The First Order Book 2 Chapter 129

Volume 2 Chapter 129 Instigating Chen Wudi's Defection

While everyone was resting, Ren Xiaosu found a hilltop where he could look around to spot the whereabouts of the wolves.

But when he reached the top of the hill, he was stunned. Ren Xiaosu did not really expect the wolves to be nearby.

He saw the silvery Wolf King standing in the wilderness and staring at him quietly. Even the wind seemed to have stopped blowing for it.

But very surprisingly, Ren Xiaosu did not get the feeling the Wolf King had any intention of attacking them this time. It just glanced at him quietly before turning around to run back into the wilderness.

The Wolf King looked extremely strong and powerful. Using some of the bushes that it stood next to earlier as a reference, Ren Xiaosu was startled when he realized his estimation was not wrong. This Wolf King had grown to a size larger than a cow.

Why? What motives did the wolves have in following them?

Ren Xiaosu had thought something did not feel quite right. Although the wolves did not dare to pass through the canyon, Ren Xiaosu found they had been waiting there all along when he returned from the mountains beyond the canyon.

At the time, Ren Xiaosu wondered if they bore a grudge against him after he had escaped from them the previous year. But now, it seemed like the situation was far more complicated than that.

Whatever! Ren Xiaosu thought it was going well as long as the wolves did not attack them. As for what that reason might be, he had no intention of delving any deeper into it.

He would be bidding farewell to the wilderness in another day or so. After that, he would be entering the stronghold he had always been dreaming of to live a life without fear or worry.

Then their lives would start getting better with each passing day. Ren Xiaosu had promised Yan Liuyuan he would lead him to a comfortable life someday.

When he returned to the vehicle, everyone had disembarked from the truck to stretch themselves. Although it was not too crowded inside the truck bed, there was still some discomfort from being stuck in it for an extended period.

Wang Fugui approached Ren Xiaosu and said solemnly, "Thank you, Xiaosu. Thank you for taking me and my son with you into the stronghold."

"Gratitude received from Wang Fugui, +1!"

Ren Xiaosu looked at Wang Fugui and said, "You don't have to be so polite with me. We're not only going into the stronghold, we're also going to reopen your grocery store."

Wang Fugui shook his head. "It won't be my grocery store but yours. Listen to me, Xiaosu. You've earned that grocery store in return for risking your life. It's enough for me to be your shopkeeper in the future. I have nothing more to ask for, except that you remember to give me a high salary."

Ren Xiaosu was startled. He had not expected Wang Fugui to reject him when faced with such an enticing deal.

While Wang Fugui continued thinking about how to persuade Ren Xiaosu, Ren Xiaosu said, feeling touched, "OK, let's do it as you say."

Wang Fugui was speechless. Ren Xiaosu was still the same shameless, money-loving young man he knew.

But at this moment, Ren Xiaosu added, "You'll get a 30% share in the shop, and the money you get from selling those antibiotics will be yours to keep too."

He was not exactly giving out shares to him for nothing. First of all, Ren Xiaosu did not have any talent in running a shop, while Old Wang had been running one all his life. So Ren Xiaosu felt he should let the professional handle it so he could spend his time on other things. In fact, what Ren Xiaosu wanted to do now was not to earn money but to go to school.

Luo Lan made use of this time to size up Chen Wudi while Ren Xiaosu was away. He was already quite familiar with Chen Wudi. Be it his daily routine or hobbies, someone had reported this information to him before.

Luo Lan had been quite envious that his younger brother had a supernatural being for a bodyguard. It felt really nice to even just think about that.

Unfortunately, the supernatural being had been serving in the military base under Qing Zhen's command. However, Luo Lan was not that lucky.

And now, Luo Lan was starting to have such ideas again after finding out Chen Wudi was able to take on three Experimentals all by himself.

Chen Wudi was just a fool. As a big shot of the Qing Consortium, couldn't he easily fool a fool?

As Ren Xiaosu had never displayed his superpower in front of Luo Lan before, he was only a skilled and ballsy refugee in Luo Lan's eyes. What did he do to deserve such a powerful supernatural being like Chen Wudi as his follower? And it was even a master-disciple relationship too!

Luo Lan was richer and more handsome than Ren Xiaosu. He was also an organization's big shot with power beyond imagination. A person like him should have a follower like Chen Wudi instead!

Thinking of this, Luo Lan went up to Chen Wudi and chuckled. "Hey, Wudi, since your master is so poor, why don't you follow me instead?"

Chen Wudi glanced at Luo Lan and said, "I don't wanna talk to Benbo'erba."

Luo Lan was annoyed. 'F.u.c.k.i.n.g Benbo'erba! Are you still not done with that yet?! Just what is with a mentally ill peron's train of thought? Can't it be a little more normal?!'

When Ren Xiaosu came back, he saw Luo Lan sitting right up against Chen Wudi. He smiled and said, "What, you wanna go with us to the Western Paradise to obtain the Buddhist scriptures too? If you really wanna, we're still missing a White Dragon Horse. No, you don't look like White Dragon Horse." So saying, Ren Xiaosu turned his head and looked around. When he saw Wang Dalong, his eyes lit up. "We're still missing a carrying pole 1 and two baskets. So why don't you be the bamboo basket instead!"

Luo Lan got so angry he turned around and left. He suddenly felt he was not crazy enough to get along with Ren Xiaosu and the others.

Early the next morning, the truck was ready to set off again. This time, they were going to head straight for Stronghold 109!

When their other vehicles broke down, they siphoned the gas from them into the other vehicles that were still working. As such, the gas in the truck's tank was more than enough to cover this leg of the journey.

Ren Xiaosu started imagining what it would be like to live in the stronghold. He suddenly asked Jiang Wu and her students, "What on earth is it like inside a stronghold?"

Jiang Wu thought back and said, "Students can attend lessons in the stronghold without worry. During their break, they can even play basketball and sweat it out in the schoolyard. When the girls see the boys they like, they will cheer for them. Actually, the teachers already know those students have developed feelings for each other, but they sometimes choose to turn a blind eye to it. Of course, the majority of the teachers will still choose to call the students' parents."

"Call their parents?" Ren Xiaosu was stunned. "Why would they call their parents?"

"To tell the parents so they'll punish their children," Jiang Wu said with a smile.

"Oh." Ren Xiaosu nodded. "Fortunately for me, I don't have parents."

Jiang Wu choked on her words as she did not know how to continue the conversation! But for some reason, she felt a little sad for him. So this young man had been living in the desolate wastelands in such manner with absolutely nothing to fall back on.

Ren Xiaosu shouted, "Everyone, get into the truck! We're setting off!"

Then he saw Luo Lan bow three times in the direction of where they came from. He was doing that for the soldiers of the combat brigade who had died for him.

Actually, Luo Lan had not shown any signs of exceptional sadness along the way thus far. It was as though he were still very optimistic about things.

But when Ren Xiaosu saw this, he felt that Luo Lan was not showing his sadness simply because he did not want to appear weak. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carrying_pole

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