The First Order Book 2 Chapter 110

Volume 2 Chapter 110 Robbery

Perhaps it was because he was sincere at that time, or perhaps it was because the palace didn't want Ren Xiaosu to die, the seven thanks he gave were all returned with gratitude tokens. But this time around, none of his thanks managed to gain any tokens.

Ren Xiaosu found this a little regrettable. If he had known, he would have thanked himself more while he could!

But Ren Xiaosu didn't notice that Yan Liuyuan, who was next to him, was totally confused by this. Other people might not have heard what Ren Xiaosu said, but Yan Liuyuan did.

The psychological impact he had gotten from being asked by Ren Xiaosu to thank him for an entire night had not been completely forgotten yet. And now, his brother was even resorting to thanking himself? And what was that about thanking himself for not spitting out the gr.a.p.e skin when eating gr.a.p.es? Could he get more insincere than that?

Suddenly, a commotion broke out in the crowd again. Wang Yiheng had ordered the refugees to conduct a search on everyone present there. It seemed like he intended to confiscate and collect everyone's food supplies.

Wait! It wasn't just food.

Ren Xiaosu saw those refugees taking the watches off the wrists of others and their jewelry as well. They didn't miss out on a single item.

These residents who had escaped from the stronghold were really unfortunate. They had just lost their properties and families this morning, and by nighttime, they were stripped of everything they owned. By the time they reached Stronghold 109, they might even end up with nothing on them that they could sell for money.

Wang Fugui was a little nervous. "Xiaosu, will they take everything of ours for themselves?"

As a matter of fact, Wang Fugui was carrying his life savings, medicinal supplies, gold jewelry, and cash on him. These things were all extremely valuable, so those refugees would definitely not miss out on taking it for themselves.

But Ren Xiaosu shook his head. "Don't worry, no one's gonna take anything from us."

In fact, Ren Xiaosu had no intention of crossing paths with Wang Yiheng and his group. He only wanted to arrive at Stronghold 109 safely. That was it. But the problem was, even though he did not trouble trouble, trouble troubled him.

The escaping crowd of people were like an obedient bunch of sheep at this moment. More than 3,000 people were getting body searched by over 600 refugees, but no one resisted, nor did any of them dare to say a word. They didn't even have the balls to escape from here and just stood in their spots.

Ren Xiaosu found it a little difficult to understand this. If the 3,000 of you raised your arms against those refugees in protest, what could the 600 of them possibly do?

The refugees were indeed more fierce than those from the stronghold. But two fists would find it difficult to overcome four hands, so what was there to be afraid of?

Ren Xiaosu looked into the crowd and saw the female teacher sneaking her students towards the back. It seemed like they were trying to escape from being searched.

When the refugees first started searching the stronghold residents, they were holding back a little due to fear. After all, they were facing those from the stronghold. In their minds, these people had always been lofty existences to them.

But when they realized the people from the stronghold did not dare to stand up to them, they became even more bold. Some of them even got touchy when they were searching the women!

It was at this moment that the female teacher led her students next to Ren Xiaosu's group and stood behind them, apparently to observe the situation to see if they should continue moving further back.

But some of the refugees had already come this way.

Ren Xiaosu looked at those refugees and wondered whether he would get recognized by them. Since they had changed clothes and mixed into the crowd, it shouldn't be obvious, right?

A dozen or so refugees walked over holding big and small bags. They were all wearing the watches they had just confiscated from the stronghold residents.

Watches were very valuable items in both the town and stronghold. When the town still existed, only Old Li from the grocery store owned a watch. Not even Wang Fugui had one!

It looked like there were quite a few rich people of high standing in this group of escapees. But right now, the authority and standing they used to enjoy had all but disappeared.

Ren Xiaosu quietly watched as those dozen refugees came over. However, those refugees froze when they saw Ren Xiaosu. Ren Xiaosu could only let out a mental sigh as he wondered how the f.u.c.k he got recognized so easily. His disguise was an absolute failure.

While Ren Xiaosu was thinking about how to deal with the refugees, the person who was in charge of searching and confiscating people's belongings decided to detour around them and went towards the others.

Those near Ren Xiaosu looked over in surprise. What was with this? Why had those fierce refugees bypassed this teenager all on their own?

Why did they do something like that? Wasn't he just a 16 or 17-year-old kid?

In fact, they had all seen it. When the refugees saw Ren Xiaosu, they had expressions of deep fear on their faces as though they were terrified of Ren Xiaosu.

They couldn't figure out why these refugees were afraid of him.

But what they didn't know was that no one dared to provoke Ren Xiaosu even when they were still in town, much less now when they were making their escape. This guy was famous for being ruthless, and he even had a gun on him!

Although the refugees knew there would be a lot of valuable items in Wang Fugui's and Wang Dalong's bags, it was not worth risking their lives for it!

The group of students and the female teacher behind Ren Xiaosu silently observed all that happened. The female teacher was looking at Ren Xiaosu's back and appeared deep in thought as she pressed her lips together.

Just as the refugees were turning away to conduct a search on the others, Ren Xiaosu suddenly said, "Ahem, you guys, come here."

The refugees froze on the spot. They turned their heads slowly to Ren Xiaosu and said stiffly, "What"

"Those watches ain't bad," Ren Xiaosu said.

The refugees looked at each other. They had f.u.c.k.i.n.g robbed over a 1,000 people so far. But now, they were going to get robbed by Ren Xiaosu of all people?! What the f.u.c.k!

This time, the people around them were left even more speechless. So there was someone even more ruthless among them?!

Then, one of the refugees quietly slipped off his wristwatch and handed it over to Ren Xiaosu in humiliation. Coincidentally, he had witnessed how Ren Xiaosu killed those people at the school...

The refugees were ready to turn away and leave. They wanted to get as far away as possible from Ren Xiaosu, but his voice rang out again. "You! You! You! You! Your watches are all pretty nice!"

The four people Ren Xiaosu pointed at scowled. It hadn't ended yet?

But what could they say? All they could do was obediently hand over their watches to Ren Xiaosu. Everyone around them was shocked. How ruthless was this teenager?!

Ren Xiaosu didn't continue to rob them. After all, he didn't really want to take on these refugees. It was better to keep the peace. He waved his hand and said, "Carry on then."

The refugees slipped away, their newfound confidence evaporating.

Ren Xiaosu handed over the four watches he had just taken off them to Xiaoyu and the others. He said proudly, "Here, we can see the time from now on."

This was Wang Fugui's first time wearing a watch. He took the watch meant for Wang Dalong with a smile and said, "Quick, thank your Uncle Xiaosu!"

Wang Dalong nearly cried. Why the hell had he suddenly been relegated a generation below Ren Xiaosu?!

Ren Xiaosu started to get endless fantasies. He wouldn't usually resort to robbing other people, but it wouldn't be a bad thing if he committed crimes against a villain, right?

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