The First Order Book 2 Chapter 158

Volume 2 Chapter 158 Three Battles With The White Bone Specter

Xiaoyu was busy washing and snapping apart vegetables in the backyard of the shop. Since last night, she had not been near Dong Funan at all, because Ren Xiaosu had informed her that something was wrong with Dong Funan.

Actually, Ren Xiaosu felt that something was wrong even before Yang Xiaojin told him about Dong Funan. Although he had received a sincere gratitude from her, what stood out to him was that she had rejected Luo Lan's approaches too readily.

Moreover, she only said her strength was greater than normal when asked about her superpower.

This made Ren Xiaosu a little suspicious. Was it really only her strength that was greater, or was she deliberately concealing her true power? So based on these suspicions, Ren Xiaosu had Xiaoyu stay away from Dong Funan to prevent any accidents from happening.

Thinking about it now, Dong Funan might have some kind of ability to distinguish who were supernatural beings. After she arrived at the shop, she immediately cast Luo Lan aside because she had discovered there were two supernatural beings here whose blood she could feed on.

However, Dong Funan was still very cautious. She waited until she had fully recovered from her injuries and when Chen Wudi was alone before she decided to make her move.

At present, Chen Wudi was sitting on a small stool next to Dong Funan and completely absorbed in watched a row of ants marching on the ground.

He still did not realize that Dong Funan, who was originally tied up behind him, had slowly freed herself from the binds.

Her slim and extremely flexible body was just like a snake's, allowing her to distort her joints as she liked. This made the rope that was binding her look like a decoration of sorts.

Xiaoyu shouted from outside, "Wudi, it's time for lunch."

"OK, Big Sister Xiaoyu," Chen Wudi said obediently. But all of a sudden, Dong Funan's arm moved up towards Chen Wudi's neck. It was as though she had leaned her entire body against his back.

Dong Funan whispered, "Little boy, what are you looking at?"

"Almsgiver, please behave yourself," Chen Wudi said in a startled manner.

But just as he finished speaking, Dong Funan opened her scarlet mouth. The two canine teeth in her mouth grew rapidly as she bit down onto Chen Wudi's neck! With a crack, her teeth broke off.

When Dong Funan bit his neck, a faint golden armor suddenly appeared under his skin on his shoulder. Then the armor even covered the entirety of his shoulder to his neck.

Dong Funan could never have expected such a thing to happen. She did not even know what Chen Wudi's power was, but the armor was way too hard!

But before she could react, a gust of wind stirred in the room. Chen Wudi immediately knelt and turned around, landing a heavy punch in Dong Funan's abdomen!

In the dimly lit room, Dong Funan could even see Chen Wudi's veins protruding after his armor vanished. The punch made her splutter out a mouthful of blood as she nearly got killed by him!

However, Chen Wudi did not hold back just because she was a woman. He landed yet another punch onto the left side of Dong Funan's face.

By this time, Dong Funan had completely lost her combat capabilities and even the ability to think properly as her head buzzed, ringing.

"Don't" When Dong Funan was about to beg for mercy, she noticed the iron fist had once again punched her on the right side of her face!

When Dong Funan received the first punch, she knew she couldn't fight back. She was definitely not as powerful as Chen Wudi, so she thought of just lying on the ground and admitting defeat. But with Chen Wudi raining a combo of punches on her, she did not even get the chance to lie on the ground.

Chen Wudi straightened up and sneered, "I had thought you were the White Dragon Horse, but I didn't expect you'd turn out to be the White Bone Specter. However, you're still too weak to take a single punch from the Great Sage."

Dong Funan was nearly crying as she laid on the ground. "Then just punching me once would be enough. Why did you have to punch me two more times?"

Chen Wudi sneered. "Because I have to fight three battles with the White Bone Specter."

Dong Funan was confused.

In Chen Wudi's memory, there were many twists and turns in the plot of the "three battles with the White Bone Specter." For the first two battles, his master would misunderstand him, before getting convinced after the third battle that he had really defeated a demon. Hence, Chen Wudi thought that in order to avoid his master's misunderstandings, he would finish all three "battles" at once. In that way, he could skip the misunderstandings that would happen in between each of them!

Hehe, he really impressed himself by how quick-witted he was.

"Do you think I've never read Journey to the West before? Are you implying that the 'three battles with the White Bone Specter' was completed all at once?" Dong Funan laid on the ground and started crying in pain.

At this moment, Xiaoyu came into the room. She found that Chen Wudi had beaten Dong Funan to tears.

When Dong Funan saw Xiaoyu, she immediately said, "Big Sister Xiaoyu, you're the kindest person here. Can you ask them to let me go?"

But then, Dong Funan saw Xiaoyu hand Chen Wudi another rope. "Tie her up more securely this time. After that, come and have lunch."

Dong Funan wondered what kind of people lived in this house. Why weren't they taking people's lives seriously?!

She still did not know she had fallen into the hands of the most vicious family in Stronghold 109...

Although Dong Funan had killed people before, she still grew up in the peaceful environment of the stronghold. To be honest, Yan Liuyuan had killed more people than her.

She had wanted to wait in front of the Pyro Company in case someone went there to sell their blood. Then she would just wait for the seller to come out before she followed them home to feast on their blood.

Dong Funan grew stronger each time she sucked on someone's blood. So she wondered if she would get stronger even faster if she sucked the blood of a supernatural being. She couldn't figure out how she ended up in this sorry state.

In fact, Ren Xiaosu thought that this woman's modus operandi was just like children playing a game. She had no plans at all. Just as Yang Xiaojin had said, she was indeed a newbie. She was unlike Ren Xiaosu and the others who were used to seeing people die all the time and who had a great deal of combat experience.

She was also not trained by an organization like Yang Xiaojin, who not only had a lot of messed up skills but also had a fully functioning organization behind to provide her with intel.

Thus, Dong Funan was actually just a normal person who suddenly gained a superpower and was then corrupted by this strange and powerful ability.

When Ren Xiaosu returned home with Yan Liuyuan and Wang Dalong in the evening, he saw Dong Funan tied up in the room with her face all bruised and swollen. While looking at them through swollen eyes, her eyes took on a look of despair.

Frankly, Ren Xiaosu did not want to treat a woman like this. But in such times, were security risks differentiated by male and female?

Bad people were not always men; they could also be women, elders, or even children. Anything was possible. That was just how it was in these wastelands.

Kindness was precious, but if you were kind and unarmed, that would only be seen as weakness.

Then, Dong Funan heard Xiaoyu say to Ren Xiaosu, "What should we do now? Why don't we just kill her?"

"No." Ren Xiaosu said, "But lock the door properly. Don't let Luo Lan see her like this. Wudi, you did a very good job this time. Well done."

Wasn't he only doing this because he still had to "keep" her for another six days to complete the quest? Ren Xiaosu was actually looking forward to the new product that would be unlocked in the vending machine.

Next to him, Chen Wudi was really happy. He really managed to avoid the misunderstandings by finishing the three "battles" all at once.

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