The Good For Nothing Seventh Miss Book 1 Chapter 76

Volume 1 Chapter 76 Shen Feng's Determination 3

The Herbalist Division!

The members of Vermilion Bird Family gasped. If there were a role that the people valued more than that of a magician and a martial arts practitioner, that would be the herbalist.

Herbalists were weak, but they possessed the ability to produce various miraculous potions. The advanced potions that an advanced herbalist could produce would attract numerous experts to his side. Even though they did not possess any powerful abilities to fight, they had strong connections. Most people would prefer to offend a magician than an advanced herbalist because they knew that if they were to provoke an herbalist, they would have to deal with the encirclement of the powerful influences behind them!

It was apparent that Shen Feng wanted Shen Yanxiao to abandon any attempts to seek the ability to fight and to develop strong connections instead. If she could become an advanced herbalist, then the potions she produced in the future would attract other powerful influences and experts.

If she had that support, then the other four aristocratic families would think thrice before they would provoke the Vermillion Bird Family.

They would have to consider the connections that she had before they could deal with her.

"Father are you joking?" Shen Yue's lips twitched incessantly.

Many had wanted to become an herbalist, but only a few succeeded. The conditions for one to flourish as an herbalist were much more complicated than the ones for those trained in magic and battle aura. Not only were they required to possess powerful mental energy, but they also need to have extremely keen observation skills. It was also essential for them to have a steady temperament, and above everything else, a talent in medicine. Otherwise, everything was just empty talk.

If it were that easy to become an herbalist, then the potions in Longxuan Empire would not be sold for such high prices.

Shen Yanxiao was an idiot before she recovered, so why would Shen Feng think that she would be able to enroll in the Saint Lauren Academy Herbalist Division?

Shen Feng coldly glanced at Shen Yue and said, "You're getting braver these days, and now you even dared to question my decision?"

Shen Yue immediately shut his mouth.

"You do not have any right to challenge my decision, and all of you should pay attention to this. I have decided for Xiaoxiao to be my heir, and if anyone of you dares to utter a word of nonsense about this, you can pack your bags and get lost to the other branches of the family!" Shen Feng stood up in anger, and his sharp gaze swept past everyone in the main hall to serve as warning.

The rest of the disciples immediately behaved themselves after that little outburst.

Shen Yanxiao sat at the side and watched the scene that had unfolded before her. She found it hard to accept the fact that Shen Feng had defended her. If she remembered correctly, Shen Feng and Shen Yanxiao had never been close, and so it was quite hard to justify his actions toward her, even if it was because of the Vermillion Bird.

Suddenly, Shen Yanxiao had an absurd thought.

Even though Shen Feng did not usually care much for Shen Yanxiao, he did not kick her out despite others' recommendation for him to do that. He also continued to provide her with food and clothing.

Shen Yanxiao had thought it was weird that Shen Qiu was sent to check on her well-being. Shen Qiu was Shen Feng's most trusted physician, and even though she needed a check-up, it did not warrant Shen Qiu's presence.

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