The Generals Little Peasant Wife Chapter 93

Yang Shu looked at his wife as she nodded her head. He knew the situation wasnt good, but nothing had happened yet. If any of the town officials ended up getting offended, they would be the ones to be saddled with the blame.

Cuier look over there. Yang Shu said after thinking for a bit.

Opened for many years, many shops in town had become more sophisticated.

The environment was nice when Yang Cui first arrived, so why would they send her back? It was all because she had provoked those whom she shouldnt have, resulting in them having to spend their hard earned finances that shouldve been saved.    

She had been fine while she was in town, but who knew she would undergo such unsettling changes the moment they returned to White Mountain Village; going as far as to repeatedly climb over the walls and entering the house of a man and as an unmarried woman no less!

Even if she was already married, for her to do something like that would only bring shame. When she did those things, never once did she consider her and her feelings, or even her second brothers.

Second-brother had been studying for many years, and his reputation at the academy was not bad. If he were to become entangled into some trouble because of Yang Cui, then all his effort would definitely be in vain.

Dont worry about it, I know what to do. Madame Sun nodded her head, indicating she understood.  

To be honest with herself, she did not think much of her sister-in-law. Her sister-in-law had no skills, yet she thinks that the whole world revolves around her. Having seen the lady called Ning Meng Yao, one look and Madame Sun could tell that Yang Cui and many other girls cannot be compared to her.   

Ning Meng Yao had the appearance, temperament, and qualities that a cultured person should have, on top of that she was a learned person. What qualities did the brainless Yang Cui rely on that she went ahead to quarrel with Ning Meng Yao?    

Thinking about the things Yang Cui had done, Madame Sun really felt that she was shameless.

En, Ive confidence in whatever you do. Yang Shu nodded his head directly in agreement.   

Madame Sun smiled and nodded. Since their marriage, the two of them had a good relationship. Other than not having a child yet, there wasnt any other issue.

After the Lantern Festival, Ning Meng Yao hadnt started on any projects yet. She first went to Yang Le Les house to discuss her plan with Yang Zhu and Madame Yang.

At first, Madame Yang was somewhat unwilling, but in the end, after listening to Yang Zhus explanation, she reluctantly agreed.

How could you agree to this? Le Le is still unmarried, how can she wander out to the public recklessly?

Yang Zhu looked displeasingly at Madame Yang, Do you think that Miss Meng Yao will swindle Le Le?

Madame Yang thought it over. With the good relationship between the two of them, it didnt seem possible. It really was impossible to say that Ning Meng Yao would want to swindle Le Le.

Its not possible, right? That means that Meng Yao sincerely wants to help Le Le. Right now Le Les  not too old, going out and make her way in the world for two years is also good. Look on it as a time to gain experience. Yang Zhu didnt overthink the situation. It was just that his daughter had always stayed at home in their village and had never been out to see the world.

When he was listening to Ning Meng Yao talk, all he thought about was that if his daughter could go out and see more of the world then it would be really great. He never thought about using Ning Meng Yao to give his daughter better prospects in her future; that wouldnt be useful to them at all.  

You arent worried at all?

Of course Im worried. How could I not be worried? However, with Miss Meng Yao looking after her, I can set my worries to rest. Yang Zhu mumbled softly.

Ning Meng Yao was not a simple person. If they were to follow alongside her, it was possible for their family to become White Mountain Villages third richest family after Ning Meng Yao and Qiao Tiang Yang.

Mom, I think dad has a point. Yang Yi and Madame Qiao had been standing at the side listening to the conversation. When they saw that Madame Yang still looked unsure about it, he immediately spoke up.

Madame Yang looked at her son. How could her son also think this way?

Mom, first let me finish speaking. Sister is skilled in embroidery, Meng Yao was also clear about her skill. Regarding the situation of going to the embroidery house, how many people do you think have the opportunity and can go and do embroidery under the head of the embroidery house? Madame Yang had only noticed Yang Le Les desire to leave home and hadnt considered this point.

True mom, Meng Yao has said that sister is very talented in this area and that her embroidery is unique. Right now if sister would be to go now, in the future when she returned she would have learned a lot and would have also become a family heirloom artisan. Madame Qiao comforted.

If her skills in this area hadnt been mediocre, she would have been bold enough to disregard her pride and also beg Ning Meng Yao for her help as well.

Previously she had heard her sister-in-law say that the cheapest price one of Ning Meng Yaos embroidery screens had gone for was one hundred liang, and that hadnt even been her best work as it was only a simple embroidery screen.

She had heard that Ning Meng Yao had already sold four embroidery screens, and that recently one of them had been sold for a high price of three hundred liang.

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