The First Order Book 2 Chapter 111

Volume 2 Chapter 111 Liu Bu's Elder Brother

Several thousand of the escaping stronghold residents had been looted by several hundred refugees of their watches, jewelry, cash, and food, leaving nothing for them at all.

The food they were carrying was already scarce. When the disaster struck, none of them were ready for it, so who would think to go and grab food? Or to put it better, the important people from the stronghold did not have a concept of what to do in a time like this. That was because the majority of them had never had to suffer from hunger before. So even those who did take some food with them had only grabbed a few snacks at most.

Of course, there were also some people who didn't get robbed. For example, those who were standing in the radius of five meters around Ren Xiaosu were spared from the looting.

It was just that the refugee aggressors did not dare to hang around Ren Xiaosu for a second longer. They were all afraid that if they stood near him for a few seconds, Ren Xiaosu would spot something that he liked on them.

Ren Xiaosu was checking out the new watches they received with Wang Fugui and the others, unaware of the looks the people around were giving him.

Especially that female teacher standing behind him. The look on her face while gazing at him could only be described as complicated.

The escaping stronghold residents around Ren Xiaosu could all see that the refugees were afraid of this young man! They were terrified of him!

Actually, Ren Xiaosu did not kill people indiscriminately back in town. He had only killed those people because he was forced to do so. But somehow, the refugees always had an instinctive fear whenever they faced Ren Xiaosu.

This world was destined to work in a food web. The fearful were afraid of the vicious, while the viscous were afraid of those who murdered in cold blood.

After the group of refugees were done with the body searches and looting, they went back to report to Wang Yiheng. Someone whispered some words into his ear, causing Wang Yiheng to turn to look in Ren Xiaosu's direction.

Right at this moment, Ren Xiaosu had a feeling that someone was looking at him. So he turned around and locked eyes with Wang Yiheng.

However, there was a placid look in Ren Xiaosu's eyes. It was as though he had no fear at all. Wang Yiheng had a sullen expression while he remained silent. After a long while, he suddenly said to the refugee beside him, "Ignore Ren Xiaosu for now. If he tries anything else funny, we can always teach him a lesson."

When Ren Xiaosu saw Wang Yiheng's gaze turning elsewhere, he sneered. Wang Yiheng was just someone who picked on the weak. Although he didn't have any dealings with Wang Yiheng before, their town wasn't that large, and there were only so many factory managers around. As such, he had heard of him.

Wang Fugui said softly, "This Wang Yiheng has a godmother who resides in the stronghold, and it was because of her that he got the position of manager at the sand factory."

"Mhm." Ren Xiaosu nodded. "Just ignore him."

Because of Wang Yiheng's ransack of the stronghold residents, it delayed the entire group's escape attempt. Right now, everyone was weary and thought they might as well sit down and rest. In just a short while, numerous people were lying all over the ground.

It was way too tiring, so tiring that everyone unknowingly dozed off.

Ren Xiaosu instructed, "Y'all go and get some rest first. I'll keep watch for the first half of the night. Liuyuan, Old Wang, you guys take the second half."

Yan Liuyuan and he couldn't both be asleep at the same time. This was because he and Yan Liuyuan were the only ones who had a gun on them in their group, so one of them would have to remain in an alert alert at all times.

Within their group, Wang Fugui, Xiaoyu, and Wang Dalong all had no reason to harm him. First of all, Ren Xiaosu had not revealed to them the gold he had stored away in his palace. Second, none of them could make it to Stronghold 109 alive without Ren Xiaosu's help.

In this chaotic mob, the five of them had formed a small unit. No one else would be allowed into their group, nor would Ren Xiaosu trust any other person.

Yan Liuyuan said, "Bro, why don't you sleep first and I'll keep watch for the first half? You should be tired after everything you've been through today."

"No." Ren Xiaosu frowned and said, "Go and sleep like I told you to. Don't waste any more time."

"OK." Yan Liuyuan nodded obediently.

Wang Fugui gave a mental sigh. Seeing how well-behaved Yan Liuyuan was in front of Ren Xiaosu, who could have imagined this kid had just shot and killed several criminals a few days ago? These two kids were cut from the same cloth.

When everyone was asleep, Ren Xiaosu started thinking about what they should do. If they could get into Stronghold 109, that would be for the best. The gold he had and those medicinal supplies Old Wang brought along should be enough for them to live on. But if they could not get in, they would have to make do with living in the town outside Stronghold 109.

That earthquake should have affected Stronghold 109 as well, but it wouldn't have been instantly destroyed like Stronghold 113 had.

All of a sudden, a middle-aged man stood up and walked over to Ren Xiaosu. Ren Xiaosu looked up at him. "Don't come any closer, or you'll die."

Rather embarrassed, the middle-aged man said, "I was a supervisor at our Stronghold 113's Logistics Division. My name is Liu Hai."

This time, it was Ren Xiaosu's turn to be stunned. He remembered that Luo Xinyu had told him Liu Bu's elder brother was a supervisor at the Logistics Division. Surely that wasn't referring to this person in front of him, right?!

Thinking of this, Ren Xiaosu felt unhappy. At that time, Ren Xiaosu had wanted to kill Liu Bu. But he, Xu Xianchu, and Yang Xiaojin were not cold-blooded people, after all, so they didn't end up killing Liu Bu.

But didn't Liu Bu still betray all of them?

With the attitude Liu Bu had, would his brother be any better than him?

Liu Hai looked at Ren Xiaosu and said, "It's actually like this: I was wondering if I could join your group? When we get to Stronghold 109, I'll immediately have my contacts help arrange for a good place to settle down inside the stronghold. If you want money, I have that too. But it's all kept in the Qing Consortium Bank!"

Ren Xiaosu gave him a cold stare. It was yet another person making empty promises. "I doubt even your division chief can do what you had just claimed, right? If you were really that capable, you wouldn't just be a supervisor. Get lost."

Liu Hai paled as he remained silent for a long time.

A lot of nearby people got awoken by the commotion. However, they did not make a sound and just quietly listened to the exchange between Liu Hai and Ren Xiaosu. In fact, many of these people had similar thoughts to Liu Hai's. It was very obvious that Wang Yiheng and the other refugees did not quite dare to mess with Ren Xiaosu. And Ren Xiaosu also seemed a little more approachable than Wang Yiheng's group. In that case, wouldn't it be good if they could get Ren Xiaosu to take care of them?

They assumed Ren Xiaosu was a kind person since the group he was taking care of consisted of the old, young, and women. However, they did not know the things Wang Fugui and Xiaoyu had done for Ren Xiaosu.

The students from Stronghold 113 No. 2 Senior High School were spread out and lying on the ground. They didn't care if it was dirty or not anymore as everyone was exhausted. Only that female teacher was still forcing herself to stay standing. When she saw people approaching Ren Xiaosu for help, her eyes lit up. But to her surprise, Ren Xiaosu dismissed all of those thoughts. She was a little disappointed, but there was nothing she could do. She also started dozing off. It had been a taxing day for this female teacher as she led her students in their escape.

In the middle of the night, Yan Liuyuan woke up. "Bro, it's your turn to sleep."

"Mhm." Ren Xiaosu nodded. He glanced at Xiaoyu, Wang Fugui, and Wang Dalong, who were all fast asleep. Thinking, he said with a sigh, "Let them rest well today. It's fine for just you and me to keep watch for the night."

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