The Favored Son Of Heaven Chapter 558

Chapter 558 World Famous

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The overwhelming Sky-Splitting Saber Technique bloomed into a dazzling yet chilling sight under the night sky. Before everyone could marvel at that amazing energy blade, Aslan retreated back into the sky and punched in the air, completely breaking that tangible energy blade into pieces. Hovering in the air, he looked down at the three youngsters on the ruined stage.

Aslan didnt attack immediately. He simply hovered in the air with ease, looking down at Qin Fen and his team.

It wasnt until this moment that everyone got to see the attackers face from the projection screen. His long and slender golden eyebrows growing to his temples brought about a kind of extraordinary aloofness in him. The tattered martial uniform on his upper body revealed his slender and robust body, whereas his Arabic descent just made him appear foreign and handsome. His palm was particularly large, way larger than normal. As such, his clenched fist appeared bigger than normal peoples.

The crowd, upon looking at Aslan in the projection, immediately started making exclamations. No one had expected the attacker to look like that. He appeared to be a middle-aged man. Even though his eyes were viewed through the projection, it made everyone feel as if they had fallen into hell.

"Aslan, a man with a bounty of one billion." Qin Fen furrowed his brow as he spoke indifferently, gazing at the hovering Aslan, "Federation should increase the reward for your head once again; a bounty of ten billion or even a hundred billion would not be too much."

A prideful look appeared on Aslans face. The bounty of any martial dao master was more than a billion. But the worth of a nineteen-star level martial dao master with earth aura could not be calculated with money at all.

"Young man, your performance is beyond my expectations." Aslans voice was more grating than anyone had imagined. When he opened his mouth, his voice sounded harsh, like two hacksaws rubbing against each other. "The reason I came to Saturn this time was to accept the birthday gift offered by Lance. I didnt expect it to be completely destroyed by you."

"Birthday?" Qin Fen furrowed his brow.

"Thats right!" Aslan looked up. "Though Lance cant give me the gift anymore, I cant waste his filial piety. I will take this birthday gift myself. Of course, Ill give interest back to my men before I take my birthday gift."

Aslan raised his hand and snapped his finger before the official data on Aslan appeared on the projection screen in the sky. That mechanical voice was immediately passed into the ears of tens of thousands of people in the audience. "Aslan, the worlds number one Terror Tycoon with the ultimate danger level, level X. He had once brought an airplane down to introduce a deadly virus into the water source of a town, causing the entire town to lose their sanity and turn into lunatics who killed anyone in their sight"

One after another, details of his terrorist attacks were introduced to the crowd, some events were even unheard of. Everyone slowly felt the terror as the official details were read, especially when they saw the scenes occasionally captured through the satellites of Aslan carrying out the terrorist attacks occasionally captured through the satellites.

A chill ran straight along everyones spine and into their brains. Everyone was jolted awake; they began to want to leave this stadium. There wasnt any divine beast martial artist on this planet. It could be said that he could do whatever he wanted. Perhaps only Inferno and Elysium experts could stop him. But when both sides were at each others throat, who would set up against an even stronger enemy?

"Let me give everyone another piece of news." Aslan enjoyed the panicked look on everyones face. "You dont need to be in a hurry to leave. I have buried enough explosives in this stadium to bury hundreds of thousands of you with Lance. This can be considered a luxurious burial for him."

A sharp shriek was followed by countless terrified screams resounding throughout the stadium. The people who had just calmed down could no longer be calm. He was the Terrorist King, Aslan! Anything he said could definitely not be taken as a joke. If he said that he installed explosives here, then explosives were really installed here. If one chose to stay, they would be headed on a one-way highway to hell.

Panicked cries filled the entire stadium. Everyone left their seats and rushed to various exits in a hurry, shoving each other. In a flash, the not-so-wide passageway was completely jam-packed.

People screamed at each other, struggling and shoving each other, trying to leave this place of death as soon as possible. Everything had turned into a horrid mess in a flash.

The hovering in the sky Aslan looked at the people in the stadium with a satisfied look. He slowly spread his arms. "Its a

Aslans ten fingers dance in the air as if he was playing the piano, a look of joy plastered on his face. "My dear men, come out and block these two youngsters beside Qin Fen. Today, I also want to borrow this Federation wide broadcast to tell the military how stupid it was to hang Lance in the public."

Two aura energy skyrocketed from the crowd as two old martial artists appeared by Aslans side. If anyone had seen the Federations honor list, they wouldve easily recognized who these two men were: they were the other two of the three terrorist generals under Aslan.

The white-haired old man with a gleaming scimitar in his hand and a long scar on his face that looked particularly fierce. Obviously, the old man didnt want to treat the scar on his face. How could a martial artist at the peak of eighteen-star level and with human aura not have a biochemical beast? How could he be unable to heal the scar on his face?

Qin Fen recognized this man: Li Ganxuan, a native of Zhongzhou. He had a bounty of two hundred and thirty million on his head. His head was worth a little bit less than Lance. It wasnt because he had carried out fewer terrorist attacks than Lance but rather because of his strength. There were too few people who could arrest him. The Federations bounty was nothing more than a way to show that he was a wanted man, thats all.

The red-bearded old man, posing as a European medieval knight with a medieval knights long sword and armor and having the similar strength of eighteen-star level and human aura energy, was proudly looking at Sky Splitter Brooks, who was at Qin Fens left-hand side.

Gallon was a native of Texas. He had a bounty of three hundred and ten million on his head.

Solomon, who was hovering in the air, landed next to Brooks and patted his shoulder. "Take care of my wife. I just married today, I need to decorate everything in red."

A red spear fell down from the sky and pierced the ground beside Solomon. Without even looking up, he knew that the spear was thrown by Mourad. In a fight between experts, the side with the weapon occupied an advantage over the side without the weapon, more often than not. At present, Solomon was the third strongest in Qin Fens squad. He picked up the long spear without any further ado and rose into the sky with a stomp, aiming directly for Gallon.

Qin Fen slowly rose into the air and looked straight at the three people before his eyes. Today, all the most elite members of the terrorist group had taken action. "From today on, the terrorist groups vitality will be greatly damaged. They will no longer have any deterrence. I believe it wont be long before terrorist threats will, at least temporarily, stop completely."

Aslan looked at Qin Fen. "You are very confident. Young man, there is a fine line between confidence and arrogance. After today, the strength of Saturns Army will plummet and terrorism will prevail."

"Thatyou have to ask my blade." Xue Tian, placing the katana on his shoulders, stared straight at Aslan; he didnt even pay so much as a glance at his opponent-to-be, Li Ganxuan. "Since you want to use the Federation wide broadcast to advertise your terrorism for free, we dont mind getting famous before the world, becoming world-famous really."

Aslan sized up Xue Tian meticulously, furrowing his brow. He looked extremely displeased judging by the gaze in his eyes.This boy really disgusts me. There is a dreadful sharpness hiding under that laziness, likelike its still asleep.

"Well!? Tathagata!?" The corner of Aslans brow suddenly twitched as he looked forty degrees to his left. "I didnt think I would get to see one of the three outstanding heroes of East Asias Army back then: Li Tathagata. You came really fast. Do you want to pick up a bargain? I have to apologize, Im afraid you wont have a chance to pick up the bargain. I dont need to exert that much strength to kill them."

Elysiums Tathagata! When the pushing and squeezing crowd heard Aslans words, they looked up into the distance, one after another. A man in a camouflage army uniform was hovering high up in the air. He was particularly burly. His two-point-three-meter tall body made him look like a mountain of flesh. Not a shred of murderous intent could be found on his face. His eyebrows were a faint golden. And from beginning to the end, he never opened his eyes; his eyes remained shut. His short hair fluttered occasionally under the strong wind in the air.

One of the three heroes of the East Asia Army!? Elysiums Tathagata!?Qin Fen looked at the man hovering over the stadium.This is the rumored Elysiums Tathagata! Why did Aslan call him one of the three heroes of the East Asia Army? This enemy killed Gun King!

Tathagatas eyes remained shut. He did not make any response to Qin Fens killing intent whatsoever and spoke slowly in a calm voice to Aslan, "Aslan, I have discussed your bounty with the Federation. Now, your bounty has been raised to ten billion. Thank you for your contribution to Elysiums construction."

"Ten billion!" A sharp gleam blossomed in Xue Tians eyes. Immediately, a bright gleam flashed as the crisp grating noise of a katana being drawn from its sheath sounded. "Aslan, your head is mine!"

Very few experts of the martial dao master level were short of money. Nonetheless, if it was a sum as big as ten billion, even peerless experts would be somewhat tempted.

"Ten billion!?" Aslan touched his neck as a smile appeared on his lips. "The Federation is too stingy. Im not selling my head for such a low price."

Tathagata continued smiling with closed eyes. "Now, its your turn to decide. Today, Inferno and Elysium have decided that there will not be any battle between us just to round you up. Later, King Qin Fuang, Jade Emperor, and Kitigarbha will be coming. At that time"

Aslans indifferent eyes could no longer maintain his eyes filled with destruction anymore. Suprise and worry flickered in his eyes momentarily. In the face of a lone Tathagata, there was still a chance of escape. But if King Qin Guang was added to the mix, he would die without a shred of doubt. And if he encountered either Jade Emperor or Kitigarbha, he would lose even the chance to escape.

Encircled by the four strongest experts of Saturn!? Aslan knew that even if he really entered the harmony of man and nature state in the battle, had his strength skyrocket, he would still not have the chance to escape. Whether it was Tathagata or King Qin Guang, or Ksithigarbha or Jade Emperor, all of them were rumored to have the strength of constellation warriors. Kitigarbha and Jade Emperor among them claimed to have the strength of top-level constellation warriors. Also, because they were strong from the start, those constellation warriors competing for the divine beast title didnt rush to Saturn to compete for the divine beast of Saturn immediately after the death of Venus White Tiger.

"Dont worry, I will not make a move before you have killed Qin Fen." Tathagata, with his arms crossed before his chest, smiled coldly. "Du Hen is still so naive, what Snake King? It would be better to change his name to Naive King. He actually believes that a divine beast martial artist can be born under an army-like rigid machine!? This is the person you sent to Saturn to compete with us for the divine beast title!? Unfortunately, he might fall today."

"Old Qin" Xue Tian, turning his head and looking at Tathagata, said with a bright smile, "Why dont we ignore the Terrorist King or whatever for today? Lets behead Tathagata first, what do you think? Didnt you always want to kill him, avenge Uncle Gun King?"

Aslan suddenly let out a long roar, louder and fiercer than the exclamation of the hundreds of thousands of people.

Right at the same time, his body quivered as the air around him seemed to be gathering into his body. Immediately after, the air behind him was compressed and fired like a rocket booster, pushing him violently.

Surprise attack! Aslan was quite clear that if his head was worth ten billion, then Jade Emperor and the others would not mind making a move this once. Tathagatas appearance meant that it was most likely true.

The long shout drowned the screamings of the crowd. The people struggling to squeeze into the channel slipped from the shockwave; a large number of people sat directly on the ground as their legs and feet grew numb. The terror hiding under that long howl felt as if it could pierce the human soul.

The police that were busy maintaining the order finally sighed in relief at this moment.

Qin Fen, on the other hand, didnt launch an attack when Aslan howled and moved. The people around him could not influence his state of mind. In his eyes, all that remained at this moment was this Terrorist King.

As the saying goes, dont try to bite more than you can chew. Even Tathagatas appearance could not distract him. Any kind of distraction would lead to defeat. Aslans Earth Aura of the nineteen-star level was far more terrifying than Nezhas.So, this is the so-called first terrorist leader in the Federation. If I kill these three people, terrorist activities in the Federation will take a big blow.

The huge stadium in the eyes of a Terrorist King like Aslan was next to nothing. The moment he made his move, his five fingers converged like a blade and slashed straight at Qin Fens forehead.

"Earth Aura pushing the back, irrigating the entire body. Eight Extreme Fists Exerting Strength and Moving Towards the Door Regardless of Anything!"

Qin Fen was a little surprised. Much to his surprise, an expert like Aslan hadnt created his own martial technique. He had used Eight Extreme Fists both times he attacked. And this Moving Towards the Door Regardless of Anything was even more brilliant; he had reached the point of perfection in it. Every part of it was filled with explosive force, changing every second, ignoring the rear and the front, ignoring the left and right, ignoring up and down. Moving Towards the Door Regardless of Anything focused only on the opponents life and death. Only then could it display the extreme.

Avoid or take him head-on! If I avoid, Aslan will break his way out of the encirclement completely. And once he escapes this time, it will be difficult to capture him again.

A simple fitness exercise in the hands of an expert like Aslan was another concept entirely. If Qin Fen retreated in the face of the immense aura energy gathered in his palm, he would not mind releasing this aura energy to let the audience on the ground feel how strong an expert of Earth Aura Energy was, let them know what it was called to die without any pain.

In the face of this attack, Qin Fen blocked it with the left arm and parried it outwards as Arhat Fists Palm Push greeted Aslans Moving Towards the Door Regardless of Anything.

Originally, this move was to be used with Entanglement. If it couldnt shake off the opponents attack, it could weaken the opponents attack a little bit at the very least. And then right after, one would grab the opponent with Entanglement and then switch to Bone Dislocation and Breaking Tendon technique. It was perfect.

Even if one wasnt a martial artist of the divine fists, a majority of them would dislocate the opponents wrist using the bone dislocation and tendon splitting technique the same time they chose to block.

Qin Fens Palm Push didnt push Aslan away. Nonetheless, he took Aslan head-on, and his body slid off to one side as he thrust the right hand positioned at his waist, thrusting it towards Aslans throat while creating a vacuum in the air in his path.

It was a variant of Sky-Piercing Standing Cannon, Like a Cannon Like a Spear!

Qin Fen didnt fight head-on. He needed to keep some strength to deal with Tathagata! Even at this moment, when all his focus was on Aslan, an opponent of higher star-class, his martial artists instinct still allowed him to find a way to win.

Aslan knew Qin Fen very well. He had collected a lot of Qin Fens combat data since Qin Fens debut. He knew that this young man fought with a majestic aura of power, like a galaxy falling from the sky. Like in the battle of Hallasan, where he had smashed the symbol and the spiritual leader of the State of Korea alone even when his opponent had the home ground advantage. Any user of the conquerors style of fighting would never choose to dodge.

Aslan hadnt expected Qin Fen to employ such a weird style. The moment Qin Fen resorted to Palm Push, Aslan believed that Qin Fen would use the bone dislocation and tendon breaking technique after capturing his palm. But he had never imagined that Qin Fen would opt for an original approach. Betting on the chances of not getting injured, Qin Fen borrowed the momentum to launch the Sky-Piercing Standing Cannon.What courage! What carefulness! What accurate calculations!

With the fierce gale blowing from below, Aslan immediately sensed the disharmony. In a flash, a black hole seemed to have appeared below, a patch of darkness! Immediately, Aslan knew that Qin Fen had used this method to grab the lead on the battlefield. If he continued trying to kill the civilians by releasing the true energy, his head would belong to Qin Fen.

In the time it takes for a spark to fly off a flint, Aslan made a prompt decision: his firm and fierce Eight Extreme Fists stance suddenly changed as his waist bent like a venomous snake. His suddenly advancing figure retreated as his figure fiercely backed away and plummeted down. He used the unique air environment to avoid Qin Fens punch, letting that Sky-Piercing Standing Cannon hit only the mosquitoes in the air.

Qin Fen was in awe. Fighting in the air is really different from fighting on the ground. If one wanted to avoid the Sky-Piercing Standing Cannon on the ground, he could only retreat. But in the air, he could go backward, downward. The pursuit technique of the Sky-Piercing Standing Cannon was completely resolved.

The lead Qin Fen had just taken vanished in the blink of an eye just like that! Qin Fen clenched his fingers into a fist. Just as he was about to use Investiture of Gods and attack, taking advantage of the dominant position, the sky below turned dark suddenly. Apparently, Aslan didnt retreat to escape. On the contrary, he leaped out like a tyrannosaurus that had been sleeping under the earth for millions of years!

At this moment, his body compressed like a snake. He was waiting for the moment when Qin Fen forcefully switched to other offensive techniques from the Sky-Piercing Cannon to attacked again! At the same time, his body leaped out, his left hand went over his head to receive the heavy blow, while his right hand used the Tiger Claw as his middle and index finger gouged straight towards Qin Fens eyes with a snap.

This move was firm and fierce and yet, vicious at the same time. Snake-type movement technique and tiger-form punch. With the help of the special air environment, he could move every direction in the air, displaying the old martial dao grandmasters ability to use the environment.

Nineteen-star class! Putting everything else aside, just having flexibility in the aerial combat was an advantage in itself. On the other hand, the brute force of Qin Fens Dragon Elephant Prajna Art could not be transformed into a driving force without the support of the earth. Just the difference of a star-class now appeared to be changing in aerial combat.

Qin Fen, who had never lost in speed, was now in the leeward for the first time.

Qin Fen could feel the air rumble, his eyes sensed the murderous glare. He fiercely lowered his left and right feet together as he took out the earthquake force of the Dragon Cannon. Only, the goal this time wasnt the earth, but Aslans body.

How could Aslan let Qin Fen take the initiative back when he had seized it with such difficulty? Using the dragon-type movement technique Trapping the Dragon and Ascending into the Sky, he turned Qin Fens feet to the ground and borrowing the ascending momentum, his arms whistled through the air as they cut straight towards Qin Fen using the Breaking Ring blade technique almost instinctively, like an ancient knight carrying a forty-pound blade that kept on advancing, killing everything in his path.

There was a reason that there was a breaking ring in the Breaking Ring blade technique. It was like the Moving Towards the Door Regardless of Anything. It was an out and out offensive move, very accurate and forceful!

Aslans movement technique was like a hidden dragon, attacking again and again. His attacks were non-stop like the rushing Yangtze River. His two arms slashed, chopped, slashed up, thrust; his each and every move was lethal. In a flash, hundreds of vacuum tunnels visible to the naked eyes appeared in the sky as ear-piercing whistles resounded throughout the stadium as the winds from his palms tore through the air. A fierce aura of power enveloped the messy stadium.

Xue Tian, on the other hand, hugged his bloody saber. He didnt even pay so much as glance at Li Ganxuan who had been cut into two. His gaze was focused on Aslan. If a guy like Li Ganxuan joined the fight, Qin Fen would have no chance of surviving. Even at this moment, Qin Fen was at the disadvantage.This Aslan hadnt created a martial technique of his own. He instead pushed these ready-made martial arts to the extreme, arent they powerful? The Breaking Ring Blade Technique in his hand is as fast as the lightning and thunder. It has the power to sweep through a thousand troops

Qin Fen was forced to retreat by this salvo of fierce attacks. He might not have had the initiative, but he didnt choose the ducking style and make way to the opponent. In the moment of life and death, his mind had completely regained its initial calmness and sublimated into an empty state.

Suddenly, the simulated Origin Suppressing Vajra Art in Qin Fens body reached its extreme. His muscles began to vibrate starting from his waist. In the blink of an eye, his entire back and arm muscles started oscillating at high frequency. The glow of his Jade Arm blossomed as his body rose and fell as if he was really standing on the ground. In the next moment, the Investiture of Gods burst forth with the strength of the Yangtze River, blocking Aslans madly slashing arms, smashing directly into Aslans entire chest.

Investiture of God wasnt a fixed ultimate skill! It could be used at any time. It was just a means of combat!

Aslan had calculated everything perfectly. The Breaking Ring blade technique did not give Qin Fen any chance to counterattack, forcing Qin Fen into a position where, as long as he ducked, he would be giving way. Aslan let his opponent believe that he wanted to escape. And taking advantage of this opportunity, he combined his two blades into unleashing his original ultimate skill that only the dead had seen, the Absolute Wheel Cut! It was a special cutting attack that required his entire body to spin at high speed! All those who had seen this trick were dead already.

Qin Fen, this young man, can defend, until now!Aslan had already decided to kill Qin Fen.If I let this young man, who is completely against terrorism, keep on growing, he might become a divine beast. At that time, will terrorism has a place to survive? I have to kill him today. Even if Tathagata finds an opportunity to injure me, I still have to kill him!

He had been powering and preparing the ultimate skill already. But much to his dismay, his opponent had similarly accumulated so much strength during the fierce battle before Aslan could find the opportunity to kill Qin Fen!How did he accumulate this much? I shouldnt have given him the chance to breathe!

The power of the Investiture of God erupted completely. Aslan had no time to think about anything. He reluctantly crossed with his arms together as he flew back, borrowing the recoil from the clash. A sigh emerged from the bottom of his heart.Perhaps after missing this opportunity to kill him, it will be hard to kill him today. I have already lost the upper hand! If I dont leave now, Im afraid I wont be able to leave! How strange! This young mans concentration of aura energy isnt inferior to the nineteen-star level. How does he do it? The strength of higher star-class can only smash that aura energy but when the second attack was over, his aura energy re-condensed. His speed had also reached an unbelievable level.

I have finally regained the initiative! You want to leave!?Qin Fens figure flickered as aura energy erupted from his back like a rocket thruster, leaving a human-shaped air tunnel wherever he passed.

Xue Tian clasped the hilt tightly with his right hand, staring right at the Aslan in the sky.

The collisions of kicks and punches had already turned into thunderclaps, shaking the entire stadium. The crowd couldnt even catch sight of the intensely fighting experts. But the billowing shockwaves from their clashes caused peoples chests to hurt; many people even started coughing blood.

It was unknown when Ya Fei and Ya Xin had returned to the ground. The two looked at the sky devoid of any human shadow as they fiercely stroked their guitars!


The surviving high-power audio equipment had been adjusted to their maximum level. The two girls did not have the pick to play their electric guitar and Bass, so they started playing using their hands!

The mics near their lips passed on the explosive power in their petite body, struggling to let out their own roar under the deafening fight and shockwaves over their head.

Who is killing my family

Who is destroying peoples happiness with human bombs

Hero! Where are you

Music tore through as the deafening clashes in the air fell, reaching everyones ear in the stadium.

The fleeing and the screaming crowd suddenly halted their footsteps one after another and looked back at the duo who were not afraid to raise their voices even in the face of death.

Escape, escape, escape, until when will we escape?

Retreat, retreat, retreat, a retreat will only fuel the flames of the terror!

Fight, roar, heroes! Each of you is a hero

The two kept on singing at the top of their voices. They didnt pay attention to their singing skill. They didnt care about their pitch. Everything was instinct. They let out their voices under the guidance of their emotions.

The riot stopped completely as everyone looked at the two petite girls. Looking at the two screaming girls, everyone forgot their fears for a moment; they forgot that there was a bomb under their feet.

In the wreckage, there werent any light effects; there were no fireworks, nor were the two girls dancing. Even their musical instruments were slightly damaged. However, their singing had shocked people like never before. This was their most beautiful moment since their debut.

Everyone began to hum along with the girls voices. Gradually, people began to raise their voices, screaming with the girls, screaming at the top of their lungs. They shouted, forgetting everything.

Everyone watching the internet broadcast forgot their nervousness and worry. Reporters who were good at capturing the news forgot to record this moving scene. The ever calm and detached Xing Wuyi pushed the glasses up his nose as he began to sing with the two sisters.

Aslan was unable to retreat and dodge. He had to receive Qin Fens Investiture of Gods, time and time again.This is already the twenty-seventh strike! Isnt he getting tired? The stronger an ultimate skill is, the more and faster the aura energy is expended! He should already be close to the limit, right?


Aslan counted Qin Fens Investiture of God in his heart. At this moment, there was only Qin Fen in his eyes. That violent power always reminded him that he could only keep on surviving, and he could only kill his opponent when the opposite party was completely drained.

What is this sound? So harsh? So confusing!?Aslan furrowed his brow tight.

Qin Fen felt his blood boiling, felt his soul burning. Every trace of the aura energy had been extracted from his cells. Every time he unleashed the Investiture of Gods, it should have been the last.

ThisThe corner of Tathagatas eyebrows twitched. Aslan was even more surprised by the attacking Qin Fen. All the air in the sky was flowing like rivers, converging rapidly on Qin Fen!

With Qin Fen as the center, a huge vortex visible to the naked eye was formed. The aura of heaven and earth was gathering into his body!

The unity of man and nature! The unity of man and nature in a battle!? What in the bloody hell did he comprehend?Aslans eyes widened in shock, staring at the attacking Qin Fen. Right then, he discovered that his opponents mouth was actually open as familiar words entered his ears. It was the wordings of a song! It was the Flying Hearts famous song!He is singing during the fight!? Did his unity of man and nature come from music? From that band below, the voices of those ants? Did those ants move him? ImImpossible!

Qin Fens muscles moved up and down continuously. He let out a heaven-shaking roar as he accelerated three times in a row. The air torn by his movement flew was like sharp blades flying everywhere randomly.

Qin Fen arrived before Aslan. His Investiture of God was no longer lonely but moving instead! The tumultuous shockwave was like a cosmic warship firing a thousand cannons.

Aslans expression changed again and again. At this moment, Qin Fens performance was beyond anything. The unity of man and nature was too timely for Qin Fen!

After unleashing three consecutive Investiture of God, Aslans aura energy was in a turmoil. His waist bent down like a snake but Qin Fens figure was like a shadow. Qin Fens arms entangled around Aslans arm like a rope as his feet stomped down on Aslans chest the moment Qin Fens aura of power soared again. Qin Fen had integrated Entanglement with Arhat Fists Climbing the Mountain!

In a flash, Aslan felt a sharp pain coming from his wrist, elbows, muscles, joints, and shoulders as if they were being ripped apart. A stream of extremely cold energy invaded his left arm while a stream of sky-scorching true energy invaded his right arm.How can a man have two kinds of true energy? Thats not right! They are from the same source! This


A fountain of blood erupted from Aslans either shoulder as his arms were ripped apart. The protective divine art at his chest was completely unable to block Qin Fens brute force and aura energy. The moment his bones crackled, his entire body exploded. His heart didnt even have a place to escape. His pupils began to lose its glossiness; his entire fighting power vanished completely.


The distracted eighteen-star Gallon let out a wail. Solomon had hung forty-five red ribbons all over his body. His spear had pierced his opponents brain at thirty-seven places.

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