The First Order Book 2 Chapter 156

Volume 2 Chapter 156 That's Such A Miracle

Eventually, Ren Xiaosu abandoned the idea of using Yan Liuyuan to test out his new power due to safety concerns. After all, he still could not control the power all that well. What if something happened to Yan Liuyuan when he went through the Shadow Door?

However, Ren Xiaosu thought of another idea. When he copied the Shadow Door from Luo Xinyu, the door stood at almost two meters tall.

But since Ren Xiaosu could only get one arm through it, why would he need to open such a large door? Moreover, it would attract other people's attention too easily. As such, Ren Xiaosu wondered if he could make the door smaller so it would be just enough for him to put one arm through.

When he thought of that, Yan Liuyuan, who was next to him, saw the Shadow Door reappear on the ceiling and start swaying. It was as though some kind of law were resisting Ren Xiaosu's will.

Ren Xiaosu noticed the Shadow Door's form seemed to be fixed from the very start and wasn't something that could be changed.

This was going to be a clash of wills.

But wasn't it the power that served the will? The power that surpassed the ordinary had originated from the will itself.

Yan Liuyuan saw beads of sweat forming on Ren Xiaosu's forehead, but he did not dare interrupt him.

A second later, Yan Liuyuan saw the edges of the Shadow Door become unstable as it started shrinking!

If Luo Xinyu were here, her jaw would probably drop to the floor, because even though she was the originator of Shadow Door, she had no way of adjusting its size!

Ren Xiaosu heaved a sigh of relief. By this point, the diameter of the Shadow Door had become only as thick as an arm. He closed the Shadow Door and opened it up again. This time, Ren Xiaosu discovered he could control the size of the door at will.

His only regret was that no matter how large the door was, he could still only get one arm through it.

It didn't make any f.u.c.k.i.n.g sense at all!

Since he had completely mastered the power, why was there still such a limitation?

Ren Xiaosu asked his mind palace, "Are you the one who did this?"

The voice from the palace answered, "Unauthorized to answer."

Ren Xiaosu was annoyed. This time, he was quite certain the revolting condition of only being able to put one arm through the door was something that was decided by the rules of the palace.

Ren Xiaosu said to Yan Liuyuan, "Buy a live chicken when you and Big Sister Xiaoyu go grocery shopping tomorrow."

"Uh, OK," Yan Liuyuan responded. "Bro, what are the uses of this power of yours?"

"It couldn't be more useful." Ren Xiaosu said in a serious tone, "Even though I can only get one arm through it, I can still catch someone by surprise and give them a good beating. This way, no one will even know who the culprit is."

Although he hadn't perfected the power, it quite suited Ren Xiaosu's nature.

The next morning, Yan Liuyuan went grocery shopping with Xiaoyu. Right as Wang Fugui finished raising the shop's roller shutter door, he saw a familiar face waiting at the entrance.

It was Yan Linfeng from the Western District.

He watched Yan Linfeng swagger on in. "I heard you're selling a kind of wonder drug here?"

Wang Fugui thought about how business had finally arrived at their doorstep. It had been nearly a week since someone had bought the medicine from here. Usually, the medicine's effectiveness would've already been publicized. Yet no customers turned up even after such a long time.

Wang Fugui had felt a little low on confidence. But with Yan Linfeng now here, it meant the word of the medicine's effectiveness had spread.

However, Wang Fugui was not in a hurry. He replied with a smile. "Yes, we're selling a wonder drug that's specifically used by men. But due to the complexity of the manufacturing process, we can only sell one dose a week."

"Oh?" Yan Linfeng remarked, "How much does one dose go for?"

"2,000 yuan," Wang Fugui said with a smile.

"Highway robbery!" Yan Linfeng was shocked at the price. "Why did I hear that it was only 800 yuan per dose?"

"Because the raw materials needed for the formula are getting harder and harder to come by. The black medicine that can be made in the future will also decrease as a result," Wang Fugui replied nonchalantly. For a shrewd businessman like him who only had profit on the mind, wouldn't it be simple to find a reason to raise the price?

At this moment, Ren Xiaosu strolled in from the backyard. He heard Yan Linfeng say after some consideration, "Give me one dose."

"I'm sorry, we only start selling this week's supply tomorrow. The sales time each week is fixed," Wang Fugui said in a pompous manner, unmoved.

Yan Linfeng said unhappily, " Do you know who I am?"

Ren Xiaosu was amused since he knew him too well, but he didn't answer. Instead, he changed the subject and said, "We also turned down Supervisor Chen from the Public Order Division when he came to inquire last week. It's not that we're playing hard to get, but that the black medicine hasn't been made yet."

Yan Linfeng said with a dark expression, "I need the medicine urgently. Aren't you a doctor? Is this what a doctor should say? I'll give you all a chance to change the way you speak to me!"

Ren Xiaosu was stupefied for a moment. What should a doctor say? He thought for a moment before answering, "I'm sorry, but we tried our best."

Yan Linfeng was confounded. 'Is that what you should say?! Do I look like I'm dying?!'

Then some other customers walked in from outside. Yan Linfeng looked back and was surprised to see it was Supervisor Wang from the Planning Division.

He saw two subordinates following Supervisor Wang, and they were even holding a banner in their arms.

When Yan Linfeng saw him, he immediately bowed and said with a smile, "Supervisor Wang, what are you doing here?"

"Oh, it's Little Yan." Supervisor Wang said with a haughty smile, "I came to thank the doctor here."

When Ren Xiaosu saw the banner, he got an ominous feeling. Would it be something like "magic hands restore spring" again? But when Supervisor Wang's subordinates unfurled the banner, he saw four large characters embroidered on it: "Guanyin, Bringer of Children." 1 'Hey, wait a minute! What does this have anything to do with "Guanyin, Bringer of Children"?!'

Nearby, Yan Linfeng was also dumbfounded by this sight. How could it have such an effect? But Yan Linfeng, who was about to create trouble, suddenly did not dare to make a move. He thought that if he caused trouble in the shop at this moment, he would likely offend Supervisor Wang.

Supervisor Wang explained gleefully, "The stronghold's No. 3 Hospital diagnosed me as infertile several years ago. It's always been bugging me that I couldn't conceive a child. Some time ago, someone passed the black medicine to me to try it out. To my surprise yesterday, my wife told me she was pregnant the day after I used it!"

The moment Supervisor Wang finished speaking, Ren Xiaosu asked his mind palace, "Does the black medicine also have the ability to treat infertility?"

To Ren Xiaosu's surprise, the voice from the palace bluntly answered, "No."

Even Ren Xiaosu and Wang Fugui were a little confused by this time. Ren Xiaosu asked to confirm, "Are you sure your wife is pregnant?"

They heard Supervisor Wang say happily, "I'm sure. We went to the hospital yesterday to take a blood test. Since the blood test cannot be wrong, she must be pregnant."

Ren Xiaosu gave it some thought as he looked at Supervisor Wang, then said with a smile, "That's such a miracle." Songzi Niangniang (, "The Maiden Who Brings Children"), also referred to in Taiwan as Zhusheng Niangniang (), is a Taoist fertility goddess | en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Songzi_Niangniang

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