The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1656

Chapter 1656: It Seems That The Lords Preference Has Changed

"I told you that I'm tired of those tasks. Since Gu Xijiu is a talent in this era, might as well let her manage everything without worries. I remembered that you also agreed that she is intelligent and able to handle all these tasks?"

Mu Feng remained silent.

This was the first time that he realized The Lord was tired of the authorities he had. According to the modern logic from Miss Gu, was The Lord planning to retire?

That's not possible, right? The Lord would never get old! He was an immortal, and he would live as long as heaven and earth existed.

Perhaps, The Lord was tired after so many centuries of work. Hence, it was normal if he wanted to take a break.

However, Mu Feng still felt that something was not right, but he could not tell what exactly was wrong.

Suddenly, he shifted his gaze to The Lord's hair. The silver hair was as white as snow...

Occasionally, The Lord's hair would turn silver such as when he practiced his spiritual power. However, he has only ever shown up publicly with black hair, and only the four of them have ever seen him with silver hair. Strangely, The Lord liked to appear in public with his silver hair nowadays.

"My Lord, your hair?"

The Lord took a sip of the tea. "What's wrong with my hair?"

"It's always white"

"I look more handsome with silver hair I suppose." He then took another sip of tea after answering cheekily.

Mu Feng was speechless. 'Fine, it seems that The Lord's preference has changed again. Anyway, he did look handsome with silver hair.'

In addition to The Lord's hair turning white, his spiritual power had also been upgraded again since he returned from his private meditation in the Biwu Palace! There was no difference between The Lord who sat in front of Mu Feng today and the one in the prime of his life.

The Lord continued to drink the tea while Mu Feng made a report to him.

"My Lord, our spies are keeping an eye on the palace. However, they have not noticed anything strange about Rong Jialuo because he runs his activities according to his daily routines. Other than that, he is always having discussions with the imperial officers during their meeting. Although some evil wraiths were trying to make a mess in the palace a while ago, it sounded like everything is fine in the palace after the salvation ceremony performed by Miss Gu. Since then, no one heard about the evil wraiths. Moreover, Rong Jialuo has not recruited any concubines. Hence, the internal court is very quiet. Most of the courtyards are empty, and even if they are occupied, it's probably the concubines of the former emperor. There were not many royal maidservants; hence, the population in the palace is only half of the headcount compared to his father's administration. He's considered a hardworking emperor. Our crew has been observing for sometime and didn't find any evil spirits; nothing is wrong with him as well." That was the first thing Mu Feng reported.

The Lord spun the teacup in his hand. "He has no concubine, so where does he sleep every night?"

"Huxin Palace. Our secret agents always guard the door in the dark after watching him sleep, and they never see him walk out the palace after that. He wakes up at around 5am every morning to get ready for his imperial meeting. Without exception, the eunuchs, the maids, and the imperial officers are always with him."

"What about the few hours when he was asleep? No one went in to check?"

"They did; he was fast asleep."

The Lord did not speak anymore but pondered.

"There's also nothing much about the Blue Fox family. The prince from the Blue Fox royal family, Lan Yue, has been busy preparing for his wedding. However, his bride fled last night. Thus, the Blue Fox family is looking for her everywhere. They have not found her."

The Lord put down the teacup and smiled after a second. "I didn't expect her to have the guts to do so."

Mu Feng also nodded. "I was shocked too. She's always cowardly and an obedient person." He then sighed. "She has not laid Yan Chen down. Perhaps, she was getting more fearful as the wedding was just around the corner. Finally, she decided to risk everything? It's not easy to lay down feelings if you love someone..."

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