The First Order Book 2 Chapter 184

Volume 2 Chapter 184 Rescuing Yang Xiaojin

Finally, he arrived at the entrance of the tall building.

The firing of the sniper rifle had stopped. It was quite likely that the Experimentals were already up on the roof, and Yang Xiaojin had given up on using the sniper rifle and switched to close combat.

Ren Xiaosu did not choose to take the stairs. He called upon his shadow clone and hopped on its back as it started climbing to the top of the building from the exterior.

Between here and the top, the shortest route was a straight line. If he took the stairs up, Yang Xiaojin would probably already be dead by the time he got up there!

Ren Xiaosu felt some regret. If he had completely copied Luo Xinyu's power, would he have to spend so much effort now?

When he first copied Shadow Door, he got Yan Liuyuan and Xiaoyu to buy a live chicken back from the market for him. It wasn't because he wanted to eat meat but that he wanted to try and see if he could pull someone through the Shadow Door like Luo Xinyu did.

But as it would be too dangerous to test it on Yan Liuyuan, he could only try it out on an animal.

After testing it out, Ren Xiaosu gave up. Even when the target he was trying to bring through the Shadow Door was a chicken, he could only manage to get one of its legs through. It couldn't be pulled any further than that.

Thinking of this, Ren Xiaosu still got a little angry about it.

Suddenly, perhaps alerted by the sound of him climbing up the building, two Experimentals crashed through the windows on the seventh story and climbed out. They were forcefully blocking Ren Xiaosu's path to the roof.

Ren Xiaosu frowned and said, "Just the two of you and you want to block me? Do y'all know how many Experimentals I have killed? Do y'all know"

However, the two Experimentals simply hung upside down on the faade and kept their eyes on Ren Xiaosu without flinching.

Ren Xiaosu lamented, "Alright, it seems like I couldn't scare you."

As soon as his voice trailed off, his shadow clone pushed off from the exterior with all of its limbs and leaped up. The fuzzy outline of the shadow clone solidified into steel.

Ren Xiaosu and his shadow clone separated in midair, and both of them drew a black saber out of thin air at the same time, their actions in unison.

The two Experimentals above him growled and pounced down. But before they could finish, the two black sabers cut through their necks.

The shadow clone kicked one foot off of a falling Experimental's body and used this change of direction to regain its grip on the steel frame of the building with one of its hands. The other hand grasped tightly onto Ren Xiaosu's wrist.

In the blink of an eye, the two Experimentals did not even make a ripple when facing Ren Xiaosu and his shadow clone.

The coordinated move of Ren Xiaosu and his shadow clone was flawless.

Without any obstacles between him and the roof, his shadow clone took him to the top in a single bound.

When the Experimentals that had surrounded Yang Xiaojin saw another human being jump onto the rooftop, all of them turned to look at Ren Xiaosu ferociously.

Ren Xiaosu stood on the edge of the roof and scrutinized his surroundings. There were seven Experimentals in all, but one of them was already immobilized on the ground. Yang Xiaojin, who was injured and stained with blood all over, had her back facing the par.a.p.et walls of the roof as she gasped violently for breath. She was holding a new dagger that did not look like it was cast from normal steel.

This was Ren Xiaosu's first time face to face with so many monsters. If it weren't for his shadow clone, Ren Xiaosu would probably have to die here as well.

Seeing the suspicious look on Yang Xiaojin's face, Ren Xiaosu said to his shadow clone, "Old Xu, let's get all of them!"

For some reason, Ren Xiaosu somehow felt that Yang Xiaojin was hiding a slight smile in her eyes despite looking really pathetic at this moment.

Yang Xiaojin said weakly, "Xu Xianchu is already a few hundred kilometers from here."

"Hahahaha, is that so?" Ren Xiaosu laughed in embarrassment.

Yang Xiaojin did not bother arguing with him and slowly sat on the ground. Every wound on her body was giving searing pain. Having lost a lot of blood, she was almost in a state of shock as well.

Ren Xiaosu calmly said, "You rest for a bit. I'll get you out of here."

"Mhm," Yang Xiaojin responded softly.

Luo Xinyu burning with anxiety in the lab as the seconds ticked away. Before she came in here, she already knew the Experimentals were about to start their attack on the stronghold. If she didn't go and bail her out now, Yang Xiaojin would be in great danger.

But in this enclosed lab where light encroached upon every corner, there was nothing she could do.

Luo Xinyu tried shooting at the ceiling, but even the glass roof was bulletproof. She could try to use her coat to create a faint shadow, but that wouldn't be big enough for her to activate the Shadow Door.

This was where Luo Xinyu was different from Ren Xiaosu. Although Ren Xiaosu's Shadow Door only allowed him to put an arm through it, he could adjust the size of his Shadow Door at will. Luo Xinyu's Shadow Door could only be conjured at the standard size she had no control over.

Suddenly, the sound of a gunshot rang out from outside. Then she heard a voice yelling, "Hehe, if it's something I want, you can bet I'll get my hands on it!"

Luo Xinyu's eyes lit up. Who could have expected Luo Lan to come barging in at this moment? As soon as Luo Lan opened the door and came in, the light source would turn off. At that time, she might have the chance to immediately leave through the Shadow Door.

Luo Lan's voice sounded from the outside, "Hurry up and key in the password for the door to open. Otherwise, I'll finish you off where you stand."

It sounded like Luo Lan had taken an employee hostage and was ordering them to open the lab's door.

With a rumble, the door slowly started lifting. The employee had apparently inputted the correct password, but a gunshot still rang out. The lab employee screamed in fright. But after screaming for a while, he realized he was not dead.

"Aren't you going to kill me?" the lab employee asked, trembling.

Luo Lan chortled and said, "When have I ever gone back on my word? Do you think your wretched life or my reputation is more important? Now get lost!"

Luo Lan waited for the door to raise halfway before bending down to get in. When he saw Luo Xinyu on the inside, he froze.

By this moment, the bright lights in the lab used to drown out any shadows had already turned off. Meanwhile, Luo Xinyu's Shadow Door had already vaguely formed.

But when Luo Lan saw this sight, he immediately took out a powerful flashlight from his waist pocket and shone it at Luo Xinyu's Shadow Door. With that, the Shadow Door disappeared again.

He belly laughed. "I haven't even gotten my revenge for getting slapped on my forehead by you, so how dare you take what I want and try to escape? It was a good thing I brought along a flashlight just in case!"

After Luo Lan was slapped by Ren Xiaosu on his head, he started carrying around a powerful flashlight for defensive purposes. However, Luo Xinyu was confused by what Luo Lan said. "What did I slap?"

Luo Lan did not banter with her. "Hand over the information and I'll let you go."

Luo Xinyu sneered, "Do you think I'll believe you? Step back, or I'll destroy this hard drive!"

Luo Lan started laughing. "Your partner should still be on top of that building, right? The Experimentals have already gotten into the stronghold. If you don't hurry up and rescue her, she probably won't make it out of here. How about this? Hand the hard drive to me and I'll let you go rescue her."

Honestly, Luo Xinyu did not believe that Luo Lan would let her go. However, if she did not go and rescue Yang Xiaojin now, it might really be too late.

So Luo Xinyu decided to take a gamble.

She threw the hard drive over to Luo Lan, then went on guard against him.

In the end, Luo Lan caught the hard drive and turned around to leave. "Hurry up and rescue her. I, Luo Lan, will never break a promise. Don't start guarding against me like you would a petty criminal. If I wanted to kill you, I wouldn't have said so much already."

Luo Xinyu looked at him, then opened a Shadow Door to leave. In a single step, she arrived at the rooftop she and Yang Xiaojin had agreed to meet at.

But what she saw stunned her. All she could see were the scattered, torn pieces of Experimentals' bodies here, but Yang Xiaojin was nowhere to be seen.

Who had rescued Yang Xiaojin?!

Luo Xinyu looked around from on the high-rise building at her surroundings. All she could see were gray Experimentals traversing the streets as they hunted their prey. She was a little worried. Even if someone had saved Yang Xiaojin, they couldn't possibly have escaped from the stronghold, right?

That person must have taken her somewhere to hide.

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