The First Order Chapter 79

Chapter 79: Not a single snowflake in an avalanche is innocent

Perhaps due to it being daytime, Ren Xiaosu and the others did not really encounter any further danger that threatened their lives. Along the way, they encountered a wildcat that was coming at them from the opposite direction. However, it did not attack them and ran away.

When Ren Xiaosu and the group got closer to where the Qing Consortium was, they became even more cautious.

"Based on the usual strategies that a combat brigade uses, scouts set up observation posts 1 around the area while they conduct demolition and reconnaissance." Xu Xianchu said, "So we must be as careful as possible when approaching them."

"Are they that professional? There are even observation posts?" Ren Xiaosu said, "But it's not like there are only observation posts, right? They've probably cleared the entire surrounding area with their military force. You saw how frightened that wildcat was just now, didn't you?"

Ren Xiaosu understood animal behavior very well. Cats had become extremely calm and cautious animals again after they went feral. They seldom panicked in the way the wildcat did just now.

Sure enough, they could vaguely hear the intense sound of gunfire as they slowly started approaching again.

Ren Xiaosu thought that the armed forces of the consortium were truly much stronger than the private army. The private troops seemed to have been sent here to die while the consortium could give the beasts of the Jing Mountains a good thrashing.

He suddenly recalled what Zhang Jinglin had said before: "The firearms and explosives humans possess are far more powerful than you all can imagine."

With the advanced firearms skill, Ren Xiaosu could now deeply understand how true Zhang Jinglin's statement was.

At this moment, a wounded boar ran towards Ren Xiaosu and the team. Xu Xianchu whispered, "Don't shoot, let it go!"

The boar was a little larger than the ones they had seen. However, its head and abdomen were bleeding profusely, making it very aggressive as well.

Xu Xianchu and the others quickly moved away to avoid the path of the boar. It was not that they couldn't kill the boar but since they could hear the gunshots of the consortium's combat troops, the consortium could hear them as well.

Furthermore, what worried them the most was that they would get discovered in advance by the consortium.

Liu Bu looked at the boar and said, "Since we haven't eaten for almost a day now, it'd be great if we could stop it and roast it!"

Ren Xiaosu lamented how such a group of people could actually exist in this world. Their existence merely served as a foil to make others look better? He said to Liu Bu, "I'm so envious of you. Even though you've evolved into something with intelligence, you don't use it. You look super carefree."

Liu Bu choked on his words and did not say anything more. Xu Xianchu explained, "By setting up a n.a.k.e.d flame here, aren't you telling the Qing Consortium that you're here?"

Seeing the boar pass them by, Wang Lei wondered, "Shouldn't we quickly make contact with those from the Qing Consortium? Since we're all humans, why should we be worried about getting discovered by them?"

Wang Lei, Liu Bu, and Luo Xinyu were hoping that the Qing Consortium would come and rescue them immediately!

Yang Xiaojin replied, "Many organizations have sent out their military forces to carry out investigations at the mysterious place controlled by the Pyro Company, but all of them have been silenced. Do you think that if the Qing Consortium also finds you here, they would treat you nicely and keep you well-fed, then send you back to the stronghold? This is also the reason why the private troops dispatched by Stronghold 113 had to travel under the guise of being part of a band, even if it was pretty obvious they were not."

To the consortium, the secrets here were more valuable than human lives.

"You guys actually think that something like a corporation would save you?" Xu Xianchu sighed.

When Liu Bu, Luo Xinyu, and Wang Lei, who had originally planned on seeking help from the consortium, heard this, they looked bereaved. Frankly, they did not have much contact with the world at large and would be considered relatively inexperienced by the consortium's standards. As such, they did not understand how an organization worked nor knew how cruel this world was because they had lived a sheltered life all this while.

They were only required to do well in their everyday jobs in the stronghold to ensure there would be food and drink without having to worry about other things like wild animals or hunger.

The consortium told them the outside world was very safe and that the wild animals had already been cleared out of the stronghold perimeter. As such, they all fell for the false show of peace and prosperity that was put up in the stronghold.

"Why are we still headed there then?" When Liu Bu realized he would be silenced if he were found, he lost the pillar of support that kept him going for the day. His desire to seek help from the Qing Consortium had almost become his last lifeline.

Liu Bu sat on the ground, dejected. "You all can go ahead. I'm not going to walk any further."

Ren Xiaosu and the others continued moving forward without paying attention to Liu Bu. To them, it didn't really matter whether Liu Bu died or not. Honestly, Ren Xiaosu preferred that Liu Bu stayed here.

Listening to the subtle sound of the wind in the trees around him, Liu Bu got even more frightened. Before the others could walk out of sight, he got up again and said, "Wait for me!"

At this moment, Ren Xiaosu asked, "What should we do if we encounter the Qing Consortium's troops?"

Xu Xianchu thought for a moment and said, "We should be making retreating our main priority. Their main mission must be the excavation of the Pre-Cataclysm civilization, not hunting us down."

"You all have underestimated the consortium's determination to lock down the news." Yang Xiaojin shook her head and said, "They're definitely not going to let the matter rest once they discover our presence. Moreover, they have wireless comms in their helmets. If they discover they can't kill us off immediately, they'll definitely call for backup. When that time comes, you'll find that you'd rather spend time with the face bugs."

Ren Xiaosu was stunned. Was this Qing Consortium really that fearsome? He asked, "You seem to know a lot about the troops of these consortiums?"

Yang Xiaojin glanced at him but did not answer the question. "We must kill all visible targets once we encounter them. Do not show mercy to them because they will not show mercy to us either."

"But the consortium's soldiers also have children and mothers." Wang Lei said hesitantly, "Wouldn't that be too cruel?"

Yang Xiaojin said calmly, "Not one snowflake in an avalanche is innocent. Be it voluntary or forced, anyone in war is a tragic figure, while also inflicting tragedies onto others."

"Let's go." Xu Xianchu looked at the forest up ahead.

The secret of the Jing Mountains was calling out to them. If the consortium had given up on this place, they would probably have lost interest as well. But if this secret were so precious to the consortium, there must be something valuable about it.

They would die if they turned back, so the only way to survive was to march forward.

Xu Xianchu and the others carefully identified the direction of the gunshots, as they tried their best to avoid a head-on encounter with the consortium's combat troops. Ren Xiaosu estimated they would probably find out what was hidden in the Jing Mountains in an hour's time. An observation post (commonly abbreviated OP), temporary or fixed, is a position from which soldiers can watch enemy movements | en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Observation_post

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