The Favored Son Of Heaven Chapter 427

Chapter 427 Powerful Return

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As far as the Sacred Martial Hall martial artists, who were practicing martial dao in seclusion, were concerned, these two months were like a snap of a finger.

Sakra didnt have the time to lament how quickly time flies. He returned to his original office, sat down on the sofa where Ferrero used to sit back in the day, and calmly gazed at Ferrero behind the desk, who had his eyes closed; he seemed to be cultivating martial dao.

One minute, ten minutes, an hourthree hoursfive hours

Ferrero could no longer continue to pretend to be in lonesome cultivation. He opened his long eyes and looked purposefully at Sakra Azia with some doubt. "Oh? Sakra, how come you had the time to come here?"

Sakra stared at Ferrero silently, his face saying, "Why are you asking when you know all about it?"

Ferrero was well aware of why Sakra was here; there was only one thing that could force him to come here and not utter a single word.

Xue Tian! This genius of learning who was even more terrifying than a computer; he had already given a serious blow to Sakras confidence in these two months.

Sakra remained silent for a while before speaking slowly, "He is very fearsome."

A smile covered every corner of Ferreros face as he nodded and said, "He is indeed pretty good"

The two heads glanced at each other and smiled wryly. Although they could teach Xue Tian many martial arts, the problem was that this young mans absorption rate was simply too fast. Every time they saw his absorption rate they were pleasantly surprised, but at the same time, it would give them a serious blow.

Right at this moment, the wry smiles on the faces of two heads changed as they turned their gaze at the unlatched door.

In the next moment, the door was opened by someone. Xue Tian walked in with a wicked smile on his face. "Masters, Im lucky to find you together."

"Is something the matter?"

Ferrero mustered his courage and asked.

"A little matter, a little matter indeed." Xue Tian rubbed his hands back and forth. "I have finished reading the book given by Master Sakra, I am in the need of something new. Give me a bit more this time, it tiring to run over every time."

Ferrero took out a copy of Peerless Dual Blades of Eight Desolates while Sakra took out a copy of Brahmas Blade of Lightning Hell.

Xue Tian, having taken the two secret books, still kept his hand stretched out with a wicked smile on his face.

After a few moments of silence, Ferrero took another secret book. "This is Six Harmonies that I deduced from Eight Desolates"

"Great Lightning Hell" Sakra similarly took out another book.

Xue Tian, having received the book, still didnt leave; there was no change in his wicked grin. Ferrero immediately threw in two more books, the corner of his eyes twitching a few times. "Four Divine Beasts, Tai Chi"

"Heaven and Hell, Lightning Hell"

Four secret books but Xue Tian was still smiling wickedly. Ferreros face changed immediately; his golden long eyebrows stood erect as his intense emotion worth thousand, ten thousand words were expressed with one word.


"Yes, Sir, I will roll out immediately."

Xue Tian made a military salute indifferently, turned, and really rolled out of the room. At the sight of this, the two heads really didnt know what to do with this disciple of theirs.

"I am going to practice in seclusion."

Having thrown this sentence, Sakra disappeared from the room in the next moment.

Ferrero gnashed his teeth in anger as he derided, "Shameless! You are actually using secluded cultivation to hide from Xue Tian! Now, it seems I have more courage than you. I have decided, I wont be going into seclusion today for sure! It wont be too late to enter seclusion tomorrow right? Wu Zun!? Where is he going? Isnt that the direction of Qin Fens residence!?"

Opening the doors of the room where he actually didnt live for long, Qin Fen felt a surge of emotions as he gazed at the spotless residence.

Ever since he had joined the army, he never really had a stable place of residence, no matter whether he was a soldier, a police officer, or had entered the Sacred Martial Hall. They had been less stable than when he was a student.

But this life of a wanderer had an inexplicable charm, people even fell in love with it.

Stepping into the living room, Qin Fen took the magnetic disk that he had been holding for two months from his chest pocket and inserted into the projectors disk reader.

A flickering distortion of light appeared in the air and soon stabilized into an unfamiliar but still a very memorable figure to Qin Fen.

The figure had a pair of eternal cold and deep eyes. His hands were crossed before his chest and he was wearing a neat and pressed uniform on which not a single crease could be found. Just looking at him would give chills.

Obviously, the figure in front of him was a human but Qin Fen felt that he was being stared at by a snake, a very insidious snake.

Snake King Du Hen appeared in the projection just like his nickname.

"You have already finished practicing martial dao for some time. So, its time to return to Shengjing, there is an important combat mission."

Snake King Du Hens figure disappeared instantly after the short message.

Important combat mission!?Qin Fen put away the magnetic disc and sunk into his thoughts.Is the Federation core government really about to split? Thats impossible! Even if one or two divine beasts want to stand alone, there is the suppression of other divine beasts. Im afraid it wont be an easy thing. At the same time, it will also spook other divine beast martial artists who dont want to split.

Apart from the split in the Federation, Qin Fen could hardly imagine any other important combat mission in the world.

Right at this moment, Wu Zun appeared as mysteriously as before, floating outside Qin Fens window. "Have you seen the message?"

"Mhmm." Qin Fen was slightly taken aback. He had integrated the Godly Fists over these two months and to his surprise, he was still unable to sense the appearance of the opposite party.This guys strength is even more amazing than I had imagined.

Wu Zun kept floating outside the window; he didnt enter Qin Fens room. He raised his head, looking at the countless twinkling stars in the sky. "When you see your brother, tell him I miss him very much."


Upon listening to Wu Zuns absent-minded sudden ramble, Qin Fen was startled at first but then his eyes lit up. "Do you know my brother?"

"Mhmm." There was a peaceful smile on Wu Zuns serious face. "He is more interesting than you."

"Do you know where he is now then?" Qin Fen sounded anxious. He had forgotten about Qin Zhan while bitterly cultivating these days, but now that he was mentioned, the notion to look for his brother rapidly occupied his mind. "Is he Jupiters Azure Dragon?"

"Where he is?" Wu Zun shook his head. "I dont know about this."

"Whether he is Jupiters Azure Dragon?" Wu Zun shrugged his shoulder. "No one can be clear about this. The way to acknowledge divine beast martial artist is very special. If it wasnt for the death of White Tiger, it would have continued that way. They didnt need to acknowledge him face to face, its a tacit understanding. Even if they dont know each others identity, they can feel each others existences and then, they can acknowledge him."

Qin Fens enthusiasm may have been doused by a bucket of cold water but the flames in his heart had not been completely doused. It had been over six months since he had come to the Sacred Martial Hall but it was the first time he had heard of his elder brother; apparently, he had also been here.

"He is more interesting than you." Wu Zun repeated his previous words. "Your performance is amazing, but the path you are taking is of complete honesty. Your brother is different, he can do whatever he wants."

"Take the Secret Art Pavillion for instance." A smile of recollection appeared on Wu Zuns face. "You went in by taking on a teacher, you entered in a bright and candid manner. He, on the other hand, entered by himself, ignoring the rules of the Sacred Martial Hall. He stayed in the Secret Art Pavillion for many days and yet, no one found him. It wasnt until he left did we know, and that was only because he left a note to let people know that he had been there."

Sneaking into the Secret Art Pavillion!?Qin Fen had no choice look at his brother in a different light.That place uses copper and iron walls for defense, it wouldnt be an overstatement to call it a dragnet and yet he sneaked into it and even stayed for many days without getting discovered, this was truly a feat as difficult as climbing up the sky.

"Then, why not strengthen the defenses?"

Qin Fen was a little confused.Quite of bit of Secret Art Pavillion loopholes are noticeable. Although they change them frequently, they have not made extensive changes. If someone has sneaked into it, then, why not modify them?

"Why do we need to modify them?" Wu Zun smiled. "Is there a second Qin Zhan in this world?"

Qin Fen also smiled. There was only one Qin Zhan in this world, so naturally, there could only be one person who could think of the method to break into the Secret Art Pavillion. So, why should he worry about the Sacred Martial Hall?

"In fact, I knew when he went in." Wu Zun had a nostalgic look. "Only, he didnt have any malicious intention, so why should I stop him from creating that record? This way, other Sacred Martial Hall members can know that they are not the best in the world."

Qin Fen came to admire Wu Zuns heart even more so.Only Wu Zun would have the courage to speak such words, even the Six Stars of Sacred Martial Hall couldnt do this.

"Lets go." Wu Zun threw a hand-written copy of the Wukong Technique. "You have not read anything regarding this topic these days. Take this gimmick. Remember to come back and teach the next generation. And when you meet your brother, tell him to come back when he has the time, Auspicious Goddess Jennifer is still waiting for him."

Auspicious Goddess!? One of three beauties of Sacred Martial Hall!?Qin Fen felt that his head was about to explode.Wherever this brother of mine goes, he makes any stunning beauty head over heels for him.

"Martial Dao is like a boat sailing against the flow, so I wont spell it for you." Wu Zun patted Qin Fens shoulder and said with a solemn expression. Remember, dont let me down, and dont disappoint Martial Madman even more so."

"Right" After Wu Zun had flown a hundred meters in the blink of an eye, he suddenly stopped, turned back, and said, "I personally suggest that you put other things on hold for the time being. Snake King has never sent a message to the Sacred Martial Hall before. This is a first. Come to think of it, it mustve been very important. Its better to head to Shengjing first."

Wu Zun disappeared just as suddenly as he appeared. Even with Qin Fens eyesight, he could not tell how the other party disappeared.

"He is indeed the first expert of the Sacred Martial Hall, the only known martial artist able to stand shoulder to shoulder with the divine beasts."

Qin Fen left his room, entered Caesar and others, left simple notes, and jumped out of their rooms.

Handing the badge over at the Sacred Martial Halls exit, Qin Fen stood at the seaside, looking back the vast holy land of martial arts, thousands of emotions poured into his heart.

Naturally, there was something extraordinary about the Sacred Martial Hall for it to be known as the holy land of martial arts in the Federation.

Qin Fen clenched his fists lightly before he sat down in the helicopter parked in the distance and lifted off slowly. A grateful feeling gripped his heart again as he looked at the huge island from above.

His martial arts strength had soared to the fifteen-star level all the way from the ten-star level in a span of seven months. If he had remained in Tianbei and self-studied, Qin Fen believed that his speed could not have been so fast.

In contrast to those entering the Sacred Martial Hall, the Sacred Martial Hall provided the best tools to those who left.

Under the starry sky, Qin Fen calmly gazed at the scenery below as the helicopter flew by at a very high speed. The creation of Godly Fists wasnt like manufacturing a car in a closed factory. Watching everything in the world was equally important. Even if he kept gazing at the sea for a few months, the boundless potential of the sea would still not be completely understood.

If the time allowed it, Qin Fen very much liked to try to swim alone in it, to cross the strait and personally experience the power of the sea, just like he had crossed Qinghai back then. It was very helpful to his martial dao.

Across the vast ocean was a vast area of land.

Unlike the aura of power of the sea, the aura of power of the earth was thicker. The aura of power in each location had its own advantages and an all-encompassing spirit.

Qin Fen did not observe the land for too long and landed in a small civilian airport in Shengjing.

A military car was already parked for him not too far away. Qin Fen kept on changing the Mag Drive Flying Car all the way to the military base that he had entered and exited several times.

Not many things had changed here. It could even be said there was almost no change.

What really had changed was Qin Fens state of mind.

The last time he was here, he had to deal with the challenges of fellow martial artists from all over the world almost every day. Not a day went by where he had not fought many times over.

Sometimes, he had to resort to some hidden countermeasures to deal with them. Even before he was finally leaving, he even had to resort to sniping to cut the grass and dig up the roots.

However, even after such plight, when he entered Tianbei City, there were still snipers hiding in the dark.

Qin Fen didnt forget that he was almost killed with just one palm from White Tiger back then. The people of Golden Triangle had immediately received the news and had sent a large number of martial artists to snipe him.

If only one or two people had been sent, it may be because the business of some influence of the Golden Triangle had been destroyed by the rectification of public security in Tianbei. So, they had sent someone to kill the guilty party.

But over a hundred expert martial artists had been sent out in one breath. Even an influence from the Golden Triangle could not send so many.

Obviously, that wasnt for a little bit of business but for something else instead.

Qin Fen was clear that it was because he had completed his mission in the Golden Triangle back then. Moreover, he had also been handed the honorary president while at it.

He had done this very secretly. Only a few senior executives knew about it.

There are still hidden snipers remaining!Qin Fen took a deep breath and calmed his emotions.Since I have returned, some things must be cleaned up to not encounter things in the future and risk more.

Whether it was the Golden Triangle or the mastermind hiding behind the scenes, he was going to find a way to remove it this time.

"Qin Fen!"

With a heroic cry, Zhao Huzi strode over with arms open wide before he gave the familiar bear hug.

"Kid, its almost been a year, yet your strength never ceases to amaze me."

Zhao Huzi patted Qin Fens shoulder again and again. His bold actions drew the attraction of every passing soldier.How come Lieutenant General Zhao is so close with a lieutenant colonel? And this lieutenant colonel is so young!

Qin Fen got out of Zhao Huzis hug and immediately gave a military salute. Only then did he speak. "Generals martial dao has also progressed, congratulations."

"Haha, accident! It was purely an accident!" Zhao Huzi shook his arm again and again. But the joy in his face could not be hidden. "When the old tree blossomed, God knows why, but I broke through after many years of experiencing a bottleneck, completing the Great Inborn Nirvana Marrow Transformation and entering the fifteen-star level."

Fifteen-star level!The passing soldiers looked at Zhao Huzi, clucking their tongues again and again.As expected, Lieutenant Generals strength is extraordinary!

"But speaking of which." Zhao Huzi put his hand on Qin Fens shoulder and said, looking at Qin Fen, up and down, "You are not even twenty years old yet, right? But you are also at the fifteen-star level"


Not too far away, a passing solder was so shocked by Zhao Huzis words that he was too focused on looking at Qin Fen that he failed to notice a lamp post in front of him; his head slammed into the lamp post.

Other passing soldiers either stood still for a moment or looked at Qin Fen with surprise and bumped their heads straight into other oncoming officers.

Fifteen-star martial artist!? Judging from Lieutenant Generals words, this teenaged martial artist currently possesses the strength of fifteen-star? My God! What is this about? Is he going to be a divine beast martial artist in the future?

Fifteen-star, so why is he just a lieutenant colonel? He could be a colonelsigh! It seems this kids military merits are insufficient

Eyes of every passing soldier were filled with envy when they looked at Qin Fen.

For many soldiers, military merit may indeed be very difficult to obtain, but it wouldnt be an exaggeration to call it as easy as flipping ones hand.

General!The soldiers on the road were very clear that Qin Fen might truly become a general in the future if he had a good sense of the bigger picture.

No! If he maintained his excellent luck and broke through the later levels of martial dao, it wouldnt be impossible for him to become a divine beast-level martial artist, not to mention a general!

Almost every year, one or two similarly outstanding soldiers would pop up in the military circle. They would become next-generation military stars. But they had never heard of such a young fifteen-star martial artist. With his super individual combat force, he was destined to make a name of himself, he wont be stranded at this rank.

Even if his martial dao strength stagnated at this for his entire life, the high-paying position of special forces drill instructor was absolutely indispensable to him.

"Haha, lucky."

Qin Fen followed Zhao Huzis tone. In front of this general who had the aura of an elder brother more than that of a commanding officer, Qin Fens mood was very relaxed. He didnt show any restraint shown by others upon seeing the lieutenant general.

"Good boy." Zhao Huzi punched Qin Fen in the chest and said with a smile. "Very good! Very, very good! Although I had already guessed that you would reach the fifteen-star level one day, I had not expected to see you reach this quickly. I am even more relieved! Lets go! We have to meet Snake King."

Snake King!?The soldier standing on the road felt like they had been struck by lightning once again. To their surprise, this young lieutenant colonel was summoned by Snake King!It seems his day to rapidly rise in the ranks is not far away. Im afraid it wont be long before his lieutenant-general epaulets are changed to a higher level.

Qin Fen looked about the military base and puffed his chest slightly. A sense of pride rose in his heart as he shouted silently in his mind, "Everyone, I, Qin Fen, am back after a year!"

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