The God Of Ice Snow And Water In The Mcu Rewrite Of The Original Chapter 1

1 Chapter 1

During The Night of the kyuubi attack The Sandaime hokage kocked Out Minato and sealed the ninetailed fox inside my sisters

in the begining I had a loving family..All till the Age of three when my Father was told of the prophecy

through the age af darkness the child of the fastest kage Is also the son of the king of gods

the child who holds great power will become king And lead the universe into prosperity or destruction

Obviously jiraiya thought that the prophecy was talking about My sisters

because they held on to the kyuubi he told my parents to focus more on them

in time they slowly began to forget me

and in time I was neglected and forgotten by all

there was some people though that ive met became good freinds like a family to him theirs the uchilla clan mikoto( mother) fugaku( father) Itachi ( big brother) and satusk ( love interest)

their the reasons I stayed but five years later.. I had enough

My father had denounced me as clan heir and had canceled me from their family

as i looked at my sisters I could see the smug smirks on their faces as they spotted me \\I sighed as I backed out of the crowd closing the back door and went outside I grabbed 7 sheets of paper and ran towards a hidden alley

I noticed how my parents didnt seem to have one hint of care

{It seems that they have forgotton me completely} i sighed sadly

I grabbed the papers and started to write letters to my loved ones

I was leaving.. my heart could not take it anymore

I ran toward the Uchilla compound i I hurriedly snuck passed the gaurds and snuck the letters inside I had to get out their now I had already gIven letters to the ramen place

2 hours later

I was jumping from trees when I was kicked hard in the chest sending me tumbling towards the ground I coughed up a lot of blood blood

"well well well if it isnt the bastard yellow flash son" A voice spoke from above

As I looked up My eyes widen in fear as I spotted the symbol on the headbands

{Iwa} I thought as he smirked at me

I narrowed my eyes got in a stance and charged at him with a kunai in my right hand

before I was then kicked in the side and stabbed in the stomach sending me back to the ground

blood pouring fro my wounds as I looked at them witth fear

" what the hell kira that was supposed to be my kill" he shouted at the women

"you were taking to long" she spoke emotionally she then went through a couple of handsigns and spit out a huge fire dragon

I couldn't move as I was to injured As the dragon got closer my life flashed before my eyes

tears started flowing from my face as one last thought evaded my mind before I was turned to ash

{Mikoto, Fugaku, Itachi, Satuski Im sorry.. looks like i'm not coming back }

1 day later mikoto had just walked in the door looking for naruto when she saw envelopes on the floor

she opened one that was for her and tears started flowing down her face she hurriedly whiped her tears and called in everyone


a moment later everyone came down stairs

hey kassan whats up have you seen Naru~kun yet"? satuski asked a small blush formed on her cheeks at the mention

itachi noticed this and smirked inwardly fugaku looked on curious

I need you guys to read this envelope I going to the hokage tower to make things straight she gave each one an envelope and left the compound


satuski picked up the envelope she blushed when she read the front

from naruto to sa~chan

as she read the letter her eyes widen and tears started forming in her eyes

dear my sa~chan If your reading this it means Im gone My heart couldnt take the neglect anymore I never got a chance to tell you this but I love you Its not your fault I will return for you I hope you can forgive me for leaving

love naruto

her eyes widen and her heart started to beet faster as her face turned beet red tears started flowing down her face as she ran up to her room and shut the door

fkilling in tent spiked the room both itachi and fugaku was pissed How could they do that to him now hes gone

Mikoto was angry scratch that she was pissed she went ran passed the gaurds and slammed the door open in the uzumaki namikazi compound

"HOW DARE YOU" mikoto yelled tears streaming down her face

startling minato and kushina

"what did we do" Minato asked


Minato and kushinas eyes widen in both horror and realization


"worse then that read this" mikoto growled as she slammed her envelope down on the table and walked out the room

Minato hesitantly took the envelope ripped it open and read it his face turned to a horrified expression

"ANBU" a dozen anbu appeared in the coumpound send all yunits out to look for naruto make sure to bring him back un harmed

Hai they nodded before the disappeared in shunshin

what are we going to do minato you think he will forgive us

I dont know kushina but I will make this right I promise kushina asked tears forming in her eyes

"Why do you care so much about that baka anyways"? hikari spoke as she spoke the word baka with lots of disgust making the family wide eyed

"don't talk about your brother like that dattebane" kushina yelled angrily

"theres no way that demon is our brother mito spoke in agrement with hikari"

minato and kushina got angry and started to give them beatings you could her screaming through out the compound


screaming echoed the chamber it seemed like ages before it finally stopped

"Congratulations my Queen , you Have Another beautiful boy" said the nurse as she handed herof the new born baby to his mother.

and went out side my king the nurse adressed odin as he stopped pacing and gave her his full attention

"her majesty has given birth to another son"

odin felt him self smile at the words he stood tall and let her guide him in to the chamber

once he stepped inside

he found his wife laying on a very large bed her arms around a craddle that was wrapped in the most finest silk asgard has to offer

odin saw his eyes his eyes were the bluest eyes that rivaled the water his hair was like pure gold he noticed something strange though whisker marks three of them on each cheekl all of a sudden the room started to get cold ice started to form around the cchamber

Odins eyes widen "Ice" he thought

friggas eyes widen before it shown a hint of pride

do yuo have a name for him he asked

yesI do I wil name him Aron she said

just then a portal opened up


before frigga got a chance to grab onto the baby it was grabbed by the wind and was sucked through the portal

ARON she screamed horrified

thor and loki rushed into the room with the hammer and a spear drawn out they saw the baby coming toward the portal and kumped up to grab it but it was to late as the portal disappeared sending crashing through the wall uncouncious

HENDIALL odin yelled

HENDIALL ran through the hall ways yis my king

the new prince of Asgard has been stolen put Asgard on high alert I want you to search all of the

nine realms for it

HENDIALL eyes widen in horror before he had a firm expression

"as you wish my king" he said and left quickly

FRIIGA started crying

"its all right dear well find him i swear on my life well find him" Odin said trying to comfort her
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