The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Book 4 Chapter 2824

Volume 4 Chapter 2824 Accepting A Disciple 3

Di Fuyi consumed a portion of the egg as well, but only with three cups of wine.

Gu Xijiu wanted to fill her cup with more wine, so he decided to intervene. "You should not overdrink this wine," he said while keeping the bottle away.

However, Gu Xijiu had not had enough. "I am a great drinker. I will not get drunk even after a dozen rounds. If we are going to drink today, we have to go all out. You are so fussy. Is this how a man should behave?"

Di Fuyi watched as her face turned scarlet. "You are way underaged to drink this much," he slowly said as a reminder.

Gu Xijiu wanted to take away the bottle in his hand. "As I said, this is only restricted to my face."

As she said that, dizziness took over her head, so she staggered to her feet and swayed a little. Instead of the bottle, she fell right into his arms!

Her current behavior was diametrically opposed to her usual attitude. She was obviously a little drunk, and it was easy to tell from her breaths that smelled of alcohol.

Di Fuyi steadied her up and said, "You are drunk."

He started to regret letting her drink so much, for he had overestimated her physical capability as a divine being. He thought six cups of wine would not make any difference, but apparently, he was wrong.

"I am not drunk," Gu Xijiu said in a serious tone. She tried to keep her composure and stared at him with stern authority. In fact, she would have been able to pull it off if she had not downsized to the tender look of a petite girl. She tried to be serious, but it was impossible with the adorable face of hers.

Di Fuyi tried to hold his laughter. "Right, you are not drunk."

Gu Xijiu swayed a little in response. "Of course, I can never get drunk. A thousand cups will still be too little. This amount of wine can never get me drunk. Don't you try to fool me!"

"Sure, I dare not fool you." Di Fuyi swiftly agreed. Meanwhile, he also fed her a pill.

Gu Xijiu protested, "This is not the one."

"Surely, it is not; this pill is to get you sober."

"As I said, I am not drunk. I do not need it."

"All right, take this now, and when you are sober, I will give you the one that you wanted."

Although her drunken face was adorable, her sobriety was his concern, even though he was well aware that it was probably his only chance to see her drunk. Unfortunately, she needed a clear mind in order to continue her cultivation. As he had risked a great deal to get the Candle Dragon's egg, he could not let it go to waste.

Gu Xijiu finally listened to him and took the pill.

Meanwhile, Di Fuyi casually asked, "Divine Lord, do you have a name?"

Gu Xijiu was at a loss for words. She could not think of a name, but she did not want to make a fool of herself in front of him. She proudly said, "I do not need a name." She then pulled his sleeves to ask for more wine. "Do you still have any wine? Let us drink some more."

Apparently, she really liked drinking.

Di Fuyi stared at her attentively. "It makes me feel rather estranged to keep addressing you as the Divine Lord. May I give you a name? What about Xijiu?"

"Good Good one, I did not expect you to come up with such a good name." Gu Xijiu pulled his sleeves even tighter. "What if you become my disciple? Once you become my disciple, you can give me any name that you like."

Dumbstruck, Di Fuyi certainly did not foresee the plot twist. Usually, the master would be the one naming the disciple, not vice versa.

He looked at her tender face again and said, "All right, if you agreed to the name, I will agree to become your disciple," he jokingly said.

Gu Xijiu was impressed with the young man's ability. To be honest, she had always wanted him to become her disciple. However, the only thing that she did not like was his cold and calculative mind, which was why she took so long to ask. Also, Di Fuyi was an arrogant man. Even if she asked him, he would definitely not agree to her proposition.

The man's kung fu was unique and of his style. Even without a master to guide him through, his future would still be very promising.

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