji said disdainfully, "So what? I have the dirt on him."
"The examination is around the corner, so any scandal could prevent him from entering the court. He wouldn't choose to cause a scene now."
Wuma Jun wondered what dirt she had on Zheng Bin.
The gathering ended on a sour note. The incensed Zheng Bin left immediately after the incident, and the other langjuns were no longer enthusiastic about showing off in front of the ladies.
As the participants departed, Wei Jingxian uneasily twisted her handkerchief, and her delicate teeth bit into her rose red lips. "Is that what she thinks?"
Shangguan Wan chuckled. "As I said, Lanting is discreet and sensible and treats you like a dear sister. Why is it surprising that she wants you to be happily married? None of those langjuns who showed up today would have been an ideal match for you."
After a soft sigh, Wei Jiangxian frowned and complained. "Things would have been much simpler if she were a male."
Wei Jingxian was fortunate to still be intact after she had been kidnapped by the bandits. Afterward, she had asked her parents over and over again to make sure that her marriage agreement was settled. She then attempted to ask her mother about Liu Lanting's real gender, and she was shocked that her parents had known about the truth for a long time. They had refused to dissolve the marriage agreement when she was little in order to protect her image.
Wei Jingxian had protested against the gathering tonight because her bond with Liu Lanting was still effective. Seeking another partner now would no doubt embarrass the whole Liu family. However, her father was determined to hold the gathering, and she could not fight his dominance.
Her mother, on the other hand, consoled her. "Do not worry. Your father informed the Lius beforehand in order to maintain our relationship. After all, Governor Liu has much influence on the court!"
News about Jiang Pengji's archery challenge had traveled fast. As she expected, people focused more on her archery skills than her arrogant challenge, so her reputation hadn't been affected much.
Liu She was sitting up straight with a bamboo sheet before him. On the paper were Liu Lanting's birth date and time.
"How was your day?" asked the father teasingly.
Jiang Pengji grumbled, "Boring! Those langjuns moaned over little things like the weather. My mood was completely ruined."
Liu She nearly laughed out loud. "That is true. Gatherings like the one today are usually tedious. Yet I must remind you to be more prudent when dealing with people like Zheng Bin. I cannot imagine what would have happened if your archery skills were not as good as you thought."
Jiang Pengji shrugged as she sat next to Liu She at the desk. "Did he come with his family to cry in your face?"
Would Zheng Bin yell for help at home and bring his parents here to protest?
"I would toss him away if he did. The Zhengs would not trouble me with these matters." Liu She shook his head and shared his concern. "You leave no grace for others, and that can be dangerous, especially when you do not have absolute control over what they can do afterward. Just learn to save some face for people. Do you understand?"
Save face for others, and they will save yours.
This might have appeared to be advice telling her to treat others better, but there was, in fact, an implied meaning.
As Liu She said, she should show others grace when she did not have "absolute control" over them. That meant that if she had the methods to restrain them, she could act freely as she wanted.
Liu She didn't mind clearing up his daughter's messes. He had done the same for his deceased wife. Yet his protection could not last forever. Who would watch over her after he passed away? Liu She decided he needed to correct her temper while he was still there.
"I know Zheng Bin's good deeds," Jiang Pengji replied patiently. "He is taking the examination to become an official. He must maintain a positive image of an upper-class langjun who is respectful to his parents, talented, and handsome. His reputation is the key to his success. If I had actually scarred him, he would have no chance of entering the court."
Liu She was surprised. "What do you know about him?"
"One can hardly tell from his proper manners that he is a pedophile and is addicted to violence. He has killed quite a number of children," Jiang Pengji said with distaste. "If Zheng Bin was already admitted to the court, the scandal would have merely brought him criticisms from the other bureaucrats. But he is sitting for the exam, and the test is demanding about the participants' images, so"
She did not finish the sentence, but her meaning was clear enough.
This roused Liu She's curiosity. "How do you know about his obsession?"
Jiang Pengji replied, "Anyone with eyes can see it."
Liu She touched his forehead and glanced at the sheet on the desk. He then asked abruptly, "What about me? What can you tell about me right now?"
"I recognize the scent on your clothes from the monastery. It can be found nowhere else because of a unique fragrance that makes it special. You are wearing the same clothing as yesterday. Although they are still clean, there are marks on the corners from the dew at night. I guess you visited Master Liaochen last night to deal with my marriage with Jing'er?"
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