The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 374

In fact, Ren Baqian was a little worried that Lin Qiaole would go looking for him after realizing that he was no longer around or that she had returned to Lan City.

Other than eating and sleeping, however, Ren Baqian couldn't tell if she had any other reasons for her existence.

As long as she hadn't starved to death, he reckoned that she would probably still be sleeping somewhere between Liao City and Lan City even after a year.

Fortunately, such situations didn't occur. Soon after, Ren Baqian arrived at a house in the city commander's residence that was personally arranged by the city commander.

"Sir, she probably won't even know that you ever left!" The burly man who guided him over grinned.

Ren Baqian was immediately astonished.

He had probably already left for about half a month? How could she possibly fail to realize that he wasn't around?

"She didn't step out of the house during this period and has been sleeping the whole time. We simply left some food by the doorstep. She probably doesn't even know that the Great Xia army outside the city has already left." That burly aboriginal was full of expression.

Apart from sleeping, she would be eating. Her daily activities were simply just sleeping, eating, and back to sleeping again.

2nd senior, is that you?

[2nd senior: Pigsy from Journey to the West. The author is referring to Lin Qiaole as a pig.]

With his utmost respect, Ren Baqian opened the door, and the light rays shone into the house from behind him. With light amid the darkness, even the dust particles that were suspended in the air could be seen.

He was right; these were indeed dust particles. There was a layer of dust on the ground, and as Ren Baqian opened the door, it was swept up and floated in the air.

Disarrayed footprints could be clearly seen on the ground. They were imprinted on the ground from when Lin Qiaole walked to the door to collect her food.

A human shaped object lay on the bed, and as Ren Baqian got closer, he could hear it gently breathing.

Ren Baqian stood in front of the bed and saw Lin Qiaole sleeping as if there was no tomorrow while wearing just a tube top and a short skirt.

Her drool flowed all over her face!

If you were to ignore her sleeping posture as well as the drool on her face, she actually had a pretty good figure. Wearing just a tube top and a short skirt, she revealed a huge portion of her snow white skin.

Unfortunately, that face which was full of saliva had indeed made it difficult for Ren Baqian to overlook this fact.

Also, Ren Baqian felt that his chest might possibly be more well developed than hers, which made it such a pity.

It was flat to the extent that it could be considered a scarcity of resources even to the aboriginals! The aboriginal females frequently practiced martial arts or performed manual labor, but there hadn't been any of them who were this flat.

"Time to wake up!"

"The sun's already shining on your ass!"

"The White Rabbit Creamy Candy are gone!""Huh? Why are they gone?" As Lin Qiaole opened her eyes, they appeared to be at a loss, which demonstrated to Ren Baqian what was meant by: "Who am I? Where am I? What am I doing?"

She only sobered up after some time and said, "Oh! You are here! Why aren't you accompanying Her Majesty?"

Ren Baqian's face was lively.

Indeed, you can't tell the time when you are asleep!

"The Great Xia army have already retreated!"

"They have already retreated? No worries, you guys can go busy yourselves with your affairs. Just give me a heads-up when you are leaving!" Lin Qiaole yawned as her upper and lower eyelids started to battle again. She didn't even notice in the slightest that she had been revealing her beautiful figure to Ren Baqian.

Ren Baqian was in disbelief.

Previously I had already forgotten about you once.If I hadn't remembered you and only returned about five years later, would you still be sleeping here?Or even after about 100 years. I'll bring my grandson here to see your bones. I'll point at you and tell him, "Look, this person has been sleeping her entire life, from birth to death, even until now."

"We will set off tomorrow. You should go take a shower first. Your entire body stinks." Ren Baqian was full of distaste.

"Impossible! It's perfectly normal for people in our clan not to shower even once in their entire lives." Lin Qiaole appeared very doubtful.

"F*ck!" Ren Baqian was astonished. "Aren't you an aboriginal?"

"Who said I was?" Lin Qiaole rebutted and shut her eyes. "Holler at me when you are leaving tomorrow."

Ren Baqian's jaws couldn't close for some time. He was really shocked.

There actually was someone in the empress' palace who isn't an aboriginal?

No wonder I found her so much more warm and gentle when I saw her for the first time as compared to the other aboriginal ladies that I usually see. She doesn't have as much of that heroic spirit.

No wonder she's so flat!

No wonder she can sleep so well!

I had always thought that she was sick, like those on Earth who suffer from hypersomnia and had to sleep 20 hours a day.

Never did I think that she actually isn't an aboriginal!"You aren't from Great Xia, right?" Ren Baqian asked. He was suspecting that in this world, besides Great Xia and the Yun Nation which had normal people and besides the aboriginals, there were probably other ethnicities as well.

"Definitely not!" Lin Qiaole replied with her eyes shut. "Aren't you such a pest? Let me sleep for a while more!"

Ren Baqian grinned.


I'll let this person of an unknown ethnicity continue to sleep and question her after we set off.

Even though Ren Baqian thought this to himself, he felt as if a cat was scratching on his heart the moment he left Lin Qiaole's house. He was really curious about what ethnicity she was.

After waiting for a day in the city commander's residence, Ren Baqian saw the winged cavalry all covered in dust the next afternoon. After they entered the city, they immediately went to the camp at the corner of the city to rest. They felt a little exhausted after two days of chasing and killing.

"Everything settled?" Ren Baqian held on to one of them and asked. He was a familiar man, Teng Ji.

"There were probably a few of them who scattered and escaped. Sir Li is currently sending people to track down those stragglers and arrest them."

"We shall set off tomorrow then!" Ren Baqian nodded.


Ren Baqian took a walk around the city and returned to the city commander's residence before switching on the radio. "Your Majesty!"

"What's the matter?" the empress's cold voice resounded.

"Have you been eating well lately? Does Ping City have a chef?" Ren Baqian asked.

"Not well!" the empress immediately responded.

It used to be all the same food in the past, and she never thought about if these foods were tasty or not. However, after getting used to food with different spices, she could immediately tell the difference after returning to eating this kind of stuff.

Fortunately, the empress was used to being poor in the past, so she could still force this food down her throat even though it didn't taste great.

"Has Great Xia withdrawn their army from Ping City?" Ren Baqian questioned again.

"They were no longer around when I woke up this morning."

After the Great Xia forces realized that those two troops weren't returning, there wasn't any reason for them to stay here anymore. They seized the opportunity to tear down their barracks during the night and left. This was so they could avoid facing the aboriginals, who would have charged out from the city and attacked them while they were packing up.

"Tomorrow, I shall set off to fetch Your Majesty!"

The empress sat in a room in Ping City with one arm leaning against the table and propping up her chin while the other hand was fiddling with her hair. The radio station was right in front of her on the table.

After listening to what Ren Baqian said, the empress twirled her finger around her hair and drew circles in the air with her curled up hair. She then replied with a tinge of happiness, "It's about time we returned home."

After that, the thread of the discussion took a turn.

"Don't forget about the rainbow clouds that you promised me!"

She still remembered this.

"What do you feel like eating, Your Majesty? I'll bring you some food!"

"Hotpot!" the empress replied promptly. Ren Baqian and her had already thought of a place to go and were both craving hotpot.

"Sorghum liquor, candy, chocolate, ice cream, popcorn, tomato-flavored potato chips, tomato-flavored seaweed" the empress continued listing items to Ren Baqian.

"Your Majesty, I have prepared a house for you that is filled with all sorts of snacks that you can grab the moment you open your eyes," Ren Baqian said.

"That's pretty good!" The empress was beaming with happiness the instant she heard those words.

"I haven't seen Your Majesty in half a month, but it feels as if a few years have past," Ren Baqian said softly.

"Humph!" The empress wrinkled her nose and humphed softly.

"I saw a very prominent flower on the road, the king of flowers, and thought that it would be best suited for Your Majesty!"

"I have seen that flower before as it's all over the garden," the empress immediately recalled the time when Ren Baqian held a white flower, claiming that it was the ruler of flowers and well suited for her. He still acted as if it were extremely precious and had wrapped it up very carefully, but it had already wilted by the time she saw it.

"This isn't like that previous one. It was evident that the previous one had the look of a sovereign; otherwise, it wouldn't have appeared in the garden. However, the flower this time is even better suited for Your Majesty."

"Then I shall wait and see." The empress smiled.

After chatting for a while, other people who tuned in to the radio, like Shi Qing, were splashed with a public display of affection.

Switching off the radio, Ren Baqian left the house and scoured the entire city commander's residence in search of flowers. He then plucked one of each kind and wrapped them up with a large piece of cloth. After picking dozens of flowers, he sat on the ground and unfolded the cloth, revealing a variety of flowers.

Ren Baqian hesitated for some time before picking a small red flower. After comparing it to the others, he made his final decision and carefully wrapped this small red flower with a piece of cloth.

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