The First Order Chapter 33

Chapter 33: What are you waiting for?

Whenever Ren Xiaosu educated Yan Liuyuan, Xiaoyu would quietly watch them from nearby. All of a sudden, she felt a little envious of Yan Liuyuan. If someone had guided her in the past, she might not have taken so many wrong turns.

"Bro, can you teach me more about life lessons from now on?" Yan Liuyuan asked enthusiastically.

Ren Xiaosu gave him a look. "Don't you always fall asleep whenever I teach you such things? How can I teach you? Through your dreams?"

"I won't fall asleep next time." Yan Liuyuan looked at Xiaoyu and laughed in embarrassment.

All of a sudden, someone knocked on the front door of the clinic.

Frowning, Ren Xiaosu turned around. There normally wouldn't be someone coming to look for him when night fell because it was not safe in town.

What was going on today? Could it be that Wang Fugui had turned around and come back to the clinic? In Ren Xiaosu's opinion, Wang Fugui was likely the only one who would come to their place at such a time. After all, the two households were right next to each other.

Even if someone intended to use this opportunity to carry out a crime against Wang Fugui, he would have already reached the clinic before it could be carried out.

Ren Xiaosu said as he opened the door, "Old Wang, you really need to find a wife. Why do you knock on our door every day?"

But when the door opened, Ren Xiaosu was taken aback. It was not Wang Fugui.

Ren Xiaosu recognized this person. It was a young man who often idled around town named Zhang Baogen. He did not work and lived off his parents who worked at the factory.

Ren Xiaosu asked, "What is it?"

He examined him and saw that he had no injuries.

Why did this person come here so late at night? If he wanted to rob the clinic, then this guy had traveled quite the distance for that...

Ren Xiaosu now possessed a Strength of 5.5 and a Dexterity of 4.1 and had many years of experience in ruthless fighting against others. Not even ten versions of a young man like Zhang Baogen would be a match for Ren Xiaosu.

Zhang Baogen said rapidly, "Doctor, please take a look at my illness. But you must keep it a secret for me."

Ren Xiaosu thought about it and stepped aside to let him in. He purely felt a little curious. "So tell me, what's your illness? Don't feel uncomfortable to share. I've seen much in life, so there isn't any illness that I haven't come across before."

"Please wait a moment." Zhang Baogen was still quite polite to Ren Xiaosu.

There were many young people in town who lived off their parents like Zhang Baogen who came together to steal, extort, and fornicate. No one in town was willing to provoke them without reason.

However, Zhang Baogen was not foolish either. He knew better than to offend Ren Xiaosu.

In fact, no one had dared to provoke Ren Xiaosu either. Although it seemed like Ren Xiaosu was similar to this batch of youngsters, the townspeople well knew that offending Zhang Baogen and the others simply meant having to put up with a slight retaliation from them. It wasn't difficult to endure it, and it would be a trivial matter at most.

But if they had messed with Ren Xiaosu, they could end up dying...

Zhang Baogen closed the clinic's door behind him before turning around to ask, "Doctor, something strange is happening to me."

Ren Xiaosu frowned and said, "I can't treat you if you're impotent."

"It's not that." Zhang Baogen said, "Let me demonstrate it to you. Don't get surprised."

Ren Xiaosu waited to see what would happen.

He saw Zhang Baogen open his mouth and blow a saliva bubble!

Ren Xiaosu rolled his eyes. 'Is that it?!'

But the next instant, the bubble that floated out of Zhang Baogen's mouth popped. Ren Xiaosu could feel a burst of power from it pushing him backwards.

It wasn't very strong, but it was definitely not something that your ordinary saliva bubble could do!

"Doctor? Doctor, what are you doing?" Zhang Baogen looked at Ren Xiaosu uncertainly.

"I'm just checking to see if any of your saliva splashed onto me." After tidying up his clothes, Ren Xiaosu asked, "When did you gain such a power? This is not an illness, so I can't treat it."

"But my parents said that I'm sick and that there's something wrong with my head," Zhang Baogen explained. "If I didn't come to see you, they wouldn't feel at ease. My parents are very fond of you…."

Ren Xiaosu felt that this sounded a little strange. But he thought for a while before saying, "What you have doesn't seem like an illness to me. You might have heard of some people possessing strange powers these days."

Ren Xiaosu was not lying. Once upon a time, someone in this world supposedly had a superpower that could pull a train out of thin air.

The townspeople used to share this story with excitement, describing it in vivid detail.

But when it happened to them, why did they end up labeling it as an illness?

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When Zhang Baogen heard Ren Xiaosu tell him that he was not sick, he thanked him with joy. "Thank you, doctor. I'll go back now and tell my parents about it."

"Gratitude received from Zhang Baogen, +1!"

Then Zhang Baogen turned around and left. Ren Xiaosu thought to himself that this kid was still quite a polite person.

However, Ren Xiaosu did not like youngsters who were like Zhang Baogen. After all, if you did not work hard in this era, you couldn't survive. The reason these young people had it so easy in life without doing anything was simply because their parents were still around.

All parents worry about their children. But some parents were willing to give up everything they had in life to ensure their children could lead a good life.

The next morning, Wang Fugui quietly walked into the clinic. He pulled Ren Xiaosu aside and whispered, "I have news! Chen Haidong just found out about what happened. It seems like someone in another stronghold suddenly attacked their stronghold's overseer with a superpower. They're now investigating the existence of supernatural beings in all of the other strongholds. So such people really do exist!"

"Is that so?" Ren Xiaosu asked with a look of shock, "Then could there also be supernatural beings around us?"

"Who knows?" Wang Fugui said with a laugh. "This doesn't really have anything to do with us."

"That's true." Ren Xiaosu laughed along with him. However, he was thinking about what happened the previous night. He wondered if Zhang Baogen had told anyone else about it.

It was a good thing to have someone as gossipy as Wang Fugui around. As this guy was close to the people from the stronghold, he was able to find out about any news faster than most people in town.

It was no wonder that Wang Fugui could lead a better life than most of the townspeople. To his credit, this was probably the best expertise that he had.

Suddenly, Wang Fugui gave a silly laugh and asked, "Xiaosu, if I had a superpower, would it be easier for me to find a wife?"

"You can forget about it." Ren Xiaosu teased, "You're still thinking about that when your fool of a son is crying so hard over it?"

"Bullshit, my son isn't a fool," Wang Fugui said unhappily. "He can't poke his nose into my business. Besides, I was only bringing it up. Once I have a superpower too—"

"Wouldn't you already have one if you had any? What are you waiting for?" Ren Xiaosu interrupted.

Wang Fugui could not come up with a reply.

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