The Favored Son Of Heaven Chapter 474

Chapter 474 Another Test

Always, a surprise lasted only for a short moment.

Many applicants, seeing that calm attitude of lieutenant general and Zuo Lin, understood immediately what was going on.

In the army, a strong background was necessary to advance through the ranks continuously in a short period of time apart from personal capabilities.

Zuo Lin was born in the brilliant Zuo Family of the military. One of the six five-star generals on the podium was the patriarch of Zuo Family! Zuo Family was a super clan that represented one of the strongest forces and influences in todays military world. It was also an influence that East Asia could use to confront Snake King, Du Heng.

A family with such power was not as simple as having a few soldiers in the army. Many generals had Zuo Familys promotion and support to thank for the status they were enjoying today.

It was true even for a martial dao master of high status. Generally, these martial dao masters could not have had todays cultivation without the full support from Zuo Family.

The extent the human relationships could go was as vast as the sky itself, especially when the person who was at the center of the entire network of human relationships was Zuo Dongting, who had immense martial strength. Then, the human relationship would naturally become more important.

A lieutenant general expression of his submission to Zuo Lin before everyone wasnt just the lieutenant generals intent but a reminder and warning to the others at the same time.

There are people from the Zuo Family among the applicants applying for the control of Saturn Military Region! Even if you have a high rank in the army, even you are a lieutenant general with the strength of the martial dao master level, you still have to bow down to a super-level strength! You guys better think clearly!

He didnt need to open his mouth to threaten anyone. He simply used his own actions to warn people, accurately conveying the meaning to everyone.

Realization dawned upon everyone after a moment of surprise. And after understanding everything, everyone sunk into silence.

Almost all the applicants who came to register sunk into silence after having seen this scene, and quickly considered the choices best for them about this matter.

Almost everyone who could pass the initial review was supported by some influence, whether big or small. Without their support, they could not even have come to know about this registration.

None of the applicants who could pass the initial review was a good-for-nothing idiot. They were very likely to show a genius level of intellect in any military field.

The eyebrows of the silent crowd kept moving towards the center of their foreheads. Some even began to have beads of cold sweat dripping down their forehead. This kind of thing could not be ignored. Although the benefits of Saturn were good, it was a showdown with the Zuo Family.

Zuo Lin turned his neck lightly, glancing at the two people who were almost in a dilemma.

Immediately, he pursued his lips into an easily noticeable smile of confidence as he slowly cupped his fists to the six five-star generals and said, "Generals, Ill show my attitude here. I will not retreat in any case this time. If anyone wants to quit, then I hope that they might consider joining me. All of you are outstanding geniuses. And given that Saturn is as large as it is, I cant do everything myself. There will be many important departments. Please help me to make a brilliant career for our military department!"

Zuo Lin, crossing his arms before his chest, sat down slowly with a confident smile on his face.

Qin Fen cast a side glance at Zuo Lin and said in his heart, He is indeed worthy of the title of the new star in the military world. It could be said that he had almost laid the secret implications of this discourse bare, suggesting other people in a very obvious manner that if you chose to retreat and join him this time, then everyone can have a share of benefits after entering Saturn. At least they could enjoy their soup if the Zuo Family was eating meat.

Of course, Zuo Lins unspoken words were also very clear. Zuo Family is determined to win this time. You can either join me or go climb a tree with no benefits!

After a few dozen seconds, a colonel heaved a long sigh of helplessness. He slowly stood up and walked to Zuo Lins side and said slowly, "Colonel Zuo Lins armed forces, unique vision, far-reaching strategy, concise commands are better than mine. As a soldier, I should consider the armys benefits above everything. As such, I should choose tot retreat and join Colonel Zuo Lins team. This is the choice a real soldier should make."

The corner of Qin Fens lips twitched immediately upon hearing this. That long sigh might have sounded helpless, but there was a bit of artificial performance in it. Perhaps ordinary people couldnt make it out, but some of the people sitting here had taken Squad Leader Hous psychology course; even if they had not, they were people who had seen the world at the very least. How could they not make out that this person was pretending to be helpless? In fact, he was also a member of the Zuo Family.

Qin Fen came to admire Zuo Lin a bit. When he came up, he first used a lieutenant generals declaration to shock and surprise the applicants, and at the same time took advantage of it to firmly pushed his threat through their firm will.

And when the applicants started to waver, he found a colonel to carry out the second round of performance.

Zuo Lins smile was filled with determination and self-confidence. The most important thing about this performance wasnt similarity or dissimilarity. Whether it was similar or dissimilar, it wasnt that important. In front of these geniuses, even if the performance was very real, there still might be some people who could see through the performance. At that time, it would only cause them to have the notion to belittle the Zuo Family.

A poor performance might not be a real performance but it was still a threat nevertheless. Two consecutive threats and a righteous call might cause the listener to waver more easily.

Another long sigh resounded through the room. Qin Fen didnt need to look back to know that this man wasnt a member of the Zuo Family but someone who compromised after two receiving two consecutive threats.

Zuo Lin, looking over the colonel walking over, stood up and stretched his stable left hand out and said, maintaining a confident smile on his face, "Welcome to the club!"

Left hand!? Qin Fen nodded again, a bit more approval in his eyes.

Handshaking had always been about taking the initiative to stretch out their right hand. Even if one was left-handed, he, too, would stretch his right hand out in a normal situation. This was everyones habit.

Zuo Lin, on the other hand, stretched his left hand out. This small gesture was in fact telling everyone that he was the master here. Even if he shook hands, it must be done according to his habits.

Zuo Lin, sensing Qin Fens glance and nod of approval, had a bit of gloomy look appear on his face. Being praised gave him an uncomfortable feeling, it always gave him the feeling of being treated as a child.

After waving off the dissatisfaction in his heart, the confident smile reappeared on Zuo Lins face. It was normal to give up on this kind of thing. At least, it was still profitable if they did it with the Zuo Family.

Two more people stood up. Zuo Lin stood up and shook hands with the other two.

Gradually, people stood up, one after another. Qin Fen began to wonder if the seventeen-star lieutenant general would continue to remain seated on the fishing podium all the way until the end.

Even after all this, Du Hen had his back resting on the chair, looking indifferently at the people standing up and lowering their head to Zuo Family. He took a sidelong glance at the unperturbed Zuo Dongting and smiled.

This was the Lion, Zuo Dongting! He was sleeping all the time. But when he had decided to take the shot, hed would pounce bravely like a lion, giving no chance for anyone to stand up!

At this time, Lin Ling stood up. She wasnt just the prettiest soldier in this room but also the prettiest soldier in the entire Federation. Once she made a move, she would attract public attention immediately.

"I choose Qin Fen."

Four simple and calm words jumped out Lin Lings perfect red lips without any emotional fluctuations. Her people were standing behind Qin Fen already.

The entire room sunk into silence immediately. Other soldiers who hadnt gotten up had extra prudence in their eyes.

Yes! There might be Zuo Lin of the powerful Zuo Family but there is also a superstar of the military and martial arts world. In the future, Qin Fen might become a legendary figure in the martial and military world!

The two people who had just risen from their seats sat back down, slowly and silently. Naturally, these subtle movements could not escape Zuo Lins eyes. Be that as it may, the smile on Zuo Lins face grew even bigger instead of getting smaller.

Zuo Lin cast a gaze filled with slight gratitude to Qin Fen. Simple warnings and rewards were far from enough! But if several ignorant rebels appeared and were completely destroyed soon after, then after this display of strength, those who had attached themselves to the Zuo Family can truly remember and better understand the virtues of Zuo Family.

A few people began to show indecision. Although the Zuo Family was strong and influential, it was too big. As such, the total resources and benefits needed were also incomparable. Then, how much of these benefits could remain and then distributed among the others?

Qin Fen The hesitant people put their glances on Qin Fen. This young man might not seem to have a huge backing but this lack of power is his disadvantage and a huge advantage at the same time. If he somehow succeeds without the backing of any power, the benefits that could be shared would be suddenly greater.

"I, Colonel Clark choose to withdraw and join under Lieutenant Colonel Qin Fen!"

The black giant who was as tall and robust as an iron tower roared out this sentence as if he was staking himself in a bet, breaking the silence of the room.

Not long after, Emily, a female colonel also joined Qin Fen along with Lin Ling and Clark.

There was no need for any self-introduction for Qin Fen to know that the greatest strength of this colonel wasnt her martial strength of the thirteen-star level but her sniping skills!

Qin Fen believed that if he took Emilys top off, he could definitely find a red spot on her shoulder.

It wasnt caused by some skin allergy but a special medal that was left due to Emilys constant sniping practice.

Qin Fen was sincerely happy to see through Emilys strengths at one glance. Although Qin Fen hadnt touched the sniping equipment these days, his skills hadnt fallen. On the contrary, his sniping skills had made more substantial progress with the continuous improvement in his martial strength.

"Very good." Zuo Dongtings pair of black and white eyebrows twitched several times. "I didnt expect there would still be five applicants who didnt choose to withdraw, which is more than we expected."

The five other five-star generals nodded in agreement. Zuo Dongting looked at the other generals and spoke again, "Our goal is to choose the best suitable candidate out of the four, leaving us with the last two people. Then, we will need another quiz, and this time, the loser will be kicked out completely."

Zuo Dongtings gaze covered all the applicants in the room but Qin Fen could feel that eighty percent of Zuo Dongtings attention was on him, as if he was sure that it was none other than Qin Fen who will be kicked out in the end.



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