The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1300

The man seemed to have been severely injured. His ribs were probably fractured as part of his chest had sank. Also, his abdomen was full of blood, and his injuries seemed to be very serious as well.

Luo Zhanyu briefly checked his injuries and frowned with surprise! "Strange," he said softly with a shocking gaze.

"Boss, what's so strange about him?" Someone asked. "What kind of injury is this? His injuries seem to be very serious. Was it inflicted by a level five or level six beast?"

Luo Zhanyu answered, "A level seven beast had inflicted it! Furthermore, it had been caused by more than one beast!"

Everyone was speechless.


"Boss, are you sure? He only has a spiritual power of level six"

It was difficult for the beasts to increase their spiritual power, but when they did, a level six beast could strengthen their power to be equivalent to a human with a spiritual power of level seven. Coupled with their mighty physical strength, it was hazardous for a person with a spiritual power of level seven to fight alone. However, the man in front of them only possessed a spiritual power of level six. How could he have foughta level seven beast? What was more surprising was the fact that he had fought more than one level seven beast!

"Boss, do you know what kind of beast attacked him?" Someone asked. They had fought with many different kinds of beasts before as there were many of them living inside the forest behind the village. Hence, they knew more or less about the different species.

Luo Zhanyu replied softly, "It's the Single-winged Blue Bear. Based on his injuries and the fur of the bear, I believe that he had fought with four bears."

Everyone was speechless. Even though the villagers could not believe it, they trusted Luo Zhanyu's judgment.

Unbelievable! Why was this newcomer beyond the imagination of everyone else?!

The man was severely injured, and he looked frail. Luo Zhanyu diagnosed that four of the man's ribs were fractured when he pressed on his upper chest and one of his bones had penetrated his thoracic cavity and poked his heart slightly. In his condition, it was a bad idea to move the patient as the fractured bone might penetrate his heart, leading to his death!

Such a strong man would be a mighty warrior if he recovered. Hence, Luo Zhanyu was more than happy to save him.

Since the people that had gathered around were only the men, he did not mind treating him right underneath the tree. Therefore, Luo Zhanyu knelt on one of his knees and stretched his hand to open the man's shirt.

Before Luo Zhanyu had managed to take the man's shirt off, suddenly, his hand was caught by a bloody hand.

Luo Zhanyu was shocked, and his gaze immediately met someone else gaze as he raised his head.

The man was awake!

The man's finger looked very elegant though it did not look as good with a lot of blood stains on it. Luo Zhanyu had never seen such an elegant hand before. If the male features of this man were not visible, Luo Zhanyu would have thought that he was a lady in disguise.

The man must be an expert as he had grabbed right onto Luo Zhanyu's pulse. Though he did not apply any force, Luo Zhanyu felt that his wrist was slowly turning numb.

"You're injured, let me help you." Luo Zhanyu offered.

"I'm good!" The man let go of his hand and closed his eyes as he gasped. He then slowly stretched his hand and took out a storage bag from inside his sleeve. He then took out a medicine tablet and popped it into his mouth.

He was severely injured, and it was challenging for him to move. However, all of his gestures and actions were rather elegant.

Luo Zhanyu narrowed his eyes as he noticed that the pill he had consumed was, in fact, an eighth graded pill! 'Who was he? How did he get hold of that medicine?'

It was a very valuable and useful medicine as his complexion looked so much better after he had consumed the pill and the bleeding coming out from the wound on his abdomen had slowed down.

A white glow was formed as he flicked his hand across the wounds on his chest and his chest started rising.

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