The First Order Book 2 Chapter 164

Volume 2 Chapter 164 The Qing Consortium Is Too Petty

Luo Lan was still quite famous in Stronghold 113 and would often attend public events such as ceremonies and galas. The private troops would then assume the role of security personnel at such events. So Xu Xianchu had seen Luo Lan before.

But Xu Xianchu was a little stunned. He could never have expected to encounter Luo Lan at this place! But he quickly realized there was an inevitable connection behind this seeming coincidence.

The time Xu Xianchu chose to infiltrate Stronghold 109 was when the private troops were laziest in carrying out their inspection duties. Hence, many people usually chose this time frame to smuggle items into the stronghold.

Currently, the Qing Consortium could only rely on smuggling to transport firearms into the stronghold controlled by the Li Consortium. So by stowing away in a vehicle that was used for smuggling, he ended up meeting Luo Lan, who was just receiving a batch of smuggled firearms.

But surely this truckload of firearms would be enough to launch a small-scale battle, right? Was the Qing Consortium going to attack Stronghold 109?!

The most difficult thing for Xu Xianchu to accept was that he got recognized at a glance even when his face had already become so dirty!

In that instant, Xu Xianchu jumped out of the container. He kicked Luo Lan in the chest and ran out onto the street. The Qing Consortium's troops would not be able to react yet. If he did not get away at this moment, he might not be able to escape from them later on.

After getting kicked, Luo Lan groaned and fell to the ground. He did not forget to yell to the people around him as he lay on the ground, "Hurry up and catch him! We must capture him no matter what! That's Xu Xianchu!"

The Qing Consortium's troops immediately unholstered their guns that were already fitted with silencers and chased after him like a pack of hunting dogs!

Xu Xianchu, who was fleeing up ahead, was frightened to death when he looked back. Although he had a shadow clone that could shield him from bullets, it would not work if too many shots were fired at him!

Xu Xianchu was very puzzled. He had only been a little curious about the secret of the Jing Mountains back then. However, he had not trespassed into the perimeter the Qing Consortium had set up. Could they get any pettier than this?!

As they made a mad rush through the streets, the Qing Consortium's troops did not dare to shoot freely. Even if their guns were equipped with silencers, they would still cause quite a bit of noise if the bullets hit any surface. They would probably have to retreat into the sewers again if the Li Consortium's combat troops were alerted.

The position where Luo Lan and his men were stationed was not too far away from Ren Xiaosu's shop. So Xu Xianchu and his pursuers arrived at the door of the shop after running for just a few kilometers.

Ren Xiaosu had been alarmed by the commotion outside. He furtively raised the roller shutter door and watched what was going on. But suddenly, a figure ran past the door. Ren Xiaosu looked in the direction of where it came from and was surprised to see more than ten troops in their black uniforms chasing after whoever had just run past.

Wait a minute, weren't those troops from the Qing Consortium?

After the troops had also run past the shop, Ren Xiaosu raised the roller shutter door and saw the last person, Luo Lan, running over while panting. Ren Xiaosu laughed. "Who are you chasing after?"

"Xu, Xu Xianchu!" Luo Lan panted as he said, "Ren Xiaosu, I will pay you 100,000 yuan if you get Chen Wudi to help me capture Xu Xianchu!"

Ren Xiaosu froze. So that was f.u.c.k.i.n.g Xu Xianchu earlier? Why did he come to Stronghold 109?!

He asked with a strange expression, "Are you sure it's Xu Xianchu?"

"Yes! It's definitely him!" Luo Lan confirmed.

Ren Xiaosu was put in a difficult position. He would have to help, but it was not the Qing Consortium he should be helping. In fact, it was Xu Xianchu he wanted to help escape right now! After all, if Xu Xianchu were caught by the Qing Consortium, Ren Xiaosu would probably be in deep f.u.c.k.i.n.g shit!

So he had to help Xu Xianchu...

Suddenly, the voice from the palace said, "Quest: Help someone in dire straits escape."

Ren Xiaosu wondered why the palace had already judged Xu Xianchu to be someone who was in dire straits. That somehow made it sound like he was in quite a pathetic state right now.

He said to Luo Lan, "You can carry on pursuing Xu Xianchu as you wish, but I will not get involved in matters between you two." He then lowered the roller shutter door while ignoring whatever Luo Lan was cursing from outside. Ren Xiaosu immediately went to the backyard and climbed over the wall. He ran along the roofs in the direction Xu Xianchu had fled.

In reality, the most important thing to Ren Xiaosu right now was to not let Xu Xianchu fall into the hands of the Qing Consortium...

Chen Wudi also wanted to go out to have a look. However, Yan Liuyuan looked at him and said, "Your master asked you to keep a close watch over the White Bone Specter. If you allow her to escape, I'm guessing he'll have to recite the headache spell for three days and nights once he gets back"

Chen Wudi became obedient as soon as he heard that. Dong Funan's hopes were raised only to be dashed again. In fact, she was still capable of escaping from here. Although she was securely tied with rope, she could still break free of them with some effort. But what was the use of freeing herself from the rope? She couldn't defeat Chen Wudi! Dong Funan even suspected Chen Wudi might be the strongest supernatural being around at the moment.

Frankly, Dong Funan wanted her freedom back. To hell with sucking blood. She would be a vegetarian for the rest of her life if it meant she could get her freedom back.

Earlier tonight, Ren Xiaosu had a good, long chat with her, during which he essentially let her know that the black medicine used to treat her wasn't for free and that she had to work to pay it off.

As for how she was going to pay it off? The arrangement would be for her to wash the dishes under the supervision of Chen Wudi...

Dong Funan was really driven to despair. Just based on Ren Xiaosu's ferocity, it was no different from how the organizations exploited the refugees! She would like to have asked what he did with the money Luo Lan paid him. However, her mouth was still so numb she could not speak a word. Ren Xiaosu told her that if she did not say anything, he would consider her to have given him her consent.

At this moment, Dong Funan was hungering for freedom more than anything else. It would be fine if she only had to face Chen Wudi. But right now, the one she was most worried about was actually Yan Liuyuan.

It was easy to fool Chen Wudi as he was so simple-minded. If she were alone with Chen Wudi, she could probably coax him to let her go. However, Yan Liuyuan would have his eye on her at all times and was an extremely clever and alert person. She could not deceive him a whit.

By this time, Ren Xiaosu had pushed his speed to its limits as he leaped and bound over the roofs. In just a few short minutes, he could already hear the footsteps of the Qing Consortium's troops.

He glanced at Xu Xianchu, who was up ahead, and was surprised to see he was running with all he had while Luo Lan and his men chased him from behind. However, Ren Xiaosu was a little puzzled by this. Logically speaking, Xu Xianchu's current physical fitness should have exceeded that of ordinary humans. So why was he running so slow?

Ren Xiaosu did not know that Xu Xianchu was famished. Why else would he be running so slow?

As Ren Xiaosu kept up with them, he wondered what he should do to save Xu Xianchu without offending Luo Lan at the same time. 'Wait a minute, don't I have a godlike power for hitting someone in secret?'

A moment later, Luo Lan suddenly saw a hand stretching out from the shadows of the roof's eaves next to him. It slapped his forehead, making him tumble to the ground.

Luo Lan realized this was the power used to open doors in the shadows. But wasn't this power unique to Luo Xinyu? He shouted in fury, "Luo Xinyu, f.u.c.k your grandpa! Aren't you people from the Saboteurs done yet!"

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