The Good For Nothing Seventh Miss Book 1 Chapter 73

Volume 1 Chapter 73 I Hate Getting Carsick The Most 3

The Vermilion Bird had not appeared for a hundred years, and even Shen Feng did not know much about him. He only knew that the Vermilion Bird possessed remarkable abilities. Shen Yanxiao had already prepared her explanation beforehand. If someone were to ask her about her sudden recovery, she would use the Vermillion Bird as a cover.

Who would dare to question her answer? They could seek confirmation from that conceited little bird if they were capable of that.

"Good, very good that's great." Shen Feng patted Shen Yanxiao's shoulders in excitement. He had believed her as soon as he saw the flame mark between her eyebrows.

The Vermilion Bird had returned, and Shen Yanxiao had recovered. The concurrent joyous events had brought a huge smile on Shen Feng's usually imposing face, and he then asked everyone to go back to the estate.

However, Shen Yanxiao stopped him and pulled on his sleeves.

"What's wrong?" Shen Feng did not know how to react with his granddaughter, who had suddenly recovered.

Shen Yanxiao looked at her carriage, and distressingly said, "Grandfather, the Vermilion Bird is still in the carriage."

"" Shen Feng looked at the carriage that was still parked outside the gates as Shen Yanxiao's words rang in his mind.

The Vermilion Bird was in that carriage!!

The man, who was already more than fifty years old, suddenly trembled as he anxiously checked if his clothes were neat.

Whereas for Shen Yue and Shen Duan, they wished they could glue their eyes onto the carriage.

Everyone continued to stand outside the huge gates as they quietly waited for the Vermilion Bird to appear, and no one dared to complain.

It was not until their faces were almost burned by the scorching sun that there were finally some movements from the carriage.

A small white hand stretched from the carriage, and everyone held their breath.

A small pale face suddenly appeared, and everyone immediately widened their eyes.

That was the Vermilion Bird?

Everyone was dumbstruck as they looked at the haggard little face. Even though his handsome face had far exceeded their expectations, they would never have imagined that their family's powerful mythical beast would appear as a four-year-old child.

Shen Feng was speechless. He stared at the Vermillion Bird's scarlet eyes and immediately remembered something that he had read from the Vermilion Bird Family's ancient records. The records stated that the Vermilion Bird would have scarlet eyes when it transformed into a human form. However

It said nothing about a four-year-old child!!

The Vermilion Bird's appearance had far exceeded everyone's expectations. Many members of the Vermillion Bird Family stood rooted to the spot as if they were petrified.

The attendant with the Vermilion Bird had carefully supported him as he got down the carriage. After the incident in the Lava Valley, he became extremely respectful toward Shen Yanxiao and did not even dare to breathe loudly in her presence. He was completely different from his previous unfriendly attitude toward her.

The Vermilion Bird did not notice any of those shocked gazes that were aimed at him. He bit his lip and walked down the carriage. With his small frame and pale complexion, he seemed exceptionally delicate.

Was he really their family's mythical beast? Wasn't his image a little too adorable?! The other members of the Vermillion Bird Family could not help it as those thoughts popped into their minds. They had imagined the Vermilion Bird in all kinds of different forms. From a mighty beast to a tyrannical human, but they had never expected the Vermilion Bird to look so adorable!

Everyone was at a loss.

At that moment, the Vermilion Bird was very angry. He was a powerful mythical beast and yet, he needed an inferior human to support him down a carriage. That was too embarrassing!

As he was resentful and shameful of the situation, the Vermilion Bird stared angrily at the few carriages that were parked outside the entrance. Suddenly, he waved his left hand, and a flame ignited mid-air. Before anyone could react, the fire that flickered in the air swooshed past them and headed toward those eight carriages.

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